More Than Half Of Germans Want To Leave The Country For A “More Stable Political Situation”

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More than half of Germans living under Merkel’s open-border regime want to leave their homeland, according to Die Welt, citing a YouGov survey commissioned by financial services provider Transferwise.

It was conducted between September 19 and 21, and included 2109 adults who were asked the following questions;

  • Would you like to live abroad sometime (outside Germany)?
  • Compared to two years ago – is it more or less likely that you will live abroad, or is there no difference?
  • Which of the following are reasons why you want to move abroad? (Multiple answers possible).

Approximately 1/3 of the respondents say they would like to leave forever, while thirteen percent said that they would prefer to leave for two to five years. Nine percent would stay away for no more than a year.

The main reason? Germans desire a more stable political situation, and want out.

Above all, those who can imagine emigration stated that they hoped for a calmer and more relaxed life in another country (38 percent).

Other reasons include the hope of a higher quality of life (33 percent) and better weather (31 percent). -Die Welt (translated)

No wonder Merkel and her CSU allies are suffering massive losses in state elections, while anti-migration populist movements are gaining traction not only in Germany, but across Europe in general.

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