Political Purges Emerge Through the Compliance of Those Following Orders

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via TheBurningPlatform.com


– Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

Albert Einstein


– It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

– Fascism is capitalism plus murder.

Upton Sinclair


Supposedly, a mid-nineteenth-century American Medical Association pamphlet quoted Vladimir Lenin as saying:  “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of a socialized state.”  Although online fact-checkers claim there is no “credible source”  proving Lenin actually made that claim, it does appear to be an accurate observation.

After all, before becoming President of the United States, Ronald Reagan identified “medicine”  as a traditional method of “imposing statism or socialism” on people.  In the same 1961 speech, Reagan claimed that it is “very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project” but, once the precedent is established, government would, in turn, form a dictatorship over the healthcare system prior to the “short step” to “all the rest of socialism” encroaching throughout society.

Four years after Reagan’s warning to America, Medicare began in 1965 as a federal health insurance program under the auspices of the Security Administration (SSA). And, today, the program is administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


In the early 1990s, First Lady Hillary Clinton tried to sell the concept of socialized medicine and the result was a Republican congressional sweep and Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.

In 2003, Bush the Younger signed the $400 billion Medicare Prescription Drug Modernization Act into law and it was the largest expansion of Medicare since the program’s creation.

Seven years later, Obamacare became law and it is currently identified as “the most significant regulatory overhaul and expansion of coverage since the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.”

Ironically, in 2014, the year that most of Obamacare was implemented, a Forbes contributor claimed it was Ronald Reagan who was “the biggest government healthcare spender since LBJ”.

Regardless, the “precedent” of which Reagan once warned has been firmly established in America over the course of decades; and the not-so-gradual socialization of healthcare was legislated by both major political parties: Democrats and Republicans, alike.

But, in 2020, it was the Covid deception which merged Big Government, Big Business, and Socialized Healthcare into one gigantic collectivist beast that masticated the entire world with high-tech teeth: propaganda, censorship, bogus testing, inflated mortality, fear-mongering, suppression of alternative treatments, the monetization of murderous protocols, and bad science were all foisted upon societies everywhere by a cabal of globalists and central planners staging a coup across the earth.

Indeed, as I have identified throughout numerous articles posted since early February of 2020, Covid was always about control, not health. Most people now reading these words likely understand the entirety of the Covid deception by now. But, for those who may not fully appreciate the magnitude of the Covid Control Complex, here is a comprehensive and fully referenced breakdown of what has occurred under the pretense of a politicized virus:

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

The above-linked National Library of Medicine article was posted by a retired neurosurgeon and also provides a PDF option that can be downloaded for safe-keeping – or for printing and dispersing to doubters in the event the internet goes dark; because people need to know and, due to the extensive Covid propaganda and censorship, most folks have no understanding of the truth.

So where is the deception leading? Genocide for some, civil war for others. And, as both history and present-day incidences prove, the greatest lies and injustices are perpetuated by those who are just following orders.

America must fall before a new world order can rise and this is why the last remaining opposition to the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” is those desiring to make America great again.

Joe Biden’s September 1, 2022 “Red Rant” address to the nation was an INSOC-Party speech right from the pages of Orwell’s “1984.  After coercing experimental vaccines on Americans and attempting to establish a federal disinformation board, the doddering and illegitimate puppet slandered 74 million Americans as “extremists” and dupes of an orange-haired Emmanuel Goldstein.

The Uni-Party has staged continuous propaganda campaigns such as Russiagate and Operation Ukrainian Impeachment before weaponizing a phony pandemic, stealing a presidential election, coercing experimental medical injections, televising a banana-republic insurrection trial, politicizing government agencies to raid and harass political opponents, and is now in the process of leading the U.S. into the next World War.

