“I Will Slaughter You With An Axe” – Terrorist Behind German Train Attack Leaves Chilling Suicide Video

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Just days after a deranged, troubled Tunisian slammed a truck into hundreds of people in Nice, France killing 84 and injuring hundreds, another attempted terrorist incident took place in Wurzburg, Germany when a 17-year-old Aghan refugee, who arrived in Germany last summer as an unaccompanied minor, attacked train passengers with an axe injuring several, before he was killed by police. It has been now confirmed that the teenager, whose name is allegedly Muhammad Riyad, shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he charged at his victims with an axe, “a first clue” of his possible connection with radical Islam, officials said.

Initial speculation that the attack was of a terrorist nature and that the Afghan teenager, who at the time of the attack was living with a foster family in Wurzburg, was affiliated with radical islam, has now been confirmed after new information was discovered in a suicide note he had left at home, in which the young man asked his father to pray that he could take revenge “on the infidels” and “get to Heaven,” officials said.

The train attacker was “a devout Sunni,” according to officials, who added that he didn’t visit a mosque regularly, but had probably prayed privately, according to RT. He had also published a post against “enemies of Islam” some 24 hours before the attack.

One of the perpetrator’s friends, with whom he often spoke by phone, had recently died in Afghanistan, the media were told, with investigators adding that it may have been a trigger for the assault.

Earlier on Tuesday, Amaq news agency affiliated with the Islamic State, released a disturbing video showing the axe-wielding attacker. Identifying him as Muhammad Riyad, ISIS called him a “soldier of the Caliphate.” In his speech, he claimed he would use the weapon in a slaughter to avenge the killings of people in Muslim countries and called on others who couldn’t reach IS strongholds in Syria and Iraq to conduct attacks in their own countries.

In the chilling 2 minute clip,  Mohammad Riyad says that “I want to perform a martyrdom operation in Germany.” He continues by urging his fellow-minded Jihadists to take a weapon and “fight the armies in your lands.”

The time in which you come to our countries, killing our men and women and children has expired. Now the Islamic State Caliphate has been established and the soldiers of the Caliphate will reach you, Allah-willing. We will slaughter you in your own homes and they will occupy your homes and bases. They will target you in every village, city and airport.  I have lived in your land and in your homes, where I planned against you.


And I will slaughter you in your homes and alleys. I will fight you for as long as my veins beat. I will slaughter you with this blade and will cut your throats with an axe.


My message to the Muslim nation: until when will you remain asleep? Wake up! The caliphate is established. Fight the apostate armies in your lands.

Video below:


While we do not know what the popular reaction to this latest, and most disturbing, attempted terrorist attack on German soil has been, we suspect it will not boost Merkel’s popularity rating and instead will provide more momentum for local anti-immigrant movements, as Europe continues to become increasingly more fragmented and closed off from the outside world – for understandable reasons – ironically just at the time when the aging continent is in desperate need an influx of young citizens, whether domestic or foreign.


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