NOVEMBER SHOCK & AWE: Get ready for this Election’s ‘Dirty Bomb’!

Will the Khazarian Cabal carry out a false flag nuclear attack in Ukraine to blame on Russia in order to start…..

The US-UK-UA-EU-NATO Terror Group has only
one way out of the Ukraine quagmire—the use of
tactical nuclear weapons in Donbas to be blamed
on Russia so that NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization
) involvement can be justified.

The Democrat Party will never accept a losing both the U.S. Senate and House on November 8th.  In point of fact, the Khazarian-ruled DNC has been explicitly tasked with stealing every election necessary to control the entire US Congress.  Hence, a Democrat defeat will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Because of this extremely explosive state of affairs, the Democrats will do what they always do: WAG THE DOG.  The Ukraine theater of war is obviously the best place to conduct such an election-rigging psyop.

Inasmuch as the the rabidly Russophobic Democrat Party has totally climbed on board a nuclear confrontation with Russia, the Khazarians are now using those congressional warhawks to further provoke Russia, even by detonating a dirty bomb in Ukraine.



Not only can Russia not lose the Ukraine War, Moscow must successfully bring about a complete regime change in Kiev by the end of this year.  At this critical point of the much expanded “special military operation” (SMO), the Kremlin will no longer settle for anything less.  President Vladimir Putin’s present tenure, his reputation as a world leader, and his global legacy greatly depend on a totally vanquished Ukraine.

This stark reality was created by the relentless determination of the Khazarian Cabal to forever conquer Russia.  As the top decision-makers of the New World Order globalist cabal, the Khazarians know that a fearless and independent Christian Russia must be destroyed.  For a strong Russian Federation remains as the last major impediment to their NWO agenda, and particularly to their long-planned One World Government headquartered in Jerusalem.

Of course, the American people also pose a major obstacle to the NWO agenda but Khazarian-controlled globalists occupy virtually every position of institutional power across the USA.  Hence, the American Republic is now but a shell of it former glory and therefore not that much of a threat, but still a pesky obstacle.

Which means that the best way for the Khazarians to kill two birds with one stone is to pit Russia squarely against the United States.  Which is exactly what these hardcore warmongers have done by stealthily setting up the Ukraine battleground.

Who does not know that the U.S. Military and Intelligence Community (plus NATO) have been fighting a full-blown proxy war in Ukraine since day one of Russia’s SMO?  In point of fact, Russia has repeatedly warned the US of its warmongering conduct, much of which has already crossed every line and considerably so.

Only the Khazarian Cabal has the overwhelming power and influence to compel/coerce America’s Zionist Occupied Government to brazenly and recklessly fight Russia in Ukraine.  In fact, Neo-Nazi Zionist Volodymyr Zelenskyy was created and installed as president to take orders from his NWO masters and American handlers for this very purpose.

How else does a cokehead comedian get planted in Kiev as the titular head of a Nazi regime, and of the largest national crime syndicate in Europe known as Ukraine, except with the explicit approval of the Khazarian Clan that totally owns and operates the Ukraine—the Khazarian’s ancestral homeland.

In light of the historical fact that the Khazarian Mafia is the undisputed king of all mafias worldwide, it ought to be clear that there is nothing they will not do to get their way.  And, that if they cannot have the Ukraine, then nobody gets it, especially not their arch-enemy over the centuries—Russia.

The Khazarian Bankster Cult has consistently demonstrated over the last 250 years  that there is no crime spree against humanity that is too vile and vicious to commit. See: THE DARK TRIAD OF THE KHAZARIAN CABAL

What this really means is that turning Ukraine into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic, nuclear wasteland is right up their alley.  After all, the Khazarians were directly responsible for dropping the two atom bombs on Japan during World War II, as well as perpetrating the veiled 1986 nuclear terrorist attack on Ukraine known as the Chernobyl disaster.

The same Khazarian Cabal is behind this year’s perilous missile attacks and indiscriminate shelling aimed directly at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant—the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine and in Europe.

In view of this rapidly unfolding state of nuclear affairs, the rational adults in this planetary insane asylum must prevail lest the world community of nations experience a global nuclear holocaust.  The utterly crazy, corrupt and criminal Khazarians have proven time and again that theirs is fundamentally a death cult which spares no one, not even their own.


The utterly treacherous Khazarian Cabal created the communist-run Democrat Party specifically to implement the New World Order agenda across America.  Therefore, the party of Biden and Obama, Clinton and Pelosi, Harris and Schumer cannot be defeated on Election Day election.  To lose would mean a HUGE wrench thrown into the Khazarian’s Great Reset machine.

In light of this stark reality, the most effective October Surprise that would overwhelmingly benefit the Democrat’s losing cause on Election Day is a false flag nuclear terrorist attack in Ukraine.  Such an outrageously bad move by Team Biden would throw the remaining election process and post electoral procedures into chaos, which is exactly what the Democrats need to steal every election in sight.

In view of a surprisingly quiet October during this most important midterm election cycle in U.S. history, there is definitely a “November Shock & Awe” in the works.  Especially given the electoral bloodbath that even the Mainstream Media is now talking about for the Democrat Party, the Khazarian Clan must perpetrate a “shock and awe” event that both profoundly distracts and somewhat paralyzes the American electorate.  For only in this way can Khazarian-controlled Biden unlawfully invoke emergency powers to hijack the whole election process while the election steals take place under cover of a “wag the dog” psyop.

“Wag the Dog” War +
Biden-Declared Emergency =
Stolen Midterm Elections

It ought to be clear that detonating a dirty bomb or releasing a tactical nuclear weapon somewhere on the Ukrainian battlefield accomplishes this objective perfectly.  Hence, everyone needs to disseminate posts like this one to avert such a terrorist attack that will be falsely blamed on Russia … … … so the Democrats can keep the House and win the Senate.

Yes, these incorrigible criminally insane psychopaths will do anything — ANYTHING — to win!


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