If Men Were Men, They’d Take Back Their Liberty [or — Be a Lion In Defense of Liberty]

“Americans either fight now to save America and freedom for America’s Children and Their Children’s Children and arrive on the other side with the forces of truth, liberty and life victorious over those of lies, tyranny and death, or we will have doomed future generations to a thousand years of darkness and lives spent in chains at the altar of the Leviathan, the totalitarian Super-Socialist State.” ~ Justin Smith, ‘End of the Line’ [June 26th 2020]

America has seen many dangerous and tough times from Her earliest beginnings, and still She stands, perhaps a bit tarnished and worse for wear, but until recently She always remained with our republic intact, regardless of the changes wrought upon Her by the Civil War, two world wars and the civil unrest and upheaval of the anti-war 1960s era. Our republic no longer stands for all practical intents and purposes, and the same government policies and societal mores that have made its demise a reality, after decades of decline and decay and turning away from our better angels, are acting and promising to change America into something unrecognizable as America, no matter what standing law reads or what new “laws” are passed tomorrow.


What law should you or I or anyone follow aside from the major laws against murder, rape, assault and robbery, when we have a so-called “president” — handled by some shadow group of people behind the government curtains — who ignores standing law and acts daily on his own whimsical desires to steal wealth from one group of Americans to benefit another, violate our free will and conscience by way of vaccine mandates, violate our national security with his Open Borders Policy, violate treaties with allies, manipulate rules and regulations to destroy our energy base and subsequently many small businesses, force us to buy products we haven’t asked for and don’t want [e.g. electric vehicles], and put full grown men in the women’s locker rooms and restrooms. Really? What laws should we follow when Biden gives violent protests a wink and a nod for days or weeks before actually finally gathering the strength to tell them it’s wrong to physically harm others or destroy private property?

Nothing exhibits the lawlessness of this regime so well as the current invasion of illegal aliens aided and abetted by the Biden regime, unless it’s the current persecution of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, that is grasping at straws without naming any actual law that he violated. Look at the manner in which Trump, a billionaire, is being forced to spend millions of dollars to defend himself against The State when no crime has yet to be named in prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s case, and it’s easy to come to the realization that America’s “Little Man” — We the People — can never receive any true justice under a triple-tiered “system” [the politically connected, the wealthy and the poor] that is really no viable, honorable system of justice at all. Today’s idea of “justice” turns out to be whatever in the hell the Democrat Party Commies and Traitor Joe say it is, just like in the old Soviet Union, because the mainstream media supports their tyranny and any real opposition from the Republican Party is so weak it virtually does not exist, with the few exceptions in states like Florida, South Dakota and Texas.

As an aside, maybe it’s a hopeful sign that sanctuary cities are now screaming “no mas” regarding the massive flow of illegal aliens into their city, despite this being a major part of the Democrat Party Communists’ plan to rig future elections by giving illegals “the right to vote” in order to secure and hold power for the rest of the century.

Things were bad enough prior to Biden, as we bear witness to a U.S. code with thousands of laws, so numerous and detailed that no one can be reasonably expected to know or understand them all, enabling authorities to make “criminals” of anyone on any given day, given their whim and at their leisure. How appalling a thing it should be for all liberty-minded Americans to learn that through 2019, as detailed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute [November 2023], the Code of Federal Regulations has 186,000 pages and the Federal Register Pages for the past decade has greatly surpassed 800,000 pages.

I certainly will not obey any diktat emanating from Joe “Adolph” Biden’s regime, as a sovereign free born independent man, that violates any of my Inalienable God-given Rights even in the slightest, and I suggest this is a good path for any and all conservative corporations to follow, for any that still exist and are holding on in this unfriendly political climate.

What once stood as our traditional virtues, principles and American law and regularly reflected its Christian, English common law, and classical republican basis has largely been debased and eradicated by the emergence of totalitarian “democracy” under the Democratic Party Communists. The republic as it once stood has been demolished by godless and contemptuous Marxist-Maoists deep within the federal government who are currently without any moral or political constraints and all too willing to turn a blind eye to riots, arson and even murder, such as America witnessed between 2014 and 2020, in their quest to destroy “equality under the law” and liberty as prescribed by God and nature through our Inalienable God-given Rights.

