Strategic Investment Manager Warns Of Worldwide Financial Detonation: The Whole Thing Is Going To Blow Up

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The seriousness of the global economic crisis cannot be underestimated. Central banks and their respective governments have gone into overdrive in recent months in an effort to maintain stability within the system. But as noted by one of the world’s most successful strategic investment managers, the financial crisis that is taking hold makes it clear that no matter what these institutions do they cannot control what’s to come.

Carlos Civelli, who has helped build a dozen billion dollar companies over his career, has a unique perspective on how current economic events and sentiment will affect everything from real estate and gold to equities and broader commodity markets. In his latest interview with Future Money Trends Civelli explains how Greece is just the fuse for a much larger and significantly more dangerous financial detonation:

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Nobody seems to care that we went from and are now at $8 to $19 trillion [in debt], and obviously it’s going to go up.

The only way to draw yourself out of this debt is to grow the economy.

But at the same time it’s become practically impossible to do that.

Europe is struggling heavily. Emerging markets – the BRICS – they’re all suffering dramatically…

The only countries that could grow themselves out of debt are small countries, for example like Switzerland, but only if the world economy continues to expand and to buy their products.

Eventually it will all come to a head… We have to take big haircuts to the debt and we have to start anew.

I cannot see us grow ourselves out of the debts… Every time there is a recession the debt is going to increase… Nobody talks about repaying the debt.

Civelli, who says that he is cautious about the current financial environment and very picky about his investments, suggests people look to investments that will survive a debt crisis. He is currently working on a new resource venture that follows China’s strategy of accumulating large physical resource holdings, including gold and silver.

As the financial crisis accelerates the uncertainty and panic will continue to spread across the world. And while mainstream pundits and politicians repeatedly suggest everything is contained, Civelli notes that recent market events have proven that our world is really not under our control at all.

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