Harvard: Fluoride Can Increase Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder

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The Case Against Fluoride: Toxifying the Tap

Government and Top University Studies: Fluoride Lowers IQ and Causes Other Health Problems

We reported last month that a Harvard study found that fluoride can lower children’s IQ by 7 points, and that numerous government reports have shown that fluoride can injure the brain and neurological system.

Now, one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals – Lancet – has published a Harvard study showing that fluoride is one of the chemicals which can increase autism and attention deficit disorder:

Neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and other cognitive impairments, affect millions of children worldwide, and some diagnoses seem to be increasing in frequency. Industrial chemicals that injure the developing brain are among the known causes for this rise in prevalence. In 2006, we did a systematic review and identified five industrial chemicals as developmental neurotoxicants: lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic, and toluene. Since 2006, epidemiological studies have documented six additional developmental neurotoxicants—manganese, fluoride, chlorpyrifos, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, and the polybrominated diphenyl ethers. We postulate that even more neurotoxicants remain undiscovered. To control the pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity, we propose a global prevention strategy. Untested chemicals should not be presumed to be safe to brain development, and chemicals in existing use and all new chemicals must therefore be tested for developmental neurotoxicity.

Indeed – as we pointed out last year – our understanding of the effects of fluoride is similar to our understanding of lead in the 1970s.

A number of studies show that improved hygiene – and not fluoride – is responsible for the decline in cavities.

No wonder most of the world has banned water fluoridation, and polls show that people want a vote on the issue.

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See original article here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/harvard-fluoride-can-increase-autism-and-attention-deficit-disorder/5372893

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