Justice for All Conference to Reform Sexual Offense Laws

The Falling Darkness

This is the New way of Protecting Children? This a New way of Perverting Justice of Children. These Individuals below must be accounted for their actions against children in Laws set up to protect children that they are trying to change so Pedophilia is their way.

These people stand up and support Child Abuse, in Protection you will find SUSAN in this picture not those who support RSOL, I am Adam White, I take no Prisoners.

We do not seem to be who we are





The Organisation (ARSEHOLE)RSOL (Reformed Sex Offender Laws) was started by Thomas Reeves who started NORTH AMERICAN MAN BOY LOVER ASSOCIATION(NAMBLA), which is now RSOL, and we at Protection will expose it all.

If you are caught by Protection, I am the decoy, and we have many stories to tell, but first, let us talk about history of RSOL

ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org (RSOL) is planning on staging their 4th annual conference this weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico and so far it doesn’t sound like it’s off to a good start. Since the event has become public knowledge, the RSOL started copping flak from across the city; so much so that the Albuquerque Police Department felt the need to stage a town hall meeting on the subject.

Once again the RSOL however can’t help but indulge in more lies when it comes to the subject of their administrator who also happens to have been NAMBLA’s co-founder: Thomas Reeves.

Here’s what the RSOL spokesman had to say on the topic:


After a “concerned constituent” alerted city officials to the conference, the City Attorney’s Office sent a letter to the hotel’s manager warning him about possible danger to guests and neighbors.“We are concerned that there is a convention of persons who advocate sex between adults and minors so near locations where minors can be found outside the veil of parental protection,” managing assistant City Attorney Greg Wheeler wrote in the Aug. 21 letter.

Wheeler claimed the organization had ties to the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which advocates the abolishment of age-of-consent laws between men and boys.

Scott Pawgan, a Texas attorney who represents the group, said a former NAMBLA member was an administrator with the organization “years ago” but was asked to resign when his ties to the organization came to light.

Interesting that they should say Thomas Reeves was only let go once his affiliation with NAMBLA was discovered, when Paul Shannon (the current RSOL Natonal Coordinator) signed his name to the original Reform Sex Offender Laws petition (that was posted on BoyChat way back in 1998) which clearly stated that NAMBLA members were involved in drafting the petition:


A discussion group of about twenty people formed, hosted unofficially by a non-governmental organization. Participants included women who are incest and sex abuse survivors, NAMBLA members, anti-censorship and civil liberties activists, feminists, gay and lesbian people, health-care workers, church activists, peace and social justice activists, academics, and those who work with prisoners.


Dr. Richard Pillard, psychiatrist;
Paul Shannon, educator;
Cathy Hoffman, peace activist;
Chris Tilly, economics professor;
Marie Kennedy, community planning professor;
Eric Entemann, mathematics professor;
Tom Reeves, social science professor;

If what Pawgan was saying is true, in that Reeves or ‘Alex Marbury’ (the pseudonym he would use for his online activities within the RSOL) was let go, funny that they should knowingly give a NAMBLA member a such a send off by mourning his death on the front page of their website:


Alex died in the hospital on Sunday February 19 after a year-long debilitating illness. All of us in RSOL are deeply indebted for his indefatigable efforts to end the registry and stand against the demonization of people labeled sex offenders. But his work on behalf of human rights for sex offenders was only a small part of Alex’s life and work for social justice and racial equality. No one of any background whose humanity was being violated would fail to receive Alex’s support and love. In next month’s Digest Alex’s good friend and admirer, Paul Shannon, an initiator of the RSOL project, will share a few of the details of Alex’s remarkable life.

It’s blatantly apparent that the RSOL doesn’t quite know how to deal with the problem Thomas Reeves has left them with: Some members try to deny and plead ignorance while others (like Pawgan) try to play down the significant role Reeves maintained within their organization. None of them want to address the ugly reality which we will make sure they never forget.


