The daughter of Alexander Dugin, Putin’s ideologue, dies in an attack

Journalist and political scientist Daria Dugina, 29, the daughter of Russian ultra-nationalist ideologue Alexander Dugin, has been killed in a car bomb attack outside Moscow, according to a Russian investigative committee. The Guardian newspaper reports. The explosion took place at 9:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, 20 kilometers west of the capital.

The Daughter Of Alexander Dugin Putins Ideologue Dies In An Attack

The Daughter Of Alexander Dugin, Putin’s Ideologue, Dies In An Attack

According to the Russian news agency Tass, the car is owned by his father and the attack was directed at him. Dugina was driving the car. According to Russian media, Dugin and her daughter had been at a scheduled conference at an event taking place outside Moscow and were due to travel back together, but decided to go separately at the last minute. Different pro-Russian media have broadcast images of the scene immediately after the explosion, in which a large fire can be seen on the side of the road and multiple pieces of rubble on the asphalt. In one such video, a person, who appears to appear to be Alexander Dugin, appears at the site of the explosion, observing the effects of the explosion and holding his head in his hands.

The government agency Investigative Committee of Russia has announced this Sunday that it has opened an investigation into the murder. In addition, it has reported that “the explosive device” that blew up the car “was placed under the lower part of the car on the driver’s side” and that “Daria Dugina, who was driving, died at the scene.” The leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, directly accused the kyiv government of being behind the attack. “In an attempt to eliminate Alexander Dugin, the terrorists of the Ukrainian regime have killed his daughter,” the pro-Russian leader wrote on Telegram, reports EFE.

An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodímir Zelensky denied on Sunday that kyiv was involved in the attack. “I emphasize that Ukraine has nothing to do with this, because we are not a criminal state like the Russian Federation, nor are we a terrorist state,” said adviser and negotiator with Russia Mijailo Podolyak in televised statements collected by the EFE agency.

During the morning of Sunday, forensic experts “continue to inspect the scene of the incident,” reports the Investigative Committee of Russia, “with the participation of an explosives specialist, they examined the burned car, which was later transferred to a specialized parking lot.” “Expert examinations are appointed, including biological, genetic, physical-chemical, explosive forensic examinations, a video recording of the car’s DVR is seized, an order is sent to the operational services to identify the perpetrators of the crime and other witnesses of the fact ”, the Russian agency reported in a statement posted on your website. “Taking into account the data already obtained, the investigation believes that the crime was previously planned and is tailor-made,” they add.

Russian ultranationalist ideology

The work of Alexander Dugin, 60, is inspired by Russian Christian nationalism, an ideology that coincides with Putin’s worldview and is linked to American Christian nationalist activism. Dugin has become a benchmark for the extreme right beyond Russia. He is often portrayed as “the ideologue” or “the philosopher” of Putin. He was originally an anti-communist dissident and, in recent years, has promoted a vision of a resurgent Russia, whose main enemy is an “Atlantic” alliance led by the United States and which has greatly influenced the Kremlin. Dugin wants to restore a “Great Russia” made up of a “Eurasian union” that leads the international stage.

Dugin has been under US sanctions since 2015 for “actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, or sovereignty or territorial integrity of Ukraine.” His daughter was also sanctioned by both the US and the UK for “contributing to disinformation regarding Ukraine and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on various online platforms.”



Fly like an eagle, Darya Dugina

by Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted

Via Saker Blog

Darya Dugina, 30, daughter of Alexander Dugin, a smart, strong, ebullient, enterprising young woman, whom I met in Moscow and had the honor to cherish as a friend, has been brutally murdered.

As a young journalist and analyst, one could see she would carve for herself a glowing path towards wide recognition and respect (here she is on feminism).

Not so long ago, the FSB was directly engaged in smashing assassination attempts, organized by the SBU, against Russian journalists, as in the case of Olga Skabaeyeva and Vladimir Soloviev. It’s mind-boggling that Dugin and his family were not protected by the Russian intelligence/security apparatus.

The key facts of the tragedy have already been established. A Land Cruiser Prado SUV, owned by Dugin and with Darya at the wheel, exploded in a highway near the village of Bolchie Vyazemy, a little over 20km away from Moscow.

They were both coming from a family festival, where Dugin had delivered a talk. At the last minute, Darya took the SUV and Dugin followed her in another car. According to eyewitnesses, there was an explosion under the SUV, which was immediately engulfed in flames and hit a roadside building. Darya’s body was burned beyond recognition.

The Russian Investigative Committee soon established that the IED – approximately 400g of TNT, unencapsulated – was planted under the bottom of the SUV, on the driver’s side.

The investigators consider that was a premeditated car bombing.

What is not already known is whether the IED was on a timer or if some goon nearby pressed the button.

What is already known is that Alexander Dugin was a target on the Myrotvorets list. Myrotvorets stands for a Center for Research of Signs of Crimes against the National Security of Ukraine. It works side by side with NATO collecting info on “pro-Russian terrorists and separatists”.

