Meghan McCain Now Hates America

Eric Zuesse
On Saturday, January 26th, the famous daughter of the deceased U.S. Senator and Republican Presidential nominee in 2008 John McCain, said:
“As an American, I hate this country without him in it. I know that sounds awful. I don’t hate America, but I just hate it without his leadership. I’m very — I’m sad all the time.”
Here is the context, as provided at a website “Grabien” (along with a garbled video-clip from CNN’s “Van Jones Show,” where she said this (but which program doesn’t yet post the video):
McCAIN: “The first thing I have to say is that I’m surrounded with support. I try not to feel bad for myself. I just don’t — I think he would be terribly pissed if I walked around that way. I learned that grief is a taboo. It makes people uncomfortable. Almost five months out since he I’m sad every single day. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing that. I have moments where I think that I just can’t do anything anymore without him. It’s a weird place to be in in so many different ways. As a daughter I’m grieving and as an American, I hate this country without him in it. I know that sounds awful. I don’t hate America but I hate it without his leadership.I’m very — I’m sad all the time. I’m struggling with that sadness. I miss him in ways that I never could have fathomed. I try to say what would my dad say and he’d say we are McCains. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves. We’re blessed, and get up and keep fighting (applause).”
Her father is featured in this video about her father and about his proud achievements in Ukraine:

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