Our Alleged President Is a Corrupt Scumbag and the Ruling Class Is OK With That – Kurt Schlichter

by Kurt Schlichter

It’s undeniable that PINO – President-In-Name-Only – Joe Biden is massively corrupt in every possible way. From leveraging his position as vice-president for cash to covering up for his meth-addled, stripper-banging, scumbag son – who is currently spilling his Bolivian party powder all over the White House – this senile pervert is a one-man crimewave. And the ruling class simply doesn’t care. If anything, its members are happy about it. This is not something they merely excuse. This is something that they find a positive good. Grandpa Badfinger reset the corruption bar for all of them. Now they too can now freely line their own pockets without fear of shame or prosecution while sending us proles an unequivocal message – we can do whatever we want.


As the gang at the Ruthless podcast (who I’m scheduled to visit next month) observe, this is not about hypocrisy. We’re so far past “Imagine the scandal if Trump did that!” This is about hierarchy. This is to show you that they have power and there is nothing you can do about it.

But I’m unconvinced they are thinking this through.

Granted, it’s bad now and will likely get worse before it gets worse – for them. Let’s understand something. Nothing is ever going to happen to Joe Biden regarding his massive criminal enterprise. Nada. Zip. Asa Hutchinson’s chances in the primaries.

Sure, Crusty is probably going to get impeached somewhere down the road, once the Republicans gather all the evidence they can, and there’s a lot of evidence. It’s damning. And it does not matter because Democrats support the PINO’s graft. While the impeachment will barely squeak through the House on a pure party line vote, it’ll go over and die in the Senate. Not a single Democrat – well, maybe election-year Manchin – will vote for it. Understand that to the Democrat Party, power is more important than any of our norms, rules and/or customs. We constantly hear about “Our Democracy,” despite us being a Republic. Well, Our Democracy, Our Butt. It doesn’t mean a nation run by citizens to them. It means the nation run by them.

So, Joe Biden will skate on being impeached, as will that loathsome Stasi clerk Merrick Garland, and whatever that idiot’s name is who runs Homeland Security and left the border wide open. There will be no accountability because there is no accountability. The ruling class figured out that if they just refuse to abide by the rules that used to exist, there’s no cosmic referee out there who will descend from the sky and enforce them. The regime media certainly isn’t going to do it. You just bullSchiff your way through, you commit a bunch of crimes, and you keep your position and your prestige. That’s great for the elite in the short-term. It’s not so great for Our Democracy in the long term. But the elite does not want citizens to have a say in our government. It does not want us to have a saying in anything. It wants us to be disenfranchised, disarmed, defeated, and sometimes deceased.

Look at all the norms and the rules and the guardrails that have been bulldozed away and you might well wonder what the bottom of this slippery slope is going look like. But those of us with a glancing familiarity with history don’t wonder. We know the answer, and the answer is not particularly nice. In the short-term, America will stumble along under the New Corruption for a while, but over time this is unsustainable. These guys are running our country on the fumes of the empty gas tank of American democracy.

They keep going because of inertia, running on the power of default. Normal people want to think everything‘s just going along as it always has, but they can sense that something is wrong. They are troubled when they see the persecution of Donald Trump and other dissidents, of pandemic shenanigans, of Wall Street bailouts and endless wars, but it’s comforting for them to assume that everything is working, that the system is fair and just, and that we aren’t living in a dictatorship of the Whole Foods bourgeoise.

Those of us who are based see the reality and accept it, and that’s why we’re not freaking out when we see Hunter using daddy’s name in vain to shake down Chinese crooks for cash. It’s not a shock. We understand the inherent corruption of the ruling class. We understand that the idea that we live under the rule of law is baloney. We understand that the only thing that matters is power. But the normal people are going to figure that out too. How do I know? Because I know history, and this kind of crap cannot go on forever.

The advantage that patriots have over the people running the institutions is that our garbage ruling class is not composed of impressive people. They didn’t build the institutions they are destroying. They inherited them via their Ivy League credentials – often as legacies, which the left will cry about but not actually change because that is how the ruling class perpetuates itself. These are not accomplished people. These are not smart people. These are not brave people, and these are not tough people. They are cruel and ruthless people, willing to use the existing systems of power to defend their societal sinecure, but their problem and their weaknesses that they rely on the proles to do their dirty work.

Can the elite really rely on them? As I’ve discussed before, they can certainly rely on the leadership of the institutions, like the military, to do whatever they were told to do in order to maintain the power of our garbage ruling class. But an institution is not just its leaders. An institution is also its members. The members are largely normals. And remember that the enemy – and you are the enemy – always gets a vote. Crushing us would be no simple task no matter what F-16 advocates like our PINO say.

How is this trend going to turn out? It’s too early to say. But it very likely will get much, much worse. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Republicans are going to nominate a man for president who the Democrats will throw in jail on trumped up charges – figuratively and literally – before the 2024 election. And then it’s going to occur to even the most unbased people that the rules don’t necessarily apply anymore. Oh, we’re not going to break into some sort of civil war because Trump gets hauled off to Leavenworth. That’s not likely for a number of reasons. But it is going to destroy the illusions of norms for the normals, and the illusion of norms matters. Norms are, in fact, the only real protection those currently engaged in eliminating the norms have.

I’ve often said that Trump is not our last chance but their last chance, and that remains accurate. A backlash is coming. It’s inevitable. Just look at history, which is a giant timeline of rebellions and reformations and revolutions. The idea that the mass of Americans is going to spend the rest of eternity being bullied by a bunch of people with the politics of a divorced Santa Monica wine mom simply goes against everything history teaches us. The question is not if they are stopped but how, and how hard.

Are we going to re-embrace the Constitution? Are we looking at an American Cesar, or an American Franco? These are questions that our ruling class will never ask because they are uninformed of history and uninterested in it. But they’re going to get interested, very interested, in history because history is very interested in them.


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