Down in the Pit – Fighting the Pigs (of Apocalypse)

A short story by Grifon for The Saker Blog


On the path of the warrior are 4 enemies.

Fear, clarity, power, and old age (or death).

No warrior has conquered the last.

(The Teachings of Don Juan )

Clearly the world is gripped by an Apocalyptic Plague and the salvation is in the hands of the Corporate Overlords. It is the vaccine, it is fact checked, and it is urgent, and you’re a bad citizen if you don’t rush to get it because you’re not ‘protecting others’. Added benefit is the vaccine passport, which bears no similarities to the Chinese Social Credit System at all, and the CCP declaring “keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful”, or the Nazi ausweiss, and can in no way be linked to the Vaccine Passport. Our Masterclass would never stoop so low, right? It’s not like they look longingly at Chinese authoritarian model of capitalism with its inherent efficiency and therefore, according to the capitalist logic, superior to the liberal democracy and market capitalism model we have in the West. They love democracy too much for that.

I was quite comfortable in this knowledge and all would’ve been well had I not had a disturbing dream last night. I was in an emergent crypto-totalitarian movement, which will transform the Western society into a strictly controlled one if left unopposed. In my dream it all started with the hijacking of the culture and it aimed to end with the destruction of the Soul. Someone said that all the ‘wars’, always on the Empire’s lips such as, wars on drugs, terrorism, Trump, virus, Russians, Chinese, Assange, Cuba (and so on ad nauseam), and war on dissidents, are never what is declared or simply implied, and taken together constitute a war on culture, a war with now a spiritual dimension, the War on Soul.

I shook off the silly dream in knowledge that if our authorities couldn’t find anything worthier of lifting then the social credit system, from a culture thousands of years old, then we better believe them. Let us look at the elements which enable this trust of mine.

SciCon (Scientific Consensus) is several things at once. A dictum to conform, utterance of the utmost gravity and authority, because only lunatics and psychopaths would say anything against ‘saving the planet’, and therefore almost religious – an emotional blackmail. But it is also an oxymoron, although declared with a straight face on the SlimeBox (corporate, i.e. privately owned media) in the days before corona. It has been said that the science is the democratized magic. With disallowing questions doesn’t it revert to the domain of magic and mystification once more, a bit like in Germany under the Nazis, but cool, and caring and not goose stepping… well, not literally anyway. Confusing the science and ideology, is now so totally cool, I think most will agree. But don’t go thinking it’s a scientific achievement, it’s not. It’s media’s, or more precisely the owners’ and editors’. Brilliant piece of poppycock don’t you think, and normally we might start to worry, but then, I mean it’s not like we are among the most propagandized societies on Earth. Plus our press is privately owned and free, and not at all state owned like in China, which would be worthy of derision. As a consequence many are in the AI Gulag, excommunicated for their crimes against the Big Brother… erm , I mean the science, while fake news are real, and we are protected by the, who are not pimped up Ministry of Truth at all. That is inconceivable and it would be a conspiracy theory to say otherwise, right?

Since the early 21st century The Big Oil industry has been gradually surpassed in riches and power, supplanted if you will, by the Big Tech. In reality Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram et al ought to be something akin to the Water service, or Electro Distribution companies – utilities. How and when did they obtain the power to shut down anyone incl the POTUS? I mean, imagine a utility company in your town cutting off the supply of vital resource to anyone’s house arbitrarily, and calling it ‘protecting the community standards’. Brilliant. He deserved it if anyone did. I know, I know people are saying a dangerous precedent has been set, but I don’t believe that. It’s not like in Russia or Belorussia where they chase you and poison you, is it?

