Capture the Flag: Rebels And Rainbows

Introduction by Mary Carmel (TFD)

The gay community had a huge opportunity to set a footprint in the halls of liberty everywhere, by having licensure removed from the government’s hands altogether. But like most ignorant voters, they blindly took the bait of Obama and his power hungry inquisitors. They waved their flags while confederate flags were lowered, and banned. Someone should have been waving red flags in their faces…they tried.

This was not a victory for gay rights, this was a defeat for all of America (and Western Civilization)! While they bask in their celebration, they have no idea that every single remnant of our history, could possibly be removed now, by “the new power that lurks”. I have said many times, that a civics course should be mandatory for all voters. This is the same reasoning used when one is seeking US citizenship! Must it be mandatory, or can people here take some responsibility?

This foolishness is going to swim up and bite America in the A$$ and they have no idea what they have done. If  they had read the constitution, perhaps some history, they would have understood that this is basically a celebration of the right to pay taxes, and another for the federal government take away their personal liberties as fast as they handed them out… Illegally! They should have stopped while they were ahead. What a circus the SCOTUS, and our president have been running.

If the confederate battle flag is to be banned, and any remote symbol that is indicative of our past, taken down (that, by the way, they never bothered to fact check and shouted racist propaganda), they are gonna have to tear down Western Civilization to make good on their folly, and anything related to it! Even Europe admittedly, after WWII, built museums for what they might perceive as not their brightest hours. I am referring the Holocaust in Germany, Russia, etc. Does it not dawn on them that the Native Americans might find it offensive that we are even on their land? Is this history not a dark spot, that may be offensive to living people, daily? Of course if is, but the great divider in the WH likes to cherry pick in the interest of his own personal agenda! I would ask at this point, if our extremist friends on the left hold their children responsible for every labor pain they had during delivery…surely a price that a child can never repay, nor did they have anything to do with the past situation.

If these Americans had any sense, they will find that the president, now the beacon of gay pride himself, in the US, has been very offensive to others, (though many tolerated his individuality and right to beliefs), but now he smashes OUR equal rights daily? Will they take HIM down too? To be really technical, he had no right to run for president at all. This is why our forefathers made that situation crystal clear, to protect us from this tyranny.

Sorry Obama and leftist followers, insert foot in mouth, cause I do not see copies of your Marxist doctrine being banned, nor your rainbow flag. I call foul play. I also do not see Europeans, as well as the rest of the world tearing down their architecture and artistic structures related to past events that might show signs of inequality for women, etc. It is called history, and the ability to evolve.. not reverse direction.

It is a fact, that if our Southern brothers and sisters had not bravely taken up arms against a dictatorship lurking the North, we would have ALL been erased from the pages of this Republic’s history! Wake UP America and stop the nonsense! Do not buy into this hatred. MC



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The White House turned into a rainbow as the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide, bypassing state sovereignty. While the country is wooed with rainbow magic, have they now forgiven the government of their many trespasses? How concerned are they about human rights, while removing the Confederate flag in the south? Tearing down one symbol and lifting up another is not about tolerance and love, it’s about hate. It’s not about equality, it’s about revenge. This is a campaign of hate, cloaked in rainbows.


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  1. Sorry but the meme is wrong. The Confederate States declared they were seceding to preserve the institution of slavery in their Declarations of Secession. The Vice President of the CSA stated the cornerstone of the Confederacy was subjugation of the black race. And the CSA Constitution did not allow states to outlaw slavery, meaning they actually opposed states’ rights. You should read up on some history.

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