A Concise History of the RSOL

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recently high-level members of ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org (RSOL) refused to believe that their organization had any ties or associations with the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). To us here at Absolute Zero (where we have written extensively on this topic), this is simply unacceptable; So once again we will take it upon ourselves to ‘educate their ignorance’ (as they say) by providing them with a history lesson on the organization that they have elected to be part of (how nice are we?!?):
June 7, 1998 – The first version of the Reform Sex Offender Laws petition is posted on BoyChat under the title “A Call to Safeguard Our Children and Our Liberties.” The petition was formed in response to the public backlash NAMBLA experienced over the murder of Jeffrey Curley. This first version of the petition states that among those involved in drafting it were NAMBLA members:

A discussion group of about twenty people formed, hosted unofficially by a non-governmental organization. Participants included women who are incest and sex abuse survivors, NAMBLA members, anti-censorship and civil liberties activists, feminists, gay and lesbian people, health-care workers, church activists, peace and social justice activists, academics, and those who work with prisoners.

A small list of the petitions first signatories were noted below the statement. Some of the most recognizable name were that of Tom Reeves and Bill Andriette, both of whom are very prominent members of NAMBLA.
August 13, 2007 – Paul Shannon, the RSOL National Coordinator appears on the radio show of Daniel Tsang talking about his renewed campaign to “reform” sex offender laws. The same Daniel Tsang who attended the meeting which spawned NAMBLA and who also wrote this article about it.
March 3, 2008 – After the victims advocacy group ‘Women Against Sexual Predators’ (WASP) had hijacked SOClear’s attempt at a rally in Columbus Ohio; “Alex Marbury” and Paul Shannon did not want a repeat of that disaster at their next public demonstration at Coalinga State Hospital, so they issued this statement:

“Because a previous demonstraton in Ohio by sex offenders and their families was harrassed by bigots, you should be prepared for this possibility. All precautions are being taken to avoid confrontation, and local authorities will be alerted. The detainees are depending on word of mouth among those committed to justice for sex offenders. Ask any friends you tell about this to keep the time and place of the rally confidential. We are hoping that supportive and carefully screened members of the press, as well as lawyers, will be present, both to document the protest and to provide security.”

The rally location and time had been kept secret, yet NAMBLA member Joe Power managed to attend and published an article about the rally on NAMBLA’s website:

“A few months ago, a coalition of family, friends and activists from a variety of groups(1) – including several NAMBLA members – demonstrated in front of Coalinga State Hospital in California.”

March 14, 2009 – “Alex Marbury” publishes a posting on behalf of BoyChat member Richard Kramer, criticizing sex offender activists for trying to differentiate themselves from pedophiles. The post is removed within hours of having gone live.
July 10, 2009Richard Pillard who was a moderator for the meeting which first formed NAMBLA is one of the opening speakers for the first annual RSOL conference in Boston.

“Men and boys who love each other are engaging in a social experiment.” – Richard Pillard

February 20, 2012 – RSOL’s Indiana state affiliate, Kimberly DuBina unwittingly exposes the RSOL’s dirtiest secret: that “Alex Marbury” is actually the notorious NAMBLA pedophile Thomas Reeves.
For an organization whose top-level members attempt to deny any connection or affiliations with NAMBLA, their group sure has had a lot to do with NAMBLA over the past decade…






Effective Counseling and Treatment for Sex Offenders

Ray Anderson

A plethora of counseling and treatment options exist for the treatment of sex offenders. But which ones are effective? This presentation will focus upon counseling and treatment methods that have been found to be both ineffective and effective as well as the reasons why. Objectives: 1. to identify key factors in determining whether a counseling and/or treatment option is effective, and 2. to learn of current trends in counseling and/or treatment options.

How to Successfully Challenge Residency Restrictions

Laura Arnold

Residency restrictions often prohibit sex offenders from living with their loved ones, whether family members or friends, and can result in homelessness. These restrictions can also have the effect of banishing any sex offender from living in a city or county. The focus of this presentation will be methods that can be used to effectively challenge and eliminate residency restrictions. Methods include, but are not limited to, legal challenges. A key and successful challenge in the County of San Diego will be discussed that utilized these methods in the case In re Taylor, which is now under review by the California Supreme Court. Objectives: 1. to identify the impact of residency restrictions upon sex offenders and their loved ones, and 2. to identify successful methods to challenge residency restrictions.