Furthermore, order takers are being utilized to further divide the American public; the latest propagandized narrative being the “Christian Nationalist” scheme.  As a case study of this deception, consider the following opinion article written by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, which even showcases a rendering of “Make America Great Again” headwear crafted from a crown of thorns:

“Trump should fill Christians with rage. How come he doesn’t?” (Sept 1, 2022)

Much of cosmopolitan America holds to a progressive framework of bodily autonomy, boundless tolerance and group rights…. But as a religious person (on my better days), what concerns me are the perverse and dangerous liberties many believers have taken with their own faith. Much of what considers itself Christian America has assumed the symbols and identity of white authoritarian populism — an alliance that is a serious, unfolding threat to liberal democracy.

…They fear their values are under assault by an inexorable modernity, in the form of government, big business, media and academia.

Leaders in the Republican Party have fed, justified and exploited conservative Christians’ defensiveness in service to an aggressive, reactionary politics. This has included deadly mask and vaccine resistance, the discrediting of fair elections, baseless accusations of gay “grooming” in schools, the silencing of teaching about the United States’ history of racism, and (for some) a patently false belief that Godless conspiracies have taken hold of political institutions.

…History can be a strange and foreign place to visit. But Palestine in the first century A.D., when Jesus gathered his movement, holds a mirror to our times…

…The Holy Land was riven by a culture war. …Conflict often played out along an urban-rural divide. Cities were relatively cosmopolitan. The countryside was religiously conservative…

Notice how the article applies Biblical standards exclusively to “white Christian” America while failing to apply the same standard in judgment of the Political Left.

This is a common leftist tactic and the bias is made clear via subtle language and phrasing such as “inexorable modernity” (instead of “hedonistic decline”) and “cosmopolitan” to describe ancient and modern cities but the “countryside” as being “religiously conservative”, apparently, like the hard-hearted and legalistic Pharisees.

Of course, this kind of agitprop is just more Marxist dialectics designed to divide and conquer. But what makes the “Christian Nationalism” designation such a clever ploy is exactly this:  Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world.

Furthermore, in some of the latest propaganda being dispersed, the “Christian Nationalist” label has been pinned onto both Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin.  Jesus versus Hitler and Putin. That is quite the virtue-signaling hat trick right there for those dreaming of a One World Order, free unicorns, and rainbows for all.

But, think about it, who in the civilized West would oppose those who love God and country (i.e. Christian Nationalists) other than Luciferian globalists?

Yet most order takers will never ask that question. People follow orders because their paycheck depends upon compliance, or because of cowardice, or because they believe in the “cause” they’ve been sold.

And wrong thinking never makes for right action. This is why blatant tyranny now encroaches upon America and beyond.

Certainly, the nation has been ideologically divorced for decades – perhaps primarily as a result of Marxist indoctrination within the federal education system. But, most recently, we have witnessed the early stages of genocide progressing by those possessing political power.

Perceived political opponents positioned against the agenda of the Uni-party have been illegally harassed, subject to illicit law-enforcement raids, and are even being incarcerated through the selective administration of “justice”.

Moreover, the global health industry has been coopted by Malthusians and Marxists in the process of deceiving compliant citizens and identifying, and punishing, those who are not.

If anyone reading these words believes that Covid is “over”, consider how the 2022 Wimbledon winner, Novak Djokovic, could not compete in the 2022 U.S. Open because of his refusal to accept the injection of an experimental vaccine into his blood; a Covid “vaccine” that neither prevents infection or transmission of the “virus” the experimental injections were originally proclaimed to protect against.

Again, this was the 2022 Wimbledon winner being unjustly prohibited from competing here in the United States – a nation not even tracking the vaccination status of “migrants” illegally crossing its southern border.

This sort of selective arbitrariness is a direct manifestation of tyranny; and the dystopian double-standards are enforced by those who are merely following orders.

In closing, I will share another, more personal, circumstance as follows:

I am the legal guardian of a college student involved in medical-related studies. Through their hard work and discipline, they have been rewarded financially by both their college and outside organizations invested in the medical field. The student also works two jobs and my wife and I have been subsidizing their remaining college expenses in order to keep them out of debt.

This student recently received the e-mail below and then forwarded it to me. Here it is with redactions, some minor omissions, and with slight edits for privacy purposes:

Subject: Action Needed – Covid Documentation

The [REDACTED COLLEGE] receives funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Because of this, documentation of COVID-19 Vaccine (or non-vaccine) is required for all health care students. 

