Swarm: Backlash of Awakening Humanity


by Zen Gardner 6.17.2015

The self appointed elites are on the run. We are clearly freaking them out. The astounding rate of our awakening is not anything they were expecting nor counting on. That’s not surprising, considering their arrogance, but search any subject you wish to pursue and you’ll find that despite their algorithms, distorting mechanisms and surveillance they cannot stop the onslaught of truth coming from humanity itself.

This is a reality to be encouraged about. We are a tide of Truth coming at them so fast they honestly do not know how to handle it. We’re dismissed, minimalized, marginalized and disparaged in a host of ways, but they cannot cope with our resilience. Hence their stepped up agenda towards our physical and spiritual weakening. It’s that clear.

The war we are in is real. It matters what you do and think. We are the embodiment of our own solution and need to come to that realization fast and furious. We are literally putting them on their heels and they simply need to keep pushing their agenda in more and more draconian ways as if everything depends upon it – because it does! That’s what you’re seeing in the so-called “news”.

A Time To Shed

It’s really about letting go when it comes to moving into this next phase. Let go of entanglements, let go of any parasitic connections they have on you. Be it banking, mortgages, soul-sucking relationships, false media addictions, bad food proclivities or the like, it’s time to take a stand.

Operate according to your true convictions.

I know it’s easy to say, but the cut off point will come one way or the other. Either they’ll do it when you’re on the defensive and powerless in dire circumstances, or you do it before they can take advantage of you. That’s the situation we’re in, like it or not. The dependence on their system is what needs to be shed, any and every way we can do it.

From there we take the offensive. They are bluffing. So let’s march.


Dismantle the Bastards

This may seem beyond reach to most but this is exactly what needs to be done. Initiative is the key – take the battle to them. This can be done extremely simply, and very locally. Challenge so-called authority. Ask them why they pass laws allowing for the toxification of your water, your food, your air. Why are your babies being injected with known toxins, why is the educational system crushing their spirit and reducing their intelligence?…and on it goes.

These are questions to be posed with intended consequences – for them. With authority. Because what they do affects you! Your loved ones, your neighbors, your community, and your world.

If we humanity cannot rise to this challenge we are not worth our salt. We will deserve what comes upon us by these dark controlling social engineers as they have been designing for so many decades. Is that what you want? Are you going to lay down and just take it?

That’s the Question

What will you do – or not do? How much do you care? Are you so asleep you can’t see your very life and that of those you love is at stake?

What will it take?

I don’t know what else I can say at this point. I have immense trust and faith in humanity and its consciously empowered state, but when it lets itself get overwhelmed and reduced to a whimper I can only observe with sadness and wonder.

I know all will be well in the long run in a deep esoteric sense, but I yearn for my brothers and sisters who could simply awaken and take their very lives back, and those of their loved ones.

I pray you hear me.

The hour is late. It’s time to shake off the shackles and activate with all that’s within each of us. Just imagine if we all swarm these bastards, one seemingly small action at a time, and move toward the head of the spider. Now that should cause quite the uproar! And what an encouragement to others to go for it!

That’s all I can say. It’s up to you, and to me. Let’s do it.

Love always, Zen

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