Just Following Orders: the Psychology of Unquestioningly Obeying Depraved Authority

—Big Pharma White Coats Part II

Stanley Milgram conducted a psychological experiment in 1961 that was truly mind-numbing in terms of revealing the depths of evils people are able to commit in order to comply with authority. Referred to as the Milgram experiments, the aim of the study was to see how far participants were willing to go when they were given orders that were appalling and unconscionable. The experiment involved one authority figure who donned a lab coat, participants who were instructed to electrocute someone each time that person got an answer wrong and an actor who pretended to writhe in pain and scream each time he or she received shocks.

Participants were shown the electric chair the person they thought they were shocking was strapped into; they even went as far as giving participants mild shocks to convince them that the exercise was real. Once the participants were manipulated to believe that the shocks they were about to give to the recipient were authentic, they were separated by a partition to ensure that the participants could only hear the agonizing pleas for mercy not see the whole thing was staged. Each time the actor who was supposedly sitting in an electric chair answered a question incorrectly, the authority figure instructed participants to press a button that supposedly delivered a shock to the person who got the answer wrong.

Astonishingly, every participant administered at least 300-volts to the person they thought they were shocking—a level so high that it has the potential of inducing severe harm or even death. What was even more shocking, excuse the pun, is that 65% of participants complied with the lab coat wearing overseers and delivered a lethal 450-volts, depending on the Amps, to the poor soul they believed was being electrocuted. Each time participants resisted and wanted to stop upon hearing the person they thought was getting shocking scream out in anguish and banging the wall in agonizing pain, the authority figure leveraged his status and ordered them to keep torturing the out of sight subject.

Milgram conducted these experiments because he wanted to see if the sheer number of Germans who complied and followed orders during the era of Hitler was an outlier or a universal human trait. What was discovered through his experiments, as unethical as they were, is that regular people have an innate ability to commit mass-atrocities not out of wonton desire but because they are being compelled to do so by people in a positions of power. Milgram used a scientific method to arrive at a conclusion that anyone who studies genocides understands very well; opinion leaders are able to condition society to commit unspeakable acts of terror against their fellow citizens through division, fear and indoctrination.

Human beings are able to commit unspeakable acts of terror against their fellow humans when they are given orders by depraved leaders

Milgram’s illuminating results are very germane to what is taking place at this precise moment. Authority figures—from heads of state like Biden to unelected technocrats like Fauci  and beyond—weaponized their status and clout to condition billions of people around the world to be paralyzed by fear, give up their freedoms and eventually turn themselves into lab animals by receiving experimental “vaccines” into their arms. The unethical treatments that Milgram subjected participants in his study to is nothing compared to the criminal ways that the ruling class have conducted a psychological operation against the global population over the past 18 months.

Instrumental in this malicious biotech driven scheme were medical professionals who were convinced to take part either out of greed or out of fear of repercussion. There is a reason why Milgram had the authority figures in his experiments wear lab coats; doctors have a nearly unparalleled ability to convince people to follow their advice even if they feel unsure about the instructions they are being given. This almost God-like power to oblige society to act without questioning is the reason that doctors were enlisted from the outset in order to effectuate this insane mass-“vaccination” campaign. Such is the case with Dr. Leana Wen—who is intimately associated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—who is outrageously recommending that children get “vaccinated” even though Covid-19, outside of outlier cases, has not impacted the young. Nuremberg Trials 2.0 cannot come fast enough!

Realizing that society has lost trust in politicians and mainstream media, biotech corporations along with Bill and Melinda Gates funded and paraded a litany of doctors to impel us to socially isolate, mask up and ultimately get jabbed. They turned to the very tactics used by Stanley Milgram 50 years ago; they made sure that the authority figures who were leading this “vaccine” crusade were doctors with white coats. They then tormented us with “breaking news” as mainstream media took their turn by channeling images of death and carnage on a 24 by 7 basis. This is a type of social conditioning that Nazis perfected and incorporated by the United States government thanks to Operation Paperclip.

We stood no chance! The same way participants in Milgram’s studies submitted to the demands of authority figures even as they resisted, we too buckled when the pressure was applied. If you see people driving in their cars with masks on, don’t judge them too harshly, they are victims of a psychological war that has been conducted on us for a year and a half. What is being done to us is a carbon copy of the propaganda techniques perfected by Joseph Goebbels mixed with the good cop/bad cop technique used by the police to break a suspect they are interrogation. By alternating between “benevolence” as they reopen businesses and “allowing” us enjoy the freedoms we once took for granted only to announce a new outbreak and go back to lockdowns, the establishment are crushing our will to fight and trying to gaslight us into a state of total submission.

After a year and a half of unending fears and anxieties that have been imbued in our minds, we have allowed our rights to be stripped away for the sake of security that will never come

It’s not an accident that about one-third of the participants in Milgram’s gruesome experiments opted out once the orders crossed the boundary and strayed into the realm of barbarity. The same phenomenon is evident now; most polls show that about 33% of Americans are either hesitant or outright hostile against the idea of getting jabbed. Over the coming months, the government-media-corporate complex are going to really turn up the heat to persuade at least 70% of the population to get “vaccinated”; the closer they get to that number, the easier it is for them to coerce the holdouts to get jabbed. They will do so by demonizing the unvaccinated, taking away their rights and potentially using force to arrive at their preferred outcome.


There to assist this pernicious agenda are Gates funded doctors and industry insiders like John MattisonLeana WenHaney Mallemat and Danish Nagda who are running afoul of their Hippocratic oath and the AMA doctor-patient guidelines. Though there are countless number of doctors who are either very concerned or outright alarmed over these experimental “vaccines”, the only medical professionals you see on TV and given blue checkmarks on social media are the ones who are completely in the tank when it comes to these gene therapy snake oils that are being peddled to the world as a panacea.

I pray we wake up from this collective psychosis that we are in and challenge people in positions of authority. Having a PhD doesn’t make anyone infallible, especially when these doctors have conflicts of interests they are not telling us about. Billions of people around the world have become like the actors in Milgram’s experiments who were pretending to be tortured; except this time around the electrocutions we are getting are very real. If we do not push back and defend our rights, a 450-volt shock will come for us by the time autumn arrives.

Fauci and his ilk enlisted doctors to give credence to an insane mass-‘vaccination’ campaign; like Milgram’s experiments, white coats were weaponized to induce jab-compliance. #BigPharmaWhiteCoatsCLICK TO TWEET

The ruling class are already setting the pretext for the abuses they have in store as they sow fear about the Delta variant. They will let us enjoy summer and get a taste of freedom before lowering the hammer. A potential first wave of “vaccine” deaths will be attributed to the Delta variant; the “unvaccinated” will get blamed even though people who are “vaccinated” continue to contract and transmit Covid-19. Facts will matter little when they enact draconian measures to address a crisis they created in a lab. Winter is coming; the only question is will people defy and rise up or will they do like the Germans did last century and follow orders.

“When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.” ~ Thomas Paine

This is part two of a three part exposes, Part III will be published this weekend and will show how two people, Bill and Melinda Gates, have weaponized their wealth to influence public heath policies and curry favor with countless doctors in America and beyond.  Part II will be published on this weekend.

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