The guideline is that documentation must be on file for all [REDACTED COLLEGE] students.  Because of this, all [REDACTED COLLEGE] students are required to log into the [REDACTED COLLEGE] Compliance and Qualification system and either upload your documentation, apply for a medical exemption, or submit documentation for a religion/strongly held belief exception.



If you have been vaccinated, you must upload a copy of your vaccination record to the [REDACTED] compliance system that reports to the CMS.

Compliance & Qualifications system


OPTION #2: (Both steps required)

If you are applying for a medical exemption you must get the form below completed and signed by your provider:

  1. [REDACTED COLLEGE] Department of Public Health Medical Exemption form


  1. You must then upload the form to the Compliance & Qualifications system


OPTION #3: (Both steps required)

If you are applying for a Religious/strongly held belief exemption, you must get the form below completed and notarized by a Notary Public:

  1. [REDACTED COLLEGE] Department of Public Health Religious Exemption form


  1. You must then upload the form to the Compliance & Qualifications system


The hospital system is currently showing that we are not compliant.  We appreciate your immediate cooperation and hope that we are all compliant by the end of September.

If you have questions, please connect with us immediately for help and assistance.  If you have problems uploading your documentation, please connect with the Compliance Team at [REDACTED] via e-mail (compliance@(REDACTED) .

Thank you again for your quick action.

Upon downloading the exemption certificates, both the medical and religious forms included legally-binding language that allows the school to blockade students from clinical and college locations during “disease outbreaks” for a time period ranging from “several days to over a month”.   The reason cited for these potential exclusions was to protect “those who are unable to be vaccinated or who are at a heightened risk of contracting a vaccine-preventable disease and for whom such a disease could be life-threatening.

Ah, collectivism with all its power and might; and administered through the twin jackboots of politicized pandemics and socialized medicine.

It was also interesting to see how the e-mail cited religious or “strong belief”, but the actual religious exemption form included this exact language:

“By signing this certificate you are attesting that the immunization conflicts with a genuine and sincere religious belief and that the belief is in fact religious, and not based merely on philosophical, scientific, moral, personal, or medical opposition to immunizations”.

So much for “strong belief”.  Evidently, the nuance was lost in the old bait and switch tactic.

Nevertheless, here is the main thrust behind the “quick action” required for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance:

Unless one is religious, or has a specific diagnosis involving a narrow range of medical conditions, then the CMS requires proof-of-Covid-vaccination documentation to be uploaded before funding can be released to medical colleges and healthcare facilities.

Well, me being me, and having some financial stake in the matter, I couldn’t resist:  I replied to ALL of the university staff and the “compliance” team who were copied in the e-mail as follows:

As the guardian of a [REDACTED] student in the [REDACTED] program , can you tell me why the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would require this documentation for experimental vaccines that neither prevent Covid infection nor the transmission of the Covid-19 virus and variants?

Furthermore, knowing the Covid vaccines don’t prevent Covid infection or the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, how could these tax-payer-funded entities (i.e. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) legally withhold funds from the [REDACTED] University?

Finally, until these questions can be answered adequately, would it be okay to wait before signing these legal documents?

Please let me know.  Or, if you can’t answer these questions, please direct me to someone who can.

Thank you in advance.

Here was the response from the Ph.D. who is the dean of the (redacted) medical college:

Thank you for your email.

Please know that the College of [REDACTED] does not require the COVID vaccine.  Further, we are not asking students to obtain the vaccine.   We are required to meet the requirements of the sites where our students participate in clinical experiences. 

The CMS operates under the guidelines of the federal government, and this documentation is one of their requirements.  Our students are required to complete one of the three steps noted.

If the student has a medical reason, the student should have the medical form completed and signed by their provider and uploaded.

If there is a religious/strong belief, the student will complete the form and have it notarized.  We have a notary public in our College of [REDACTED] if that would be helpful.   There is no charge for the service.

