US moving bioweapons research out of Ukraine – RT

December 27, 2022 0

US moving bioweapons research out of Ukraine – Moscow Unfinished projects are being relocated to Central Asian and Eastern European countries, according to the Russian military ©  AFP / Arun Sankar Washington has been moving its […]


Russia’s ‘Dirty Bomb’ Scare – Scott Ritter

October 26, 2022 0

by Scott Ritter Russia appears to be legitimately concerned about the possibility of Ukraine building and using a “dirty bomb,” so much so that it has taken the unprecedented step of reaching out to multiple senior […]


We are at War

January 4, 2021 0

by Peter Koenig for the Saker Blog We are at war. Yes. And I don’t mean the west against the east, against Russa and China, nor the entire world against an invisible corona virus. No. […]

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