Registered Traveler

Virginia Hall

This presentation will focus on the challenges faced by registrants when traveling domestically or internationally. Freedom of movement across frontiers in either direction, and inside frontiers as well, is a part of our heritage. Freedom of movement is basic in our scheme of values. Yet, a great deal of misinformation, disinformation and down right B.S. exists around this topic. Objectives: 1. to clarify existing law and procedures governing passports, visas and the role of the SMART office, and 2. to inform attendees of their rights and responsibilities regarding short and long term travel.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines in Child Pornography and Child Enticement Cases

Gilbert A Schaffnit

The presentation will discuss the congressional development of child pornography/enticement federal sentencing guidelines, including a brief discussion of the types of sentences imposed prior to the advent of the guidelines. The presentation will break down the congressional response to the widespread use of the Internet to acquire images and the manner in which the guidelines treat the types of images and the number of images when determining the risk posed by the offender to either re-offend or to progress to a hands-on offense. The presentation will discuss academic and judicial criticism of the guidelines and proposals currently before Congress to change various aspects of the law. Objectives: 1. to acquaint workshop participants with the legal background necessary to gain an understanding of how these cases are prosecuted, defended, and sentenced under the current federal scheme, and 2. to give the workshop participants concrete tools to work with in affecting a favorable outcome for their clients.

Can Courts Bring Down the Registry? Role and limitations of the Judiciary

Larry Neely and Scott Pawgan

Many advocates believe that the courts will somehow save us from sex offender registration by declaring sex offender registration facially unconstitutional – but it just isn’t that simple! This workshop seeks to explain the specific role of our trial courts and appellate courts, and the limits of judicial power. Using a question-and-answer format, we will seek to educate advocates about the various types of appellate review and the applicable standards of review to overturn a trial court. Some audience questions will be included but this workshop is not dealing with individual cases.

How To Stop 290 Registration

Stephen D. Klarich   http://www.wklaw.com/stephend.htm

This presentation will address the step by step approach to seek a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Governor’s Pardon in California, what sex crimes qualify for such actions, and how to potentially stop 290 sex registration. Goals of the presentation are 1) Identify what sex crimes qualify for Certificate of Rehabilitation or Governor’s Pardon, and 2) Step by step approach on how to file for a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Governor’s Pardon — and how to win!/p>

Queers and Sex Offenders: A Necessary Collaboration. 

Andrew Extein

This workshop explores the relationship between LGBTQ communities, sex offenders, and their advocates, as well as argues why all of these groups would benefit from collaboration and empathy. Group dialogue is an important element of this workshop. Objectives: 1. to establish a historical framework to discuss the ways in which queer people have been and currently are systemically criminalized, and. 2. to create dialogue among queer people, sex offenders, and advocates.

How to work with the experts and meet with your legislators

Gail Colletta, Eric Imhof, Suzonne Kline

We keep hearing, “I’m afraid, I don’t know how to get a meeting with my legislators. What do I say? Who do I bring? What’s important to focus on? What can I hope to accomplish?” We hope to remove the fear of scheduling and conducting a meeting with your legislators, demonstrate how to utilize experts in the meeting, and show what you need to prepare. This seasoned team plans to utilize role play in their interactive workshop to help folks “get in the groove.”

Overcoming Reentry Barriers

Jon Cordeiro www.newnameministries.org

Most folks think of reentry as starting upon release from confinement, yet, reentry needs to begin before sentencing. The saying goes – look to the end from the beginning. There are many variables and dynamics that come to play in planning for reentry. Laws change daily, and the world with it. Add to this dynamic all the emotional and physical demands of being labeled an outcast. Overcoming Reentry Barriers brings insight, wisdom and hope for successful reentry. Overcoming Reentry Barriers will educate and stimulate forward thinking, relieving the anxiety of future challenges by helping attendees to see obstacles as opportunities. By preparing for the future before release, those coming out, and those waiting for them, will be better equipped to deal with personal and public issues.www.unprecedentedthebook.com

Plain English Guide to SORNA

David M. Gailbreath, Larry Neely

This workshop will provide the attendee with an introduction to the Federal SORNA registration requirements, including the Adam Walsh Act, and will break these requirements down into plain English. This workshop will be interactive and audience-involved, to attempt to dispel many of the myths and misunderstandings regarding just what SORNA is, and what it means for all those affected by these requirements. Attendees will gain a basic legal understanding of SORNA and be able to ask questions about, and gain a better understanding of SORNA myths and facts, in order to provide for more accurate information when advocating against registration. This topic is one of importance because, as advocates, accurate information is pivotal in accomplishing our tasks. There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding just exactly what SORNA is, what its reach and scope are, and what the legal ramifications and outlooks are. We chose this topic to bring a multitude of information sources into one interactive workshop that will provide a forum for the many questions floating out there around this subject.

