Survival of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film

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Depopulation, environmental laws, carbon taxes, global warming/global cooling/climate change, family planning, denying development to developing countries – it was all planned decades ago for global control by a handful of elites.

See the agenda for yourself in the 1972 United Nations film “Survival of Spaceship Earth” featuring John D. Rockefeller 3rd, science czar John P. Holdren, agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong, and a slew of other propagandists asserting control “for the earth.”

From Truthstream News’ Episode 3: “The Future Feeds Off Our Guilt”:

Aaron takes on the 1972 United Nations propaganda film that has the captains of the planet take control over the world’s growing population, using Malthusian rhetoric to demand that “less people be invited to be born” and that every trick in the book be used for control. This shameless parade features such regular eugenicists as John D. Rockefeller III, Obama Science Czar John P. Holdren, Agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong and numerous other psuedo-scientists using their clout to demand development taxes from the rich countries lest a “population bomb” be dropped on the world… and that’s just a preview of things to come under carbon taxes, environmental laws and “microliving” under the austerity of a world where humans must be the “solution to the disease they created.”

Did it ever occur to anyone that the worst of these problems were created by the very industrialists and monopolists now (and then) vying for power? Just for one example: even now, the Rockefeller Foundation lobbies for GMO crops maintained with vast quantities of pesticides sprayed across the planet, despite the emphasis in this film on their deleterious effects upon the planet.

Someone is being just a bit disingenuous, and counting on the naive good intentions of people to willingly submit to their own enslavement.

Well, there’s a lot more to be said on that front, but for now, feel free to check out the full film – which opened the 1972 United Nations Earth Summit – for yourself.

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