September 11, 2015 0

By The Burning Platform “Imagine some national (and probably global) volcanic eruption, initially flowing along channels of distress that were created during the Unraveling era and further widened by the catalyst. Trying to foresee where […]


The Dying Institutions Of Western Civilization

September 2, 2015 0

nothing is left Paul Craig Roberts Judiciary Branch Has Self-Abolished The US no longer has a judiciary. This former branch of government has transitioned into an enabler of executive branch fascism. Privacy is a civil […]

World Affairs

The Threat of War and the Russian Response

September 30, 2014 0

Sergey Glazyev How to Lead a Coalition and Avoid a Global Conflict Sergei Glaziev is an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Resume: The world needs a […]


Scotland Is Paving The Way For Texas Independence

September 11, 2014 0

By The Texas Nationalist Movement Have you wondered why the media on this side of the pond is relatively quiet in regards to Scotland’s upcoming referendum on independence? It is because those in power, sitting […]

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