Did The Wholesale Confiscation Of Bank Accounts Start?

By Zine Larbaoui

Stake outs, holes to drill, forced armored safes openings … No; you are not reading about bank robberies news clippings … These are governments themselves organizing these actions under the guise of “Unclaimed property” laws. Are we at the beginnings of a confiscation of wealth on a large scale to save failed states? Some precautions at the end of the article…

Crime scenes of these daylight robberies:

80,000 Australian households’ bank accounts have been emptied since the beginning of the year by their government (about $360 million seized, if not stolen …)


50 states have contracted private companies to locate bank “dormant” accounts that can be seized at any time (about 32 billion dollars)


The federal government has seized a record 360 million bank accounts of households who were asleep for only three years, prompting outrage and complaints from retirees who lost their deposits.

90% of accounts seized by the government had a balance of less than $ 5,000 …

Witness account of Australian casualties…

“We have grandparents who put money aside for the future. They are farmers who have set aside money for a rainy day for their grandchildren, but was stolen by the Government” said Mr. Munchenberg to the media company, Fairfax Media.

Connie Franze, 68, and his son Vince, 45, told Fairfax Media that they are trying to recover their life savings (about $ 12,000), which were seized by the Australian government last June.

The United States:

The most striking case is that of California which hired specialized companies engaged in the search for “unclaimed property.” Like burglars, the State of California conducts potential trails for wealth and then empties bank vaults from bank accounts:

 Testimony of an American victim…

– San Francisco – Carla Ruff’s safe deposit was drilled, seized and turned over to the state of California, marked “owner unknown.” It was later discovered that the documents inside were shredded and her grandmother’s jewelry had been sold at auction for just $ 1,800 (estimated damage: $ 82500)

  “I was appalled,” said Carla. “I felt raped!”

Yet … Carla’s name appeared on documents in the safe deposit box at the Noe Valley’s Bank of America.

Explanation of these serial attacks on private Bank safety boxes: Economic conditions becoming worse and the temptation for governments to seize private bank accounts may be poised to turn into a habit.

Desperate for cash, governments enacting new taxes, whether via their inflated currencies or legislated articles, are finding out their struggle to gap their budget holes demand other creative ways to levy additional funds by bending the laws or taking advantage of loopholes. But the latest outrage is being committed by International bankers who are pressuring these governments to enact the mother of all robbery: “Bail-ins” (Legal theft of deposit funds in exchange of Government IOUs) legislation.

In light of these serious developments, why would anyone entrust wealth in the hands of these bandits? Keep your precious belongings away from these thieves! Close your bank safety boxes as soon as possible. Keep only enough cash to pay your bills. Consider Credit Unions banks over the too big to fail crooked establishments. As much as you can, divest yourself from these worth less IOU’s they dare call money and start amassing real wealth such as precious metals. I assure you, you’ll live to be thankful.

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