The current spate of violence on U.S. campuses in support of Hamas terrorists and Gaza isn’t so much interested or focused on the issue itself, but rather, these destructors are subversives, both foreign and domestic, and insurrectionists who are acting to achieve their strategic goal of creating chaos across our country to ensure Biden’s far-left Marxist-Maoist agenda stays on track and he still manages the “win”, by any means necessary, again in 2024. And to achieve this end, they are once again showing themselves more than willing to set American communities ablaze, swarm any obvious lone conservative by way of marauding mobs, or attack and murder police officers and average America citizens alike, a seditious thing in and of itself.

It’s almost as if we can hear all the good lil’ amerikkan commies and murderers singing to Biden in one collective voice, led by Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “Thou art God, and Law, and King”. And to which Biden screams back, with an evil glint in his eye and fists raised before him , “I am God, and Law, and King”.

The illogical, unreasonable, unhinged dismantling of America has been accelerated at a previously unimaginable rate of speed by the heavy infiltration of every U.S. government agency and institution of education by the grim, determined New Far Left comprised of radicals of all stripes, nihilists, fascists and Marxist-Maoist communists who are totally intolerant of conservatives, Christians and any “moderate Democrats” or independents standing in opposition to their agenda to “fundamentally transform America” into a totalitarian state, full blown with Chinese-style surveillance and social credit scores. And in reaching this goal, the truth has fallen victim and suppressed under mountains of incoherent propaganda wielded with a vengeance, like a Damascus sword slashing down on the neck of an infidel.

The same sort of extremist, radical, communist-inspired violence America saw in 2020, that came with a warning of more to come if Biden didn’t “win” the election, is now preparing to rear its ugly head again, with the same anti-American foot soldiers and their vile and malevolent violence in the name of their fake “democracy” and their demands for what is tantamount to totalitarianism. That American society has shown itself vulnerable and weak enough to allow political issues to be influenced by communist menacing and intimidation, also reveals that the republic no longer stands and America is no longer a free society, in any honest sense of the term.

In regard to the State and its power, Etienne de la Boetie, one of the world’s early outstanding philosophers, wrote in ‘Discourse On Voluntary Servitude’ [1552]:

“It is incredible how soon as a people become subject, it promptly falls into such complete forgetfulness of its freedom that it can hardly be roused to the point of regaining it, obeying so easily and willingly that one is led to say that this people has not so much lost its liberty as won its enslavement.”

If men were still men today, they would come together to take their freedom and individual liberty back, from this federal system that essentially now serves as a monarchy which serves America’s plutocrats, by squashing this monstrous Leviathan down to size or completely from existence, in order to follow their better angels under a system that has always existed for the taking, known as natural law and natural rights as seen in nature and created by God. This is the system that illuminates the fact that any constitution that doesn’t defend and protect these things are without any real authority or legitimacy, and it is in this light that one should be able to readily see that the current path of the Biden regime is one that ends in poverty and tyranny for all.

This is far from a call for unrestrained individual liberty, but only one for real freedom where one’s rights end where another person’s rights begin and vice versa.

Do not give up your rights and liberty so easily, especially in the face of an enemy-from-within that holds so alien an ideology, so antithetical to America’s founding virtues and principles, as it advances tyranny and totalitarianism over freedom and liberty. Nothing espoused by today’s Democrat Party Communists should be reconciled to the American way of life, not if you are a liberty-minded individual, who rejects their persistent demands along this current lawless course, that can only result in civil war. Prepare accordingly to finally, once and for all, determine the direction of this country and whether or not America will be ruled by tyrants or governed by liberty loving fellow Americans, who actually defend and protect everybody’s Inalienable God-given Rights.

There is nothing romantic about the notion of war, but do not shy away from it when it becomes an inevitable thing necessary to remain free. Be afraid, if you will, since it will help keep you alive, but do not be so fearful as to shelter in cowardice, for that surely will ensure your end in conquest and worse to follow, as chattel and serfs in forced labor camps, or simply a dead carcass to be tossed into one more of history’s mass graves.

Boldly declare your freedom, inasmuch as God has made us all, free born men and women, who have to date suffered greatly under several recent administrations that have betrayed America and sold Her, piece by piece, to Her enemies-from-abroad for the price of blood and gold.

Rise up like young lions and lionesses and break your chains, casting them to the ground in disgust, as the sweet peal of liberty once more rings in your ears and courses through your veins, to see America’s children and their mothers and fathers grow strong again and prosper as healthy, free people. Exert your righteous free will, and truly righteous laws, with rifle and shot should it prove necessary once more and lay the tyrants low in their final resting place to have their names cursed forever.

by Justin O Smith



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