My neighbor, a hateful old conspiracy theorist, calls the Main Stream Media the “SlimeBox”, and sometimes delivers insane diatribes over the fence while furiously texting me links to articles on the web:

“SciCon is designed to short-circuit the faculty of critical thinking. Insidiousness of this wasn’t apparent to most at the time, and while setting a cryptic precedent, it continued to display same properties up to and through the ApoPlag crisis (he means Apocalyptic Plague, old barker). Having established the notion and concept of the SciCon through precedent, plus consolidated ownership of the SlimeBox, its authors sought and succeeded in expanding their influence through further censorship, producing further conformity and thought control, not to mention billions they ‘earned’ since the start of all this. There is an inversion at the heart of its narrative (followed by numerous others): Media induces fear, knee-jerk measures follow because no one wants to be seen ‘not caring’, and ApoPlag is implied and takes hold, all the more for being a fraud that an 8th grader would see through. SlimeBox plus SciCon makes the circle closed, and never mind the questions, ok? Verboten. Can’t you see this is not an ApoPlag?”

I make an organized retreat usually saying something like – my vegan-burger is on fire, or whatever and he almost fades out as I go inside but I can still hear him, still on the fence, unperturbed by my absence from view:

“This short circuit is designed by the Corporate Overlords and renders critical thinking either obsolete, defunct, perhaps suppressed in some, or subversive in others, resulting in the polarization of the society into the SciCon fan base and those who still fancy questions being allowed, much like in the case of ‘Climate Change’, but now in the context of ApoPlag, i.e. an existential threat of a kind that is more imminent than the (semi-potent) EnvApo (Environmental Apocalypse). This polarization cuts deep, it pitches people against each other, severs important societal connections, and stymies culture. It is threatening to develop into a full blown dystopia with a segregated society, a complete uniformity, totalitarian nightmare in a word. If anyone was trying to take over, this would really work a treat for them. The worst tendencies are becoming visible and the deterioration of the social fabric will be difficult to reverse.”

Sensing the end of the tirade I issue a sigh of relief and go on Face Book to spend some time with the like-minded SciCon fan base. It’s not like I will succumb to his forcefulness, my views are totally scientific.

Then quite unexpectedly I had another dream, exactly like the first one. This time I was shaken but still very firm in my beliefs regarding the ApoPlag… omfcg (oh my fact checked god), (I just used his shorthand)… I knew then I must see my doctoress. Well, I say see… it’s over the phone. So I said to her what my neighbor says and how he sent me an essay which I read. She said that she only reads ‘research’ and not ‘essays’. I guess she meant that this doubtless is an ApoPlag (omfcg here I go again) and it’s not political at all, and essays have no place in this narrative by the definition of the SciCon… (jeebers, what am I going to do? He is in my head, somehow).

Then I had another dream. In it, my neighbor was Trump, but he was also Bernie Sanders… in drag, and he was saying:

“Apocalyptic Visions are a big business; Obvious when you watch Netflix and Hollywood movies, and everyone knows crying Apocalypse!!! brings grants and funding rain, not to mention how it makes you appear profound, and pregnant with loving care for the humanity, sexy in a word. If you don’t distrust this mumbo-jumbo your bullshit detector is running on wet credulity. “

This was somewhat obscene I thought, but he was relentless:

“Seemingly unrelated topic of Overpopulation Apocalypse is worth a mention here: There seems to be an established attitude in the environmentally minded, often rich but at least middle class, citizens as well as public personalities which considers humans to be a ‘Plague on Earth’, i.e an ApoPlag of sorts, or perhaps the apocalypse inducing vermin.”

I wanted him to stop but the dream went on:

“However, when last I looked the population scientists say that with a bit of education and wealth distribution the humanity’s population would plateau happily at 9 bn, (I am sure it was Tim Flannery that I heard speak about this) and that the problem is exactly the wealth distribution as exemplified by the class of incredibly rich corporate, unelected, non-expert, mostly white men who seem to find it impossible to not become sociopaths, because such power doesn’t only corrupt, but also perverts. Or is that same? Is it? No? They are the ones destroying the humanity’s soul and mercilessly exploiting, appropriating, buying everything that isn’t theirs already. This includes both the environment and the humans too. I love how Roger Waters of the Pink Floyd fame responded to it. I find it cathartic. When we scratch the ‘climate change’ surface we find that the ‘over-consumption’ is blamed, thus inviting you to blame yourself and prepares you for the belt-tightening. Meanwhile the AI, Pentagon and other such virtuous forces’, recipients of massive govt funding, polluting print remains obscured, overlooked and unchallenged. Corporate – Government nexus (incl. pharma) used to be known as fascism, nowadays we call it normal.

