Global confrontation after Syria and Ukraine

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Global confrontation after Syria and Ukraine

By Ghaleb Kandil
What happened in Ukraine is a coup prepared by Western intelligence services in order to modify the new global equilibrium, which threaten the unilateral American hegemony. The objective is to test the possibilities to curb the rise of Russia -as a rival power of the United States-, an international alliance in full economic development, advocating the establishment of new rules, based on a fair and balanced partnership, including emerging powers, Russia, Iran, China, South Africa, India, Brazil and other countries.
American strategic vision, which was to use military, economic and technological superiority to prevent the emergence of a rival power, was initiated a quarter century ago. This vision has been developed in a report of the Council of the American national security, and fully analyzed and commented by the great French scientist Alain Joxe in his book The American mercenary, which evokes the arrogance of war to punish states, governments and movements hostile to American hegemony in the world.
The invasion of Iraq, in 2003, was seen by many analysts as a show of force to scare opponents, based on a flagrant violation of the UN Charter, an organization that the American strategists wanted to destroy and replace by NATO as a structure leading the world.
It should be recalled in this context that the adversaries of the United States avoided at this time, the confrontation. Only Syria, in conformity with its Arab nationalist principles, opposed the invasion of Iraq. With Iran and the Resistance, Damascus opposed three major wars fought by America against Lebanon and Gaza through the Israeli army.
The new American colonialist aggression against Syria broke on the determination of the Syrian State, his army, and large sections of the population, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad. This spirit of resistance has allowed Russia, Iran and the countries of the Brics, to establish a new global equations. They forced Washington to abandon its plan to attack Syria, to negotiate with Iran, and to recognize its regional role. These new equations have been consolidated thanks to the commitment of Hezbollah in fighting Takfirists mercenaries, sent to Syria from 60 countries, as recognized Saturday, King Abdullah II of Jordan. All these developments have forced the United States to return to international partnership and Security Council of the UN, locked by the Sino-Russian veto to counter U.S. plans. Facing the determination of Russia, Iran and China, the United States has failed to impose their vision of a partnership under their direction.
It is in this context that the plan of direct provocation and aggression against Russia was implemented in an attempt to tie the hands of the imperial power in his backyard. The plot provoked a Russian response to the same scale, through the annexation of Crimea, after a popular referendum. This rapid response thwarted the American plan to bend Moscow and Washington impose the logic of a global partnership under his direction.
Ukrainian crisis paves the way for a confrontation on a global scale, as part of a new Cold War against the arrogance of the United States, lurking behind a weak and divided Europe, especially that national interests Germany differ from those of many of its European partners.
After Russia had made its national interests prevail against the U.S. colonialist plan, the West continues its provocations through sanctions and continued its attempts to penetrate into the Russian sphere of influence, trying to expand the NATO to former Soviet republics.
Faced with this aggressive approach, President Vladimir Putin, supported by an overwhelming part of the Russian and Russian-speaking public, has implemented its strategic plan for the reunification of historical Russia, according to his speech before the Duma. This means that the Russian Empire is determined to confront the West until it resolves to retreat and accept the rules of the new balanced international partnership advocated by Moscow.
Historical Russia extends beyond geographical borders of the former Soviet Union and includes all states and Slavic Orthodox Europe. European experts know that Moscow also eyeing to Greece.
The success of Russia passes necessarily by its continued support for Syria and strengthening its alliance with this country, whose resistance to Western planes allowed Moscow to adopt sound and strong positions against the United States and their allies.
The choices and instruments that Russia can bring in its confrontation with the West are many. They range from the use of its economic power, demographic advantages due to the presence of millions of Russians in the former republics of the Soviet Union, training with partners Brics an economic, political and strategic front by endowing the gathering of a bank structure capable of dealing with American hegemony States. And if the nuclear balance is a guarantee to avoid direct confrontation between Russia and America, regional wars, they are fighting by proxies, are not excluded. This is what is happening in Syria for three years and can be extended to other parts of the world .

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