World Affairs

Why the Current Hysteria?

September 2, 2021 0

  The current mass hysteria about what just happened in Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan is not dying down. Why is that so? I believe that what is happening is this: if we compare […]


Washington’s Iraq Catastrophe

December 31, 2019 0

Brian CLOUGHLEY The Savoyard philosopher Joseph de Maistre died almost 200 years ago, having expressed many opinions, including the observation that “Every country has the government it deserves.” He was an inflexible monarchist who approved of […]


Global Nausea

August 12, 2014 0

by James Howard Kunstler –                   Any American influence left in Iraq should focus on rebuilding the credibility of national institutions.– Editorial, The New York Times Gosh, isn’t that what […]