When in the morning I found 3 text messages from my neighbor with links I saw in my laborious dream, I was very worried about my sanity. I decided to follow one of the links and so dispel the dream’s intense magic by laughing at some conspiracy theorist’s writing. I found Paddy Rawlinson, the author of the linked article writes back in 2017: “…vaccines, a burgeoning sector of the industry, are mandated in direct violation of the principle of informed consent. Such policies have provoked suspicion and dissent as critics question the integrity of the state‐pharma alliance and its impact on vaccine safety. However, rather than encouraging open debate, draconian modes of governance have been implemented to repress and silence any form of criticism, thereby protecting the activities of the state and pharmaceutical industry from independent scrutiny”.

I couldn’t reconcile this with the dictum to vaccinate, but it didn’t bother me, of course. My neighbour then, simply started again (my window was open):

“This is pretty much leaving us in clutches of Techno Fascism and the return to the world of magic and superstition that the Nazis would be envious of, with ignorance and apocalyptic fever approaching that of the crowd which ripped Hypatia to pieces – hatred of science. And therein lies an irony – the hand that bashes the bible vs the hand bashes the science book, oh what an age of hands. What would Rimbaud say? . “

The old nutter was unstoppable now:

“The evisceration of the arts and humanities led to the death of critical thinking. How did we get there? Three easy steps. Trump hysteria and the Alternative Facts led to the Fake news then Fact checkers, and when all put together implied: if you read make sure it’s from a ‘trusted’ source and if not then you have the ‘” to fall back onto… critical thinking is too hard… there are trained people who do that out of altruism and magnanimity…. This is of course absolute tosh driven by the SciCon short-circuit, much as the ‘second hand smoke’ was, which was used to obstruct and stymie the live music scene, and led to the developer’s bonanza with its gentrification, gyms and casino building.”

A little bit of foam developed in the corners of his mouth:

“Fake science of the past – phrenology, and its cousins racial superiority theory, biological determinism, and eugenics with Nazi connections, all neatly translate to TransHum (Transhumanism), depopulation, and apparently an evolution of human kind into a cyber / AI / bionic super-human, which in some theories will also be genderless, thus rendering human kind outdated, or possibly enslaved. This obviously cannot be avowed openly… erm, wait, but it is, by Yuval Noah Harari, a bestselling thinker on the subject, and Schwabb of the WEF.“

My mouth wanted to smile but I managed only a grimace in the shape of a smile which wanted to say to him that he is beyond help, obviously stupid and deluded, potentially a terrorist, not to mention a bio-hazard. Lumpen and dangerous. His voice was now raised and he spoke rapidly exactly as if he was wound up by some fake news. He was animated all over:

“Can we afford to ignore the possibility that ‘saving the planet’ through deprivation of the already fucked majority, or ‘saving the community’ through wearing masks, or getting ‘jabbed’ (sic) and segregation, and uniformity, and credulousness… are all acts of conforming to the incipient fascist, totalitarian dystopia, and if so, aren’t we just oxen being driven to the market?”

His voice broke a bit with the ‘oxen’ and I started to panic, I found it all too much, I started to shout some gibberish, trying to find meaning that I could put into words.

He obstinately recomposed himself and continued calmly:

“If that wasn’t enough we have been hit in the recent years with changed definitions of ‘pandemic’, and ‘immunity’, hit with making potentially beneficial treatment unavailable, and fear inducing bombardment with meaningless data and dodgy assays. The concerns were raised, issue of public’s distrust in the authorities in 2020 was mentioned as a result of… well, dodgy assays…A year later CDC pretty much admitted the wrongdoing. Here are a couple of quotes:

“CDC recommends clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized (-) test.”


“…CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses”.”

