The Bloodletting of Gaza – Scipio Eruditus


Analyzing the October 7th False Flag and what lies beyond…

“In war, TRUTH is the first casualty.”

— Aeschylus

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The history of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict is a long and winding one, and no date is of more import in this recent timeline than October 7th, 2023: a day which has been likened by Israel’s leaders as the country’s “9/11”. (As if that statement alone doesn’t give the game away). In an audacious and bombastic attack, Hamas was credited with taking one of the most advanced surveillance gathering networks in the world by “surprise”, penetrating deep into Israel and taking hundreds of hostages. Just hours into the attack, a former Israeli speechwriter at the UN was among the first to spread the (largely) unsubstantiated reports of sexual atrocities. This was followed closely by reports of beheaded and barbecued babies, spread by a well known and fanatical Israeli influencer. The Hamas “barbarians” had gone too far this time, and what has followed is a “gloves-off”, unrestrained annihilation of all those deemed to be Hamas — which conveniently includes the entire voting aged populace of Gaza.


In my book Anatomy of a Revolution, and parts of my Mystery Babylon series, one of the key areas of my focus has been upon the clear foreknowledge and foreplanning behind the world wars and world revolutions of the last three centuries. As I have previously documented in my series of essays on the False Flag stratagem within American history, The Frankenstein Formula, it is through these means that our nation has continuously been plunged into engineered conflicts. By my estimation, there is not a single righteous, just, or prudent war that America has been involved in ever since the first shots were fired by the Freemasons commanding Fort Sumter.

As events continue to unravel within the Middle East; as Americans are being asked to sacrifice more blood and more gold in another pointless, far-East meatgrinder, it is important now more than ever to reset the chain of events that brought us to this precipice. However, as the fog of war has begun to dissipate and the facts have been gathered, it is clearer now that what transpired in Israel on that fateful October day in 2023 was nothing less than a false flag attack; allowed to occur, or purposely engineered as such, in order to facilitate the obliteration of the Palestinian people.

If America is to be dragged into another manufactured crisis, it is October 7th which we will look back on as the spark that ignited a worldwide conflagration.


— Gaza: Before the Israeli assault & after.


Before discussing the events of that day and the ones that have followed, we must discuss the long working relationship that the Mossad & Shin Bet have had with Hamas. Former Israeli officials like Brigadier General Yitzhak Segev, a veteran of the Israeli military during the 1980’s, openly acknowledge Israeli involvement in supporting Palestinian Islamist movements. In a candid interview with a New York Times reporter, Segev revealed that he played a role in financing Hamas, positioning it as a counterbalance to the secular factions and left-wing groups such as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) or Fatah, led by Yasser Arafat. Arafat’s notable description of Hamas as “a creature of Israel” further underscores this common knowledge within Middle Eastern politics. General Segev’s admission reveals that he received funding from the Israeli government to establish this militant group, ostensibly with an eye towards shaping it as a strategic tool within the complex political landscape of the region.

This revelation also sheds light on the intricate dynamics of Arab-Israeli politics, where tactical alliances and clandestine operations are far from uncommon. His acknowledgment that the Israeli government gave him a budget to fund Islamist terror underscores the deliberate actions taken by Israeli authorities to organize, influence, and manipulate radical factions within the Palestinian territories, using financial means to advance strategic objectives. Furthermore, Segev’s mention of support directed towards mosques by the government adds another layer to this narrative, hinting at broader strategies involving religious institutions in the region. This candid disclosure by Segev not only raises questions about past Israeli interventions into Gaza & the West Bank; it also prompts reflection on the latest attack being used to throw the region, and potentially the world, into chaos.

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