Debt Rattle Sep 3 2014: Time To Take Our Hands Off These Lying Basterds

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After yesterday’s claim from Kiev that Russia had threatened multiple times to drop nukes on Ukraine, I had fully expected that today would start with the Ukraine government stating such a bomb had indeed been dropped, in the ‘hide a lie with a bigger one’ sense. But no. What did come was president Poroshenko announcing a ‘permanent ceasefire’, an agreement he said was the result of a phone conversation with Vladimir Putin.

Of course it was an obviously phony announcement, since Putin can’t – and won’t, as he said last week in Minsk – declare a ceasefire in a war he’s at least always insisted Russia is not a part of. Which was exactly what the Kremlin said in a reaction, and Poroshenko withdrew his announcement (it took hours for the western media to mention this ‘little’ detail). By then European markets had already surged, and it should perhaps be no surprise that they never came down again.

So that was a little disappointing in the lying basterds escalation department. But then US lapdog PM Yatsenyuk came to the rescue. He had two main things to say. First, Ukraine is starting to build some sort of wall along its border with Russia.

Yatsenyuk: Ukraine Beginning ‘Wall’ Project to Build ‘Actual Border’ With Russia

Ukraine is beginning work on a “Wall” project that envisages the construction of an actual state border with Russia, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Wednesday. “We are beginning the ‘Wall’ project. This is the construction of an actual state border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation,” Yatsenyuk said during a government session. Earlier the same day, Yatsenyuk said Kiev needed to create a new military doctrine that would reflect that Russia as an “aggressor nation,” which threatens the territorial integrity and national security of Ukraine.

And second, a western ‘mission’ is going to assess the damage done to East Ukraine, there’ll be an international fundraiser and Kiev are going to rebuild the region.

Yatsenyuk: West to Send Mission to Assess Destruction in Ukraine’s East

The West will send a mission to Ukraine to assess the destruction in the country’s eastern regions, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Wednesday. “The EU and our Western partners will send their missions here to assess the destruction [in the country’s eastern republics] and in November, we will hold a large donor conference with the goal of raising money to rebuild Donbass,” Yatsenyuk said during a government session.

“We are currently assessing all the losses, all the destruction in the Donbas. We cannot evaluate them yet. It’s impossible. I reiterate that, just two months ago, when we were liberating Slaviansk, our estimation was eight billion hryvnias, I can say today that you are free to substitute the hryvnia with the dollar. This is billions of dollars,” Yatsenyuk said.

Now, where do we start? How about: maybe the west should first send a mission to find out who shot down MH17. We could simply say that this wall – whatever form it would take – will never be built, and if anyone’s going to rebuild the Donbass, it won’t be Kiev. But where’s the fun in that? Moreover, it wouldn’t sufficiently put Kiev’s ever-increasing level of lying absurdity in the spotlight, and it’s high time to put it there. Again. Because it doesn’t seem to register in the west. And I still have hope that if we do this often enough, they’ll have to.

Building a wall in the region is ridiculous for many reasons. Just mentioning it is insensitive to so many people (how do you think Germans would feel?). Would Yats like to separate families from each other the way the Berlin wall did, or the way it happens in Korea? The Ukraine-Russia border is 1500 miles long, and the money might be better used elsewhere. Also, don’t forget, the East Ukrainians would still be on Yats’ side of the wall …

As for the fictional rebuilding ‘project’, Kiev would first have to reconquer the area, which is not going to happen. And then, again … the East Ukrainians would still be there. The people the Kiev government is still waging a bloody war against. Besides, rebuilding the region would mostly mean undoing the damage inflicted by Yats’s own armed forces.

The whole thing is just too stupid. But it’s also very calculated: Yats counts on his western buddies to go to battle for him, and to make sure their media present their point of way. And his. The way he talks about East Ukraine, he pretends it’s still his to make decisions about, though he knows very well that’s not so. Unless, perhaps, his backers – i.e. ‘us’ – bomb the crap out of it. That’s his bet.

I also like this bit from RT:

‘Thank Army On Your Knees’: Rada MP Muzzled After Criticizing East Ukraine Shelling

The Ukrainian parliament speaker has told a female MP she must “get to her knees” after she criticized the “criminal” shelling of peaceful cities in the east. It was accompanied by accusations of “Russian propaganda” and switching off her microphone. After she’d asked for a moment of silence to honor the memory of those who have been killed in Donbass, Elena Bondarenko of the Regions Party gave a scathing review of her government, which “separates people into Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians.”

However, as she delivered her speech, alleging the new Ukrainian government’s “criminal” behavior in “sending its army to bomb peaceful cities” and “depriving children of the right to education,” cries were heard from some of the louder opponents of the MP’s position. Then, former acting president and chairman of the Rada, Aleksandr Turchinov, asked for the microphone to be turned off, amid a stream of insults from Bondarenko’s opponents.

Turchinov then joined the abuse. After stating that anti-government views were “Russian propaganda,” he proceeded to sternly tell her off in a defense of the Ukrainian army, “which protects all of us – even you,” he told her, before telling Bondaernko she would do well to “get down on your knees” in front of the military.

Seconds later, cries of support and protest turned into a now-traditional Ukrainian Rada row, with curses and verbal abuse being exchanged among members. An outburst followed from the radical, Oleg Lyashko, who suggested that such views should be followed by immediate expulsion and the label of “traitor.” “Traitors must be shot on the frontlines,” he said, finishing his tirade with “Glory to Ukraine!”

It’s not just Yats and Poroshenko, Ukraine is run by a whole bunch of guys who’ve done nothing but lie to us, to everyone, from the get go, while they were killing their own people. Their series of false claims about Russia, and about those compatriots of theirs they labeled ‘terrorists’, is astounding in both length and breadth, and as their side is losing the – military – battle, after thousands of people have been killed and they destroyed the entire infrastructure of a large part of their own country, they can only double up.

Or admit defeat, but that they won’t do. They still have tomorrow’s NATO top to wait and hope for, to drag the west into their war. Already NATO has announced military exercises in or near west Ukraine, later this month, an empty and useless display of force.

There are many people in Washington, Brussels and NATO who want nothing more than to fight this out, no matter what the death toll, military and civilian, may be. But like Kiev, they too have been defeated. They can’t carpet-bomb the Donbass without Putin saying ‘it’s too much and way too far already’.

Ukraine is in the hands of very questionable people, many of whom are not just supported by ‘us’, but ‘we’ put them where we are. Because we found they would be willing to execute ‘our’ plans. Add that to the longtime and opportunist corrupt cabal that was always there, and a handful of shady billionaires with private armies to protect their business interests, and we have a group of people you and I, in our daily lives, would never want to have anything to do with.

So why are ‘we’ still propping up the destruction and bloodshed these psychopaths have unleashed in their own country, and for their own narrow personal interests? You know why? Because ‘we’ started the whole thing.

It’s high time to take our hands off these guys, and in the very likely case that the September 4-5 NATO conference decides anything other than that, it’s time you let your representatives know how you feel about this. If we don’t get peace now, things can only get worse, potentially much worse.

It’s time to start caring again about something more than just our own petty little lives, or those too will be taken away from us. And no, you’re not innocent just because you keep silent. That’s no excuse. That’s not how it works.

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