He then proceeded to “join the dots” – he said:

“Activities of the Master Class incl. but not limited to: owning the SLimeBox, having censorship tendencies, owning Big Pharma, engagement in a nexus with Governments, transhumanist pursuits, PsyOps through cognitive psychology application, surveillance pursuits through AI, social engineering, and Intelligence agencies contracts.”

At this point I had had enough, so I adjusted my mask, told him to put his mask on, went inside and reported him to the authorities, wandering if I will get $1000 for doing so. I could still hear him carrying on, hanging on the fence:

“Historical view of the War on Soul reveals that events, and outcomes which followed them display incremental and increasingly totalitarian characteristics. In 2001 Patriot Act made everyone a potential terrorist threat, in 2008 (GFC) – we saw the rich consolidate their wealth, which is a code for steal from the poor and then keep it so you can rob ‘em better next time. In 2016, with election of Trump polarisation was achieved. The SlimeBox went hysterical and the apoplectic outbursts culminated with the censoring of the POTUS (which many agreed with), and subsided only gradually after he was overthrown. Meanwhile, the corporate/government/intelligence revolving door spun on, and tens of millions of US citizens are considered lumpen humans by the Hollywood, Democrats, 95% of the SlimeBox, and all the well-meaning people of the SciCon fan base. And what goes in Rome…”

“Enter the ApoPlag in the early 2020; The express grip on reality manufacture is established through the SciCon and FactCheckers, nothing is questioned, censorship expands, the Owners of Everything imply an ApoPlag, and soon they are also holding the Salvation of Humanity in their hand, in the form of a vaccine of dubious necessity, effectiveness and safety, but mandatory nonetheless, and they are rearing to go help.”

Still, I think we are safe in their hands I yelled through the window while closing it. He persisted:

“I am not implying there is a secretive cabal that pulls all the strings, no. I AM implying though, that the GloboCap, with its sociopathic, plain dressing oligarchs, has its own logic and it is seamlessly driving this totalitarian sucker, bent on cultural, political, sociological, economic and spiritual warfare, and total destruction of human culture, and thereby – the destruction of the Soul of humanity. It’s bigger than Hitler. It’s bigger than Jesus and Buda and Mohammad…”

I couldn’t hear him anymore because I put the radio on and the Wailers’ song Rebel Music played on. It drew me in with its space and its quality of simultaneously being elegiac and optimistic, and suddenly I heard the words like I never did before:

Oh, why can’t we roam
This open country? (open country)
Oh, why can’t we be what we wanna be?
We want to be free, yeah (wanna be free)

Three o’clock in the rain
Roadblock curfew
And I’ve got to throw away
Yes, I’ve got to throw away
A-yes, I, I’ve got to throw away
My little herb stock! (do-do-do-do-do)

My chest started heaving and my eyes welled up, I didn’t understand why at first…


I am writing from a mental health unit somewhere in the antipodes… I ended up here after having yet another dream… it became recurrent … In it, the future generations are singing us thanks and praises, down the ages, and Bob Marley sings the same tune, but now it is called

Free and Rebels No More

You made us free. we keep our papers in order,

we are controlled… and that makes us more free!…(free)…

there are a lot of variants… we believe in science…

we are clean… unlike those dirty, stupid, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxers,

crack pots, who are a danger to…erm (are a danger)…

We segregated them, and since then we have lived in perfect uniformity.

If anyone does stray we make ‘em join the Stupid down in the pits.

We are smart! We are just! We are flying up to scientific heaven,

and we will live forever in this scientifically manufactured consensus,

which we like to call Oceania (Oceania)

… erm sorry, we mean Democracy… (Democracy)

as we have always done!

We are the New Normals,

we are the Covidian Cultists.”

I cry now most of the time, the Doctor doesn’t know why, or at least he’s not telling me, and he says I’ll be ok with the new meds, and that the dream will go away… vegetarian burgers here are ok, I guess…


Thanking CJ Hopkins, for the vocabulary contribution to this story:
The Vineyard of the Saker


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