Denis Pushilin, the head of the DPR, took no time to accuse “the terrorists of the Ukrainian regime” for Darya’s assassination. The inestimable Maria Zakharova was more, well, diplomatic: she said that if the Ukrainian lead is confirmed, that will configure a policy of state terrorism deployed by Kiev.

An existential war

In several essays – this one being arguably the most essential – Dugin had made extensively clear the enormity of the stakes. This is a war of ideas. And an existential war: Russia against the collective West led by the United States.

The SBU, NATO, or quite probably the combo – considering the SBU is ordered by the CIA and MI6 – did not choose to attack Putin, Lavrov, Patrushev or Shoigu. They targeted a philosopher and ended up murdering his daughter – making it even more painful. They attacked an intellectual who formulates ideas. Proving once again that Western Cancel Culture seamlessly metastasizes into Cancel Person.

It’s fine and dandy that the Russian Ministry of Defense is about to start the production of the hypersonic Mr. Zircon as it continues to churn out plenty of Mr. Khinzals. Or that three Mig-31 supersonic interceptors have been deployed to Kaliningrad equipped with Khinzals and placed on combat duty 24/7.

The problem is the rules have changed – and the SBU/NATO combo, facing an indescribable debacle in Donbass, is upping the sabotage, counter-intel and counter-diversionary dial.

They started by shelling Russian territory; spread out around Donbass – as in the attempt to kill the mayor of Mariupol, Konstantin Ivachtchenko; even launched drones against the HQ of the Black Sea Fleet in Sebastopol; and now – with the Darya Dugina tragedy – are on the gates of Moscow.

The point is not that all of the above is irrelevant in terms of changing the facts on the ground imposed by the Special Military Operation. The point is that an upcoming series of bloody psyops designed for pure PR effect can become extremely painful for Russian public opinion – which will demand devastating punishment.

It’s clear that Moscow and St. Petersburg are now prime targets. The Ukrainian ISIS is a go. Of course, their handlers have vast experience on the matter, across the Global North/South. All red lines are gone.

The coming of the Ukrainian ISIS

The cokehead comedian has duly pre-empted any Russian reaction, according to the NATO script he’s fed on a daily basis: Russia may try to do something “particularly disgusting” this coming week.

That’s irrelevant. The real – burning – question is to what extent the Kremlin and Russian intel will react when it’s fully established SBU/NATO concocted the Dugin plot. That’s Kiev terrorism at the gates of Moscow. That screams “red line” in bloody red, and a response tied to the reiterated promise, by Putin himself, of hitting “decision centers”.

It will be a fateful decision. Moscow is not at war with the Kiev puppets, essentially – but with NATO. And vice-versa. All bets are off on how the tragedy of Darya Dugina may eventually accelerate the Russian timetable, in terms of a radical revision of their so far long-term strategy.

Moscow can decapitate the Kiev racket with a few hypersonic business cards. Yet that’s too easy; afterwards, who to negotiate the future of rump Ukraine with?

In contrast, doing essentially nothing means accepting an imminent, de facto terrorist invasion of the Russian Federation: the Darya Dugina tragedy on steroids.

In his next before last post on Telegram, Dugin once again framed the stakes. These are the key takeaways.

He calls for “structural, ideological, personnel, institutional, strategic” transformations by the Russian leadership.

Drawing from the evidence – from the increased attacks on Crimea to the attempts to provoke a nuclear catastrophe in Zaporozhye – he correctly concludes that the NATO sphere has “decided to stand on the other end to the end. They can be understood: Russia actually (and this is not propaganda) challenged the West as a civilization.”

The conclusion is stark: “So we have to go all the way”. That ties in with what Putin himself asserted: “We haven’t really started anything yet.” Dugin: “Now we have to start.”

Dugin proposes that the current status quo around Operation Z cannot last for more than six months. There’s no question “the tectonic plates have shifted”. Darya Dugina will be flying like an eagle in an otherworldly sky. The question is whether her tragedy will become the catalyst to propel Putin’s strategic ambiguity to a whole new level.



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  1. Thank you for this article. My heart bleeds for the Dugin family, for the loss of their beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, we in the West have been silent when our leaders have behaved like barbarians towards Russia and the other regions of the world; now we should be prepared for Russia, as well as China and Iran to exact their revenge for our complicity … for this tragic event as well as the slaughter in the Donbass of innocent, men/women and children. It is time for Russia to accept that the Western-Powers and NATO have always desired an overthrow of Russia and the theft and control of their resource wealth. Moreover, the Ex-Russian Zogs have been the most dangerous 5th column insurgents usurpers for decades. It is time for Russia to decapitate the head/s of the snakes and STOP playing nice. Diplomacy obviously doesn’t mean Jack-Schitt to the greedy oligarchs in the West.

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