Democracy By Deception – T.L. Davis

by T.L. Davis

As we know, communists always accuse their enemies of what they’re doing. As the lawfare against Donald Trump falls apart, they’ve begun ardently accusing Trump of being a dangerous dictator, of being a threat to “democracy,” because of his refusal to accept the 2020 election as legitimate. They care so much about “democracy” that they have to fall in line with a globalist elite instead of voters, persecute Trump to sway the 2024 election, encourage all manner of cheating and interference in the 2024 election to save “democracy.” That’s literally their reasoning for these lawfare attacks, buying votes with taxpayer money, opening the border to bring in the 10-12 million voters Biden thinks he’s going to need to win the election, even with all of their attempts to imprison the opposition candidate.


The communists really like mail-in ballots, because they can use the U.S. Postal Service to hold mail-in ballots from conservative areas, “losing” as many as they have to, to win. Because, that’s what you do when you care so much about “democracy” that you rig the outcome of elections.

A recent poll showed who’s in charge. Of those who have a favorable opinion of members of congress, 6% of voters did, but 69% of the elite one percent did. Of those who had a favorable opinion of journalists, 10% of voters did, but 71% of the elite one percent did. Of those who had a favorable opinion of professors, 17% of voters did, but 76% of the elite one percent did. That’s not democracy; that’s an oligarchy of the global elite whose only purpose is to fool us. They want to fool us about the border, about the economy, about the strength of the military, about what’s going on in the schools. All of the congress, the press and the professors are their agents in this deception, while they drain our pockets and build sewers around our homes. None of congress, media or universities mind being hypocrites, that’s a badge of honor in their minds. It means they have successfully guided blame away from their puppet masters and onto their enemies.

These are people who have used every form of resistance, including using the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign, hoping to discover some scandal. After he won, in 2016, they refused to recognize him as the winner, because of the “Russian collusion” they invented. They made false accusations of criminality and kept alive the “investigation” for three years to keep him from fulfilling his duties as POTUS, had organizations sue him every time he enacted a policy, calling it racist or fascist. They sued him to keep from building the wall. The whole power of the federal government was turned on him, a sight unimagined in America. They kept him in constant legal conflict. Suddenly Antifa and Black Lives Matter show up on the scene, ostensibly because Trump was so racist that he raised the black employment rate to a near peer status. If that isn’t leftist logic, I don’t know what is.

He suffered treachery from within his own cabinet and advisors, apparently not understanding that having an “R” by one’s name did not mean they were not an enemy. They were proud of their interference in his administration, planting agents to work against him, give him faulty advice, who refused to follow orders and delayed every command to wait out his term. In the 2020 election, they had 51 former intelligence agents and directors swear to a fraudulent document that called Hunter’s laptop Russian disinformation and not one of them have faced trial. They used the FBI to influence social media sites to silence political opposition and critics of their crimes of election interference. They are now disbarring and imprisoning any attorney who brought election fraud cases to court. That’s not an act of honorable disagreement, that’s the vengeful arrogance of intolerant communist activists.

These are the people who say that Trump is unable to accept the fact that he lost in 2020 when it’s their inability to accept that he won that’s tearing this country in two. They refuse to accept that Trump won in 2016. For four years they refused to accept his win, brought out every criminal they had to make fraudulent claims against him. They will do much more to keep him from winning in 2024, because having indicted him on bogus and irrational charges, they have exposed to the masses the corruption of the judicial system, all of it. They will do anything to keep him out of office, because they fear he will do what he must, which is investigate all of it. As eager as they were to put him in prison for non-crimes, he will relish proving their treason, perjury, collusion with enemy states, money-laundering, child sex trafficking and everything falling below that degree of seriousness.

The American people deserve prosecution of these crimes that amount to an overthrow of their sovereignty (not Trump’s, theirs). Some states, like Louisiana, who passed a senate bill 37-0 to refuse to impose any tax, impose any restrictions on activity that is directed by the UN, WEF or WHO, will have to do likewise. All states should fight the federal government to maintain their own sovereignty and should do so and on multiple levels. It’s the process of red states passing laws restricting communist endeavors that will continue to separate these united states into individual zones of freedom and competing zones of servitude.

The communists seek out foreign or international organizations to do what they know the people will not accept. It’s just another ruse as they lead us down the path to digital prisons. They demonstrate that it’s the free will of the people that they abhor, that vexes them in their agendas, so, while screaming for “democracy” they practice totalitarian rule. The open border is to get them new voters for their agenda that a vast majority of Americans reject. In their minds, that just means they have to go around those who disagree, because they brook no resistance.

The people want a secure border. They want their veterans to be taken care of instead of illegal aliens. They want fiscal responsibility that will lead to an end to inflation. They want a budget that does not devalue their currency. They want their children to grow up without being force-fed communism and abnormal sexuality from kindergarten on. They want to be left alone to raise their families and enjoy the fruits of their labor, but the communists will never allow that, so they must be defeated and driven back into the holes from which they’ve sprung.

Like it or not, the only way to begin that long, arduous battle is to use Trump as your bludgeon. He is not the answer to your problems, but he is their most-feared enemy and necessarily your biggest weapon. A lot of people hated Joseph McCarthy for calling out the communists in government. McCarthyism is the euphemism for political witch-hunts, because the communists in media and the government wanted a term that would cow their opposition, that if they branded them with that moniker, they could destroy them politically. Had we listened to McCarthy, we would have delayed our current predicament by a decade, maybe fifty years. But the communists never give up, so it would have come about.

Now that we can see it, feel it in our bones, we must do the same to them. Bidenism is now a euphemism for puppetry, rampant corruption and communism. We stop it here, or we’ll see endless streams of it, because the elites want nothing other than a puppet to impose their dictates, bureaucracies they can control by bribing politicians. As you can see from the link above, they are perfectly happy with the way things are.


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1 Comment on Democracy By Deception – T.L. Davis

  1. Trump and Biden are both the toys of the globalists, two faces of the same coin.

    See how they are captured by the zionists and you’ll understand that this election is rigged whoever “wins” (whoever rig ballots the most).

    Even RFK who would be the perfect president at this point in time to save the USA from inevitable implosion (like the USSR) happens to be a zionist shill. Only, he can’t win in the current corrupt electoral system.

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