Registrants Who Speak Up

Chance Oberstein, Frank Lindsey, Larry Neely

This panel will highlight registrants who have showed up, stood up and spoken up regarding one or more sex offender issues often at great personal risk. As such, they are pioneers who are creating a path for others to follow. Key objectives: (1) to highlight the personal courage of registrants who have shown up, stood up and spoken up and (2) to encourage other registrants to do the same.

RSOL State Leaders Speak Out

Janice Bellucci, Moderator

The purpose of this panel is to share the views and experiences of the RSOL state leaders from California, Texas, Florida and another state. We have been “in the trenches” for several years now and have experiences to share — from glorious successes to ignominious failures — with registrants and state leaders alike. State leaders will address organization, membership, and fundraising as well as education, legislation and litigation. RSOL’s state leaders have seen it all. We have a wealth of experience to share with each other and with every person who attends the conference. Our hope is to inspire those currently in leadership positions within RSOL or who are considering such a role.

Sex Offender Myth Busters

Derek Logue

This presentation addresses the origin and use of sex offender myths in popular culture and how we can address them when dealing with the public. The goals are to help advocates and professionals understand identify and understand the sources of popular myths, and give them the tools to address these myths when they arise.

The U.S. Supreme Court Was Wrong and We Can Fix It

Janice Bellucci

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that the requirement to register as a sex offender is an administrative requirement and not punishment. The decision has allowed states, counties, and cities to pass laws and apply them retroactively that limit where a registrant can live, visit and recreate. This single decision has harmed hundreds of thousands of registrants and their families. This presentation will focus upon the Supreme Court’s decision and how it can be overturned through a concerted effort of state RSOL’s as well as attorneys and psychologists. Key objectives are (1) to educate attendees regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision and its impact upon registrants and their families and (2) advocate for what is needed to overturn that decision in our lifetime.

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

David M. Gailbreath

Volunteers are an integral part of the operations of many non-profits, and these organizations could not achieve their missions without the assistance of volunteers. Volunteer recruitment and retention is a high priority. We have a difficult pool of volunteers from which to choose when dealing with registrants; therefore it becomes even more important to have effective volunteer management strategies in place. This workshop should enable attendees to come away with a working knowledge of modern recruitment practices and tools to bring in volunteers when needed. Attendees will also gain a working knowledge of practices and programs that will allow for the effective management and retention of volunteers in a non-profit capacity.

Keynote Speaker

Alex L. Landon, J.D.

Certified Specialist, Criminal Law, California Board of Legal Specialization (August 11, 1977)
Private Practitioner – San Diego Criminal Law & Civil Rights Actions

Finding the Answers

Landon will be tackling some tough questions: Why have sex offender laws become so repressive in the last 20 years? Who are behind these “designer laws” which created harsh sentencing, and harsh conditions once released? Have these laws made communities safer? Are taxpayers getting what they are paying for? How can we stop new laws which are irresponsible and counter-productive? How can we be proactive in trying to amend or repeal bad sex offender laws?

​Dr. Landon is a J.D. 1971, University of San Diego School of Law. He is currently in private practice doing San Diego Criminal Law & Civil Rights Actions, and teaches Corrections and Sentencing Law and Post Conviction Remedies at the University of San Diego School of Law as an adjunct professor. Alex is a former member of the Board of Directors and past Vice President of the San Diego County Bar Association. He is also a Member and past President of the San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association, member and Past President of the San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers Club, the past President of the San Diego Psych-Law Society, a member of the USD School of Law Board of Visitors, and a member of the Board of Governors and past President of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice. He is the former Executive Director of the Defenders Program of San Diego, Inc. and Community Defenders, Inc. He is a member of the State wide Board Governors for VIP Mentors and is the chair of the Local Advisory Committee for VIP Mentors a program which he started in San Diego in 1975. He served as the chair of the Board of Directors for Community Connection Resource Center from the inception of the organization in 1985 until its closure in 2011.

