Notre-Dame Fire: the Drama and the Interpretations

The images of the inferno atop the Notre-Dame de Paris, have exploded all over social media and left many looking for meaning be it spiritual or political. Christianity (except certain forms of Protestantism) tells man that he has free will, and with that free will comes much diversity of opinion, which we can see in how people interpret a fire burning as a symbol of one of the great pillars of Western Civilization turning to cinder. So let’s take a look at some common interpretations of this event that has shocked the world.

Europe’s 9/11

As of this moment there is no official indication that the fire at the cathedral was arson, however tossing a cigarette onto scaffolding or a wooden roof doesn’t start fires like these. Try lighting a log with a cigarette some time, it won’t go well, which makes it hard to believe that there is no human factor involved be it negligence or malice. Since vandalism at “hundreds of French churches” has been occurring recently there is certainly precedent to be suspicious of this as an act of extreme vandalism or terrorism.

However, even if it were proven to be terrorism France is unlikely to go on some sort Bush 2.0 quest to kill people who sort of look like the guilty parties on 9/11. In the wake of the end of the Cold War the US had to find a purpose as the sole hyperpower. The horrific deaths of 3000+ people in the Twin Towers oriented the missionless US towards a War on Terrorism. It is unlikely that France has the ability or desire to go on a crusade abroad as a means to justify itself as something valuable, especially in its current vassal status within the framework of the EU. It seems very unlikely that mostly passive France will follow in America’s gigantic footsteps.

False Flag Yellow Vest Removal Service

Some online theories point to this public tragedy as a way to get French protestors to take off their yellow vests, feel both very French and very sad, to make them go home and shut up as the country and culture continue to be trampled upon by the ruling elite. When we talk about False Flags we get into the area of wild conspiracy theories which can be very dangerous. The main thing that needs to be said is that even if this were some sort of False Flag then it will not work. This tragedy is far more likely to get the yellow vesters riled up with patriotic fury caused by the destruction of their sacred symbol rather than make them want to sing Kumbaya together in the streets with immigrants who despise them.

This event will play a role in the narrative of the Yellow Vest protests but it will not somehow magically cause them to spontaneously disperse and go home.

A Museum of Cultural Masochism or a Swimming Pool

There is supposedly a deleted Tweet going around from France 24 English saying that Macron wants to rebuild Notre Dame “in a way consistent with our modern diverse nation”, which even if completely fabricated seems like something that could be on the table given the EU elite’s stern consensus that Cultural Masochism is the greatest joy in life. It is very possible that the Cathedral will be rebuilt to service a function not related to Christianity, or be done in a way to spite Christianity as it is the #1 enemy of anyone who is down with the Postmodern world we are entering (or have already entered into). Seeing the cathedral rebuilt as a mosque would be very diverse, tolerant and sensitive and fall inline perfectly with an SJW set of sensibilities.

A less scandalous and more practical possibility is the “swimming pool” option which is what happened to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow when it was detonated in the 1930’s to make way for a massive construction plan that never happened. The flooded hole that was left of it was turned into a swimming pool out of convenience. A similar fate of being transformed into pointless some mall or art gallery could befall Notre-Dame de Paris. This is most likely event to occur as throughout the hardcore Liberal “Heartland” of the EU, churches are often being converted into anything at all that could be dreamed up by local bureaucrats.

God is Buried or is He?

Nietzsche was right when he said that “God is dead” in the context of his times in Western Europe and after two World Wars and a Sexual Revolution, there is really nothing left of Catholic France. Especially with a Pope who seems to be more like a Progressive activist than the Vicar of Christ on Earth. Thus, some on the internet see the burning of the Church like some sort of Viking funeral signalling the end of Christian France reacting both with glee and sorrow.

Although this could be true and it is very possible that Christianity in the West will die out within a few generations given current trends, more and more Europeans are coming to the consensus that “Only Christianity can save Europe”. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and Europe can clearly see that losing the faith that held it together and allowed it to prosper over century upon century isn’t going so well. Watching Christianity directly go up in flames could become the symbol necessary for Europe’s well fed pacified Christians to get uppity. Without doubt this event will be used in their political propaganda as “proof” of something.

In Conclusion

As the Internet explodes over this issue we can see many different things in a burning Notre Dame. Some see the death of Christianity, others see its coming resurrection. Some see a False Flag or a repeat of the fall of Christ the Savior in Moscow (which was later rebuilt by a now unbelievably thriving Orthodox Russia). Many even see a French 9/11 where all the hopeless millions could do was watch while it burned and the roof caved in, which will lead to a call for action.

The key thing to understand from a philosophical perspective is that we can view this event from any angle that we wish, and from a political perspective we can use this event to push any narrative that we desire and the fire at the Notre-Dame de Paris will be used to push narratives for years to come this is the one thing we can be absolutely certain of.

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