Five Simple Steps to Send “Big Brother” Packing!!!


Effective at the end of your reading…

By Zine Larbaoui (TLB Exec. Dir. Of Media)

In this article you will discover five ingredients you can use in your daily routine to reverse the power of the pyramid control schemes in place. Some are incredibly easy, others you will need to spend a little more time on. But in the end, you will find that there is simple ways to eradicate “Big Brother” off this planet.

In George Orwell’s book, “1984,” Big Brother is the Supreme Chief Director at the top of the pyramid system of totalitarian control. In the novel, Winston Smith wonders if Big Brother is a natural person or a symbolic representation. Regardless of who Big Brother really is in our reality, we will discuss five simple actions to fire Big Brother.

Here are the five ingredients that will allow the definitive elimination of all pyramids control’s objectives of the current system:


Just turn off your TV. The mainstream media provides no guarantee of absolute reality as the information is influenced by the journalist who broadcasts it according to his own beliefs and instructions he receives from his hierarchy and imposed editorial line that derives from specific cultural or political direction; they do not take into account your personal well-being. Remember that a repeated lie ends up being accepted.

Information is knowledge; therefore, knowledge is the power to choose your destiny. This is where it all begins: choose not to passively store information in your brain under hypnosis like an ostrich. Go get yourself the information you deem important, serves your own interest and as much as possible, get it from alternative sources. This way you control the perception of this information and build your own judgment; even your own belief system will be compatible with the facts. Find the truth rather than the fiction! Period.


Most importantly, money is nothing. Money does not exist as long as it remains digital symbols displayed on a computer screen. It is you who have the power to create these stupid symbols, and not jugglers of numbers stored on a hard drive. Do not increasingly spend your treasure in things you don’t need, because markets always find more things you don’t need to buy, thereby hooking you in the need for endless possessions. And these things will lock your into perpetual frustration. This way of “managing your creative power over the printed money” will protect you from severe economic decline or a temporary financial difficulty. Perhaps this will be difficult for you, but you will learn the true feeling of freedom from things. Always remember that things you own, end up owning you.


Keep several weeks worth of food, water and other vital supplies. The current food and water mass system of supply is based on a “just in time” demand and can easily be sabotaged or turned vulnerable in emergencies, including instigated false flags from the higher echelon of power. Be sure to have an adequate supply of water, a vital survival element.
To summarize, it is wise to store food reserves, to have the ability to produce food, to collect tools and other items needed during outages or weather damage and actively seek other technical, self–sufficiency devices.


Self-employment obviously remains a valuable option, but learning (or improving) skills outside your normal work should be your top priority! Give more attention to hobbies like fishing, hunting, gardening, building things, fixing cars and appliances etc. Skills are the only form of wealth that nobody can take from you! Whatever useful skill for which you are the most passionate about, look to learn more about it! Become an expert in this field. Acquire the tools necessary to start a business besides your job as most employment is locked into the pyramid of mass control.

By doing this, you reduce your dependence on your profession and you will find much more satisfaction in life knowing you are your own boss.
BIG BROTHER does not have the power to take your skills away! Form associations or partnerships with your neighbors. Share your skills and tools to build a stronger community that will be resistant to all that this Orwellian control system throws in your way.


Within the sphere of your home, simply no longer consume food tainted with chemicals or are genetically modified. Become an activist against multinationals like Monsanto, Bayer and other Big Pharma involved in genocide. Activists have experienced many victories in recent years with their demands.

The boycott encourages the “hypnotized” masses out of their trance-driven media, the boycott allows people to ask questions, the boycott is an action that produces a reaction for the company that has to face financial liabilities. The boycott is a constructive revolt!

Petitions (even though I think they have little effect on the top of the pyramid) are a way out of the mass hypnotic coma and an invitation to express a concerted opinion on the destructive power of some companies. No violence. No disturbance of public order. No trash can fires. Petitions demonstrate peacefully to the elite, the power that the public has in the face of a criminal-dominant minority frightened by the fear of being discovered.


At the end of reading this article, you have the ability to regain control of the pyramid’s tools of subjugation:

Mass propaganda

Money creation

Food security


Dangerous corporations

It took decades to create Big Brother totalitarianism and the convoluted thought control structure that is of such complexity, it would drive Einstein crazy. However…it only takes a ridiculous 5 ingredients accessible to all to put an end to it all. Nothing and no one can now prevent you from causing totalitarianism to disappear forever….You’ve won the game!

Big Brother is already pissing in his pants…

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