Breaking- New Q-Anon Post Puts Patriots On High Alert Nationwide!

Published on Dec 25, 2017

Recorded Monday December 25, 2017 Painting the Big Picture -Truth & Art Radio Podcast #25 with host Bernie Suarez of
New developments surrounding Q-Anon now strongly suggests that the second American Revolution has officially begun. Merry Christmas to everyone. For anyone who is a patriot President Trump could not deliver a better gift. Today I’ve put together a special report to focus on Q-Anon and some of the specific information he/she has been putting out since early November of 2017. We also consider some very important news updates that seem to indicate we are now officially in the middle of the second American Revolution. The coincidences are becoming too many to ignore. If the events of the past 48 hours are any indication then president Trump’s “storm” against the deep state is now in full motion as this special report will explain. If you enjoyed this video podcast click the thumbs up button and share with someone. If you want to keep up with this channel don’t forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button. Also below are links to my websites where you can help support this effort. To visit Truth and Art TV go to:

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