That Bloody Line – T.L. DAVIS

We have an invasion. It was still possible to define the flood of illegals coming across the border as something else, even though that’s exactly what is was. There was, at least, some room for assessing some of the reports as hyperbole and exaggeration, restraining the better judgment of the America people, but no longer.

What justification do any of those in public office have for inaction? Laws? Laws? Are they serious? Every immigration law, including Constitutional duties and powers are being ignored, evaporated to for no other purpose than to accommodate this invasion. It must be willful, intentional. Do they think we accept that feeble excuse for their cowardice in the face of an invading force? They’re afraid of a few hundred thousand illegal immigrants who don’t give one ounce of damn for their laws? Are they afraid of the federal government? To hear them whine about legality is infuriating. They’re complicit. There’s no other word for it. Every Governor, Attorney General, commander of state police, Sheriff and city cop are enabling this criminal enterprise. Even if they’re personally blackmailed by the cartels, is that not more reason to deal with this situation ruthlessly?


All of their protestations of legality and impotency before the federal power are nonsense. They believed they could avoid the accusations of racism by allowing this nonstop flow of illegals. They thought they could blame someone else for the bad optics. They claim to have so much fear that they are rendered impotent by it and meekly, as some form of internal joke, ship these criminals to sanctuary cities, to the Harris home and etc., fine, funny for a moment. Let them swim in the sin of their own hypocrisy, but that levity quickly dies when the tragedies done to rightful and legal citizens of this nation are exposed in brutal detail over and over again, on our streets, in our schools, our homes.

These are not the illegals of fifty years ago, searching for a better life, a way to work and build where opportunity flourishes. This is not that. This is the hostile, angry raping of a nation, the victims of that rape are being held down, restrained by their own government; by the powerful hands not of law, but the corruption of law; law turned on its head and contorted out of all recognition.

This is only possible where the victims are in conflict with themselves, arguing against their own decency, their fading belief in justice and their reconsideration of right and wrong. That’s now taking place. They’re being brutally confronted with the fact that their victimization is not so much by the illegals, but those in suits, behind desks, in the people’s accommodations. The cowards.

I know these government officials are scared of taking a stand, or simply don’t want to, because they believe that the citizens of this nation will quietly take the rape without seeking vengeance, as if these officials are not participating in it, but they are. They’re as guilty as those who stand in line. Yet, they tell us, “we can do nothing; there’s nowhere for the state to intervene.” Lies. The place to intervene requires backbone, the type shown over and over in our past, when real men took their oaths and their obligations seriously, solemnly.

That’s no longer true. There is no one to stand for the people, the citizens, the bankrollers of their offices, their prestige, their honor. They’re spending the good will of the people, a bit at a time, a crime at a time and those crimes will mount, day by day, in cities all over the nation, but mostly along the border as the people realize that the deaths of their families were the price of political appeasement; a cheap token to corruption.

And, how many of these illegals are being put in place, used as pawns to drive up the crime rate, make safe cities and towns dangerous, while these same impotent, fearful government officials will use their crimes with guns and knifes to ruthlessly prosecute their own citizens with harsher and harsher penalties, with laws against self-defense, making defending one’s home and family a felony worthy of the death penalty?

How many of them are Chinese soldiers, Iranian soldiers, Venezuelan soldiers determined to carry out sabotage on our railroads, power grids, food production facilities? How many have already discharged their duties? How many have led to the weakening of our nation in the face of grave international threats?

This is an existential moment in American history. More and more are coming to that conclusion, however reluctantly, and the real danger these feckless officials, these posers to officialdom, have to worry about is when the American people are confronted with the immediate threat to their homes, their families and do the final calculations on the value of laws, of what is right and wrong and what is justice and these cowards find themselves on the wrong side of that bloody line.


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