Setting Brushfires

By Rory Hall


America seems to be stuck in a nightmare of the their own making, denial. Unfortunately, most do not realize what is happening or that anything is out of balance. Our economy began it’s very slow, planned death in 1913 with the passing of the Federal Reserve ActThere is nothing Federal about this Act. At the time our great nation was in the beginning stages of the Great Depression, we, the citizens, just didn’t realize what was happening. The few, outside the criminal banking cabal, that did understand our economy was in a lot of trouble were able to protect their families and actually thrive over the coming years and decades. Most of the countries’ businesses and citizens were clueless as to what was going on right in front of them. It seems that nothing has changed.

Massachusetts passed the first compulsory school laws in 1852. New York followed the next year, and by 1918, all American children were required to attend at least elementary school. [Source]

If we examine this short period of time, beginning approximately 1900-1935, what we find is a very strained global economy. Please remember news was not spread far and wide like today. Illiteracy was high, education was secondary to running the farm and people outside the cities were a lot more isolated. So, people were ignorant to world events as these issues were not a priority. Unfortunately, today, especially in the large cities people are isolated, affairs outside their world are of no concern and their cell phone, while it can deliver information from around the world, is used primarily for gaming and discussing non-issues like “how’s the weather?”. I often say that if the criminals would turn very slightly from criminal thoughts and instead think and act for the good of others, our world would be a much different place. If this same logic is applied across the board, to all citizens, think of the possibilities. If people in general would take a slight interest in the events that effect everyone’s lives our world could possibly be lot a less violent, a lot more loving and so much more beautiful that it is hard to image the level of success we could achieve.

If people ever move out of the denial stage and move into stage 2, anger, we may actually be able to make some progress with eliminating the criminal banking cabal that is currently running the our world. If you don’t think the banking cabal is dictating, globally, let’s review a few facts. Autocrats and technocrats are running several European countries as this article is written. These Unelected “officials” are primarily alumni of European Central Bank and Goldman Sachs. The IMF was dragging their heels in making decisions on whether Ukraine would be ALLOWED to receive “$17 billion in loans” that would pay the bills and keep the country functioning. There has not been one, convicted, banking executive to go to jail since 2008 when this entire mess kicked into high gearInflation, which is merely a product of there being more currency in the system, is running at approximately 10+% annually. Currency gets into the system by way of the banks, typically, the “too big to jail” banks that are members of the Federal Reserve, and by the way, they OWN the Federal Reserve. Speaking of the Fed, they have been dispensing currency, called QE, Quantitative Easing, not only to the “too big to jail” banks in the US, but around the world. Most notably the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan. So, as you can see, the banking system is at the root of most of our economic troubles.

Fast forward to your life. What will it take to get your family on board; to get them to understand the problems our society and world face and how to accept the facts before them? One day our system is going to crash like the house of cards it is and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Math is universal, laws of nature are called laws and not theories, ideas or suggestions because at some point no amount of manipulation can stop nature. People are people and currently most people are scared, broke and confused. The only difference between the masses and yourself is they have chosen to ignore the facts. Instead of name calling why not continue to look for the key that opens their minds, the key that drives them out of denial and into anger? Personally, the efforts that I have made have been utterly fruitless, except to drive a mini-wedge between some of my family and myself. Out of all the people that I have attempted to drive towards anger, to create thought and action, there has only been one success. That is one less in the FEMA camp, one less that can be intimidated by the police state and one more that can help with the coming tidal wave of misery that will engulf our country.

If we approach people where they stand we have a much better opportunity of breaking through their psyche and help them to break the chains that bind the mind. When a person is laying awake at night asking themselves questions about ANY situation they are faced, we have an opportunity to help deliver some answers. How many people do you think were tossing and turning, last night, with questions that do not know how to answer or even where to begin to look? As I have said before, normalcy bias is running rampant in this country, so we must be constantly vigilant and seek those people in our lives that we believe are on the cusp of awakening. The only way one person can help another is to meet them exactly where they stand and share their own experience. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about alcoholism or denial of the ongoing financial nightmare.The best way to reach another person is to share your personal experience and to show them the path that lead you out of your pile of dung. This is the only way the newly awakened (fill in the blank___________) can be reached. No experience equals closed mind. What are you experiencing with this current ongoing economic rape and degradation of society, that you can explain in detail? How can you put it to work to set another brushfire of freedom in someone’s mind? In order to bring people into the light we must be willing to take the light into the darkness. Are you willing to try again from a different perspective?

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