Is US civil war on the horizon? – Zero Hedge

September 12, 2022 0

BY TYLER DURDEN FRIDAY, SEP 09, 2022 – 07:40 PM In a recent response to the FBI’s recovering of classified documents from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham predicted “riots in the streets” […]


Is America’s Future a Civil War?

January 11, 2021 0

Will it become a world war? Paul Craig Roberts As a person who grew up in the glorious aftermath of World War II, it never occurred to me that in my later years I would […]


Takeover of America by Dark Powers – Kevin Shipp

June 18, 2020 3

By Greg Hunter’s  Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp says the riots, looting and arson you are seeing around the country has little to do with so-called social justice and everything to do […]