The Dire Need for Libertarianism in America Today

Libertarian-Party[1]By Roger Landry (TLB)

The two party system (Democrats & Republicans) in America is an extreme farce with each party displaying the traits most associated with its rival in abundance. The system has been infiltrated, co-opted, compromised and is rife with corruption and cronyism. This is the natural progression with any political entity left too long unchecked by the true governors of a republic, it’s people.

Republicans claim to be the party of limited government, both in scope and and authority. Democrats claim to be the party of social welfare and diplomacy over military action. Yet our last Republican President, G.W. Bush presided over the largest expansion of the federal government and our deficit in recent history (at the time), and liberty robbing legislation such as the Patriot Act (poorly named). B.H. Obama, a Democrat, has presided over the largest increase in military aggression in recent history with this country being involved in military action and aggression against more countries simultaneously than any other president in modern history. The party lines have blurred out of existence and what we are left with is a supposed two party system that in fact represents two sides of the same coin.

We now discuss budget cuts that in reality are merely a reduction in proposed future spending, and military aggression as if it is the right of America to reshape the world as we see fit. Neither party truly represents We The People any longer and neither wishes to truly cut the size of this mechanism of government or the budget as this is analogous to you or me cutting off a limb. Left unchecked the only possible result is the eventual collapse of this system under its own bloated weight, both economically and structurally.

What follows is a description of an alternative to the Status Quo.

Enter – The Libertarian Party

Libertarian – The party of Principal: Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom

What is Libertarianism? Well to start this point off with a BANG think Dr. Ron Paul … Now lets take it from there …

Libertarianism (Latin: liber, “free”) is a set of related political philosophies that uphold liberty as the highest political end. This includes emphasis on the primacy of individual liberty, political freedom, and voluntary association. It is the antonym to authoritarianism. Or to put it simply, the party of you and me.

Why should we consider Libertarianism? (excerpt from Libertarian website)

1. The Libertarian Party takes action to reduce Big Government.
Not just analysis of what’s wrong with Big Government. Not just news about abuses and increases of Big Government. Direct action to make government smaller than it is today through elections.

2. The Libertarian Party is working to dramatically reduce Big Government spending, taxes, debt, regulations, bureaucracies, foreign meddling, and invasions of our personal freedoms.
Not “reform” them. Not “replace” them. Certainly not add to them. That’s what Democrats and Republicans do.

The Libertarian Party and its candidates are working to shrink Big Government. What will this leave? Individual liberty and a small, constitutional government that is limited to defending our lives, liberty and property.

3. Without the Libertarian Party, the pro-freedom activists in the two old parties stand no chance.
The Libertarian Party gives liberty-lovers within the Democratic and Republican Parties the juice they need to effect change. Neither of the two old parties will budge without the threat of a small-government competitor.

4. Libertarian candidates take liberty all the way to the General Election.
The Republican Party is especially notorious for working against and defeating its own small government candidates in primary elections. This was on display at the 2012 Republican national convention where party operatives changed and bent the rules to deny Ron Paul delegates their hard-earned right to nominate their candidate from the floor.

In contrast, most Libertarians make it to the general election to challenge Big Government – when voters are listening.

5. The Libertarian Party is consistent and principled.
Libertarians work for everyday taxpayers, workers and voters – not Special Interests. Not to be part of the machinery of Big Government. Not to get government jobs. Not to grab “our share” of the goodies.
Make government small, allow free markets to thrive, uphold personal liberties and keep our nation at peace. This will produce economic prosperity, safety, and opportunity – and make possible widespread, generous charity.

6. The Libertarian Party is the greatest liberty recruiter and educator in America. Every election year.
The Libertarian Party is the premiere political organization in America for going well beyond “preaching to the choir” and awakening ordinary Americans to the possibilities of liberty.
Libertarian candidates reach everyday voters and taxpayers who never read liberty literature – and don’t even know it