We understand there are many different views on how COVID should be managed.  Our role is to ensure that our students earn a quality education and that we can maintain our clinical sites to provide quality experiences.

And my response:

Thank you for your reply. The vaccine may not be required at this time but one of three mandates is being coerced currently. And none of the mandates facilitate healthcare or education.

On the contrary.

Public declarations by the WHO and CDC acknowledge the Covid vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission of the virus (as originally promised) and all of the vaccine companies have disclosed multiple potential negative side effects from the Covid vaccines and boosters.

In any event, this exceptional student is being forced to either change majors or submit to a mandate that will risk side effects from rushed experimental vaccines (and endless boosters) that lack long-term safety data… or… sign to limit their future legal and financial options in the event another Covid “variant” is politicized in the fascist pursuit of Big Pharma profits – and all over a virus with the same survival rate as the common flu for those under 50 and without comorbidities

Thank you again for your written response.

And, their final response:

Thank you for sharing your additional thoughts.

Again, the College of [REDACTED] is complying with the Federal Government requirement. All [REDACTED] programs and all health care agencies that receive funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are required to comply with documentation of COVID-19 Vaccine, or medical exemption, or submit documentation for a religion/strong held belief exception.

I wish you and your college student the best.

Of course, I was not surprised by these arbitrary Covid mandates. This is because I know others in the medical community who are forced to resubmit their Covid vaccine religious and medical exemptions on an annual basis; even now that Covid has been declared as “over”.   After all that has occurred since 2020, there should be no doubt the documentation is demanded because lists are being generated, and classifications made, prior to a forthcoming societal purge.


Ronald Reagan was also absolutely correct when he warned the nation as follows:

Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.

And socialized medicine is where collectivist politics override natural rights and individual autonomy. It is where the tyranny creeps under the skin and is, indeed, the keystone to the arch of a socialized state.

We were warned decades ago by truth-tellers such as KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov as to what was occurring in America and where it would lead.

Unfortunately, it appears the encroachment has progressed too far for peaceful political resolution.

For me to believe that America could be made great again, I would have to hold my fellow Americans in higher esteem than I do currently. It’s a sad truth, but the demographics aren’t there. We have passed the point of saturation.

If the nation had genuine conservative leaders in power with courage and common sense, we could be more optimistic, but most of them are controlled opposition.

For example, consider Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that laws on abortion could not be federally mandated to the states, what did Graham recently do?  He called for a federal abortion ban.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

In a previous article (and mentioning one of my previous blog comments), I speculated as follows:

We know SCOTUS, like the DoJ and FBI, has been mostly assimilated by The Borg.

We also know SCOTUS had five decades to overturn Roe v Wade.

So why now?

Then, in my last (“Elvis”) article, I referenced [Marxist] dialectics as always “Big Brother” against the ever-imaginary “Emmanuel Goldstein” and the latest struggle, specifically, as “the New Normal Americans against MAGA extremists.”

But that was from my second (final) version of that article. In my first version, I included the following sentence (below):

“The latest great American civil struggle today involves protecting abortion and transgender rights from backward Bible-thumpers wanting to return the nation back into a 1950s “Handmaids Tale” dystopia.”

Although that observation did not make the final cut in the Elvis article, it is, indeed, the narrative that is playing now.

So, yes, the puppet Lindsay Graham is doing the exact bidding of his NWO masters. Right on schedule, and in order to get out the vote for Democrats; or to, at least, provide the Uni-Party cover in event of… shall we say… surprise election outcomes… in the 2022 U.S. Midterm Elections next month.

The World Economic Forum has established a global technocracy  – even as deceitful and corrupt politicians and pundits have labeled Christians and MAGA conservatives as “extremists” to be purged by government drones just doing their jobs.

History proves political purges emerge through the compliance of those following orders.

Nonetheless, I will never stop fighting to defend those whom I love… or… for the natural rights and liberty that once made America Great.  I may not win every battle, but I also will not relent pressure on the order takers either.

Whatever will be, will be. The future is not mine to see. And grand societal turnings are bigger than me.


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