Mr. Landon is a Board Member with California RSOL, and co-author of the book, A Parallel Universe, which is focused upon sex offender issues. He and his co-author have a website atwww.meganslawbook.com.

Featured Speakers

Catherine L. Carpenter, J.D.

Sexual Offense Laws and Constitutionality

Carpenter will explore the spiraling nature of sexual offense laws and the lack of constitutional foundations underpinning them, touching on adult and juvenile offenders and the irrationality of strict liability offenses.

Professor Catherine Carpenter, the Irving D. and Florence Rosenberg Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, teaches and writes in the area of criminal law. Professor Carpenter’s primary focus of scholarship is on issues pertaining to sex offender registration laws and sex crimes. Her 2012 law review article entitled The Evolution of Unconstitutionality in Sex Offender Registration Laws, published by Hastings Law Journal, was recently cited in John Doe v. Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services(concurring opinion, March 4, 2013), which successfully challenged Maryland’s sex offender registration laws on ex post facto grounds. Her most recent article, “On Emotion, Juvenile Sex Offenders, and Mandatory Registration,” which argues that mandatory registration of juvenile offenders has been fueled by non-evidence-based emotional rhetoric, is slated for publication in spring 2013 by the Journal of Race, Gender and Poverty.

In addition to her criminal scholarship, Professor Carpenter has worked extensively with the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and she is the principal drafter and editor of A Survey of Law School Curriculum 2002-2010. Her efforts on behalf of law schools recently earned her the designation by National Jurist Magazine as “One of the Most Influential People in Legal Education.”

Suzonne M. Kline, Psy.D.

Public Policy and Risk-Based Assessment

Kline’s presentation will focus on developing effective sex offender management practices using risk-based assessment to make risk-based decisions regarding public safety. The AWA and recent legislative issues such as the USSC report are examples of bad policies . Kline will offer suggestions on to correct them.

​Dr. Kline has worked in psychiatric hospitals and forensic settings since 1993. As an independent forensic psychologist specializing in risk assessment and evaluation of sexual offenders. Dr. Kline currently handles competency evaluations and sanity at the time of the offense, and provides expert testimony throughout the state of Florida. She recently submitted legislative proposals for an offender transitional housing program and a conditional release program. Prior to her independent practice, Kline was Administrator of Florida’s Sexually Violent Predator Program (SVPP), which involved policy formulation, development, and amendment; budget oversight and drafting; providing consultation and expertise to DCF Leadership, Florida’s Legislature, Office of the Secretary, and Office of the Assistant Secretary for Substance Abuse and Mental Health; coordinating state-wide training for staff and contractors; consulting/presenting on issues related to program development, implementation and administration; speaking nationwide on issues related to sex offender assessment, treatment and management; providing expert consultation to other SVP programs nationwide; and providing expert testimony in state and federal courts (including major federal class action lawsuits). Dr. Kline is currently an expert consultant to the Florida Action Committee (FAC), Caution Click: National Campaign for Reform (CCNCR) and the Missouri Citizens for Reform (MCR) in their respective efforts to reform current sex offender management practices.


Clare Ann Ruth-Heffelbower, D.Min.

Restorative Justice and Sexual Offenders

Ruth-Heffelbower will give an overview of restorative justice principles with a focus on Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA), which is an evidence-based restorative justice program. The story of COSA will be shared to illustrate the power that support and accountability has in helping released sex offenders live productive and responsible lives, creating a safer community.

Clare Ann is Founding Program Director of Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) at the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies of Fresno Pacific University. The COSA program in Fresno began in 2007 with a start-up grant from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It has formed Circles for more than 45 sex offenders reentering the community. COSA in Fresno works with state parolees, federal probationers, and individuals released from civil commitment. Clare Ann has served as a pastor, administrator and board member. She has been involved in Restorative Justice work for over 30 years including work with the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of the Central Valley (VORP).

Clare Ann has provided leadership for organizations both in North America and in Indonesia and has worked in partnership with other organizations in community development. She has led organizations through significant transitions and has served as a consultant for organizations at times of change or when they are in conflict. Clare Ann has taught on both the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as trained many individuals in volunteer organizations. Graduate courses taught include Group Dynamics, Family Ministries, Spiritual Formation, and Spiritual Direction. She has extensive counseling and mentoring experience, working with people both individually and in small groups.


I am Adam White, I take no Prisoners.

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