Syria, Ukraine and the new world

by Wassim Raad

The events in Ukraine is the result of a US-European decision to give a blow to the heart of Russia ’s sphere of strategic influence. Ukraine is of great importance both economically and militarily for Russia. Situated between Asia and Eastern Europe, it is a rare access to hot water, with the Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea. It is through Ukraine, too, that pass pipelines supplying Europe with Russian gas.
It goes without saying that the European-American coup in Ukraine is totally unconstitutional and has nothing democratic or peaceful. It constitutes a flagrant violation of the agreement signed under the auspices of European foreign ministers between President Viktor Ianoukovitch and opposition. The role of U.S. intelligence and European evident in the events that led to the ouster of Ianoukovitch, who took refuge in Russia.
This western escalation against Russia aims to impose to Moscow the rules of the new international partnership led by the United States, according to the concept of Richard Haas, president of the American Institute for Foreign Relations.
These developments put Russia to the challenge of defending its national security and its highest interests, as well as its conception of international partnership with the United States.
We must recognize that Russia has demonstrated carelessness on the eve of the Geneva II Conference on Syria, which has encouraged Washington and the West to test the possibility of forcing the arm of the Russian command and devote precedents and impose fait accompli.
By accepting that Iran was not invited to the Geneva Conference II, and that the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon continues to receive orders from the United States, Russia gave signals of submission to the concept of partnership led by the Americans, to the detriment of the logic of balance and equal responsibilities. This naturally led Americans and Westerners to be arrogant and to multiply provocative acts, which occurred at the Munich conference on Ukraine and the anti-missile shield.
The Syrian state succeeded through its firmness in the management of the confrontation, to defeat aggression and to maintain its alliance with Russia. Soundness, rationality and the spirit of resistance with which the Syrian government delegation negotiated in Geneva helped derail the U.S. plan to exploit the gaps appeared due to the relative weakness of Russia. Today, after what happened in Ukraine, any evaluation from Russia should lead to greater firmness in the fight against terrorism and isolation of all states involved in supporting terrorism. It should enable the Security Council to act against sponsors of terrorism, in accordance with the vision defended by Syria and Iran. A terrorism supported, financed, armed and trained by the satellite states of the United States, including Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabi.
Both Syria and Iran have made serious efforts to preserve and strengthen their alliance with Russia, while taking care to preserve Moscow calculations, even when they were not fully convinced of the Russian analysis.
Whatever the nature of the response of Russia in Ukraine, it will be in harmony with firmer Russian policy in the Syrian file. Meanwhile, the Syrian state and its allies make political and military success and the Syrian leadership has a growing popular support. The United States is preparing to cover an Israeli plan to establish a “security buffer zone” in Syria, under the control of an Syrian militia auxiliary to Israel.
A few months separate us from the moment of truth in Afghanistan, where the Obama administration will be forced to open channels of negotiations with Iran and Russia. These months will witness the emergence of new equations to establish a new international partnership, which must begin with a change in the structure of balance of power in the UN, to release the organization of American hegemony.
The victory of Syria, looming on the horizon, will be crowned by the reelection of President Bashar al- Assad, as recognized by U.S. intelligence reports submitted to the U.S. Congress.
We will then witness the birth of the new world.

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