Judicial Tyranny At Its’ Best


By TLB Contributors: Melissa Diegel and Karla Johnson

Are you familiar with the movie where people get arrested before they commit a crime? That is what is happening here in America, two women Karla Johnson and Melissa Diegel are being falsely accused …..before due process, before these two women have had a chance the lower courts in Arizona have determined they are guilty! It is as if they are being burned alive at the stake during the sixteen hundred Salem, Massachusetts witch trials rather than if we were living in modern day society with written law.


This affects you as an American because Karla and Melissa have been fighting for your freedom of speech and your parental rights, all while you have probably been hugging and kissing your children goodnight and tucking them into bed. Your rights like many other Americans are slowly being eroded and eradicated. You may not even realize that if these women fail there might not be a new person to continue on after them, to stand up to fight for your rights, because it is becoming that difficult.

Melissa Diegel is being maliciously pursued by Johnathan Hutcheson, Kathleen Martoncik and Jennifer Hunter who are all AAG’s for the state of Arizona along with Judge Colleen McNally for speaking out about the fraud and perjury that has taken place in Phoenix Arizona. And Karla Johnson is being maliciously pursued by Johnathan Hutcheson, Judge Colleen McNally and Judge Joan Sinclair.

Judge McNally one of two top presiding judges in all of Arizona has been trying to forcefully “coerce” Melissa and Karla Johnson to comply, (while threatening countless other families as well.) The threat is incarceration if they do not curtail to what she and the AAG insist they do. In Karla and Melissa’s case right now it is to remove all evidence of children being abused while in the states’ care off the internet, as well as audio recordings of courts discrepancies which show perjury and judicial fraud and any and all written articles off the internet, in addition McNally wants the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all the people Melissa Diegel has talked to about this case.

As shown in the audio below from the January 6th court hearing wherein judge Joan Sinclair stated “It’s not a mater of evidence Ma’am,” these ladies were never given what was termed an admonishment that day in court which was not to share this anonymous information given to them. In addition, these ladies were not even parties to the case, they sat there as witnesses only and attendees to the proceeding.

Audio Evidence of the trial on January 6th, 2015.

“It’s not a mater of evidence Ma’am,”

No admonishment

Both Melissa and Karla were shocked by this outlandish display of judicial tyranny stating evidence didn’t matter. A video was then made for the internet which displayed Karla’s grandson’s and pictures proving they had been abused while in the states’ care as they were covered in bruises, showing most certainly Evidence Did Matter, and that it mattered to the kids and children under the care of the state of Arizona. These severe incidences occurred during foster care and were reported but nothing was ever done to help or save the children.

This is similar to so many stories Melissa and Karla have heard from thousands of other families across the country, about how children have been taken, placed in foster care and end up being abused. Currently in the United States there is approximately 450,000 children in the foster care system.

Karla and Melissa have not completed their contempt of court proceedings. It is set to be concluded on the 20th of July at 3131 West Durango court house in Phoenix Arizona at 1:30pm on the 2nd floor. As you will see below these women have been predetermined to be held in contempt of court.

On June 26th 2015 Melissa and Karla filed a motion to Strike and Dismiss. The state never responded.

On July 15th 2015 AAG Johnathan Hutcheson filed a motion titled “Findings of Contempt And Contempt Orders.” Johnathan along with the direction and advisement of Judge Colleen McNally was asked to write by the 15th an exact outline detailing what should be done with Karla and Melissa such as “jail,” fines and fees. Johnathan colluded with McNally and came up with a “Motion,” in order to have Melissa and Karla incarcerated.

However, to their detriment he committed perjury and fraud, “again” by stating false claims that have never occurred (unless Johnathan can tell the future) because 5 days before the 20th Johnathan stated the following:

On the 20th of July Karla Johnson testified and Judge McNally ruled that both were found to be in contempt of court. How is that possible since the hearing on the 20th hasn’t happened yet?  Karla and Melissa have yet to present their evidence and testimony and technically no contempt charges have been issued yet including the order for incarceration! All of this was written on the 15th of July FIVE DAYS BEFORE it actually happened! The next contempt hearing is scheduled for the 20th and Jonathan Hutcheson filed his motion with dates and false claims before they even happened.

In addition, McNally was caught once before predetermining Melissa Diegel to be held in contempt of court before her hearing, with a prestamped court order showing 8:00am when her hearing was at 3:00 pm and she had not yet testified. Despite asking McNally in the beginning to recuse herself from this current case and filing a motion McNally refused.

This outlandish display of injustice and lack of due process, the violation of Constitution rights, and Freedom of Speech in this case is appalling!

As predetermined:

“It is further ordered if all the materials are not removed Melissa Diegel and Karla Johnson shall self surrender to the Maricopa County Jail By September 1st, 2015.”

Pattern of practice, perjury, fraud and coercion Johnathan Hutcheson and Judge McNally should be ashamed of themselves and need to be held accountable. Think of how many children and families lives they have had the opportunity to destroy unlawfully, they have affected far too many.

In addition, the state is trying to coerce Karla and Melissa into….

“..paying for and cooperating with an independent service to remove all materials that {they} published in violation of court orders by August 31st, 2015 and have same service issue an affidavit certifying successful removal.”

Are they supposed to pay to remove the truth?

The judge and AGG have broken the law. It is time they are held accountable.

If officers of the state of Arizona will not do their job we hope citizens will do it for them.

A private citizen has authority to make an arrest pursuant to 13-3884 when the person to be arrested has committed a misdemeanor or a felony.

13-3889 Inform who you are arresting of intention and cause of why you are arresting them.

13-3881 “An arrest is made by an actual restraint of the person to be arrested.”

13-3900 The private person shall deliver the person to a magistrate or peace officer.


“I would say this was a kangaroo court but it seems we have a bunch of monkeys in charge.” -Melissa Diegel


Melissa Diegel is the mother of (3) children, two of whom were medically kidnapped. She is the voice of the voiceless and speaks out on humanitarian issues. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and supports the constitution, family rights and believes in the right to freedom of speech. Just recently she accepted the position given by the Liberty Beacon Project to be a radio talk show host. She is a published writer and has been a frequent guest on many international talk show radio programs. Currently there are 18, 265 children in the Arizona DCS system, more than any other state…..35 children a day are being taken. Two of those children out of those 18 thousand ARE HER DAUGHTERS!

Karla Johnson is a well-respected community advocate who has been exposing judicial corruption in Arizona for the last 6 years. She is known for her outspoken nature, videos, articles and guest appearances on radio talk shows. She has recently been offered the position as co- host on a radio talk show offered through the Liberty Beacon Project. Karla’s excellent ability to research and her involvement with families in the community has helped to keep children free from a rogue DCS agency that has lost its original purpose to preserve families and protect children.  It is Karla’s mission to help educate the public of this humanitarian crisis and to one day see that justice is served, which includes the return of her 4 grandsons.








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