Google Is the Engine of Censorship

By 21st Century Wire

Global Research has been affected by Google’s “recategorization”. 

The Threat of War in North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, US Intervention in Venezuela. The World is at a dangerous crossroads. It’s a Global Military Agenda. More than ever, critical analysis is required. 

The mainstream media titles which are ranked and displayed by Google are spreading lies and fabrications.

How to reverse the tide of war? Our objective from the outset has been “counter-propaganda”: reveal the forbidden truth: the US and its allies are behind the terrorists, Washington is responsible for extensive crimes against humanity. And the mainstream media has become an instrument of war propaganda, which is upheld by the online search engines. 

What are the implications. While the MSM “fake news” is upheld, the critical articles on North Korea, Syria, Yemen, by the independent and alternative media are simply not being picked by Google.

In other words, we must ensure that truth in media reaches the broader public. 

Forward Global Research articles to your friends, post on social media, crosspost on alternative media sites, post on your blogsite. (M. Ch. GR Editor)


Late last year, search engine giant Google announced its plans to protect users from the horrors of ‘fake news’ by changing the way it presents search results. According to corporate officials, they hope to shelter  readers by limiting access to what the company deems as “low-quality” information – while promoting what it calls ‘established’ mainstream sources. Critics believe that the company, which now has a virtual monopoly on internet traffic, is now playing god over the info-sphere. 

While its known that Eric Schmidt, the head of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, is regular attendee at the annual secretive Bilderberg meeting which charters the globalist agenda, not much is known about new Google CEO Sundar Pichai and what his personal ideology is, or whether he personally believes that Google’s role is to control what the public think about any given issue by fixing the search results on the world’s number one search engine. Judging by the culture of conformity at Google, it’s not likely that Pichai would be allowed to express any dissenting views if he had them.

As 21WIRE pointed out last week regarding the controversy over the recent Google Memo and the firm dismissing employees who are seen to divert from the company’s prescribed group think, this same repressive political culture at Google is reflected in its broad new automated censorship program administered by algorithms on its Google search engine – a bold move which effectively disappears political views and articles it does not like, and wishes to bury.

Watch this segment from RT America, with guest Andre Damon, editor of the World Socialist Web Site, to explain why he believes his site and other alternative sources are being unfairly targeted in Google’s new reordering of visible information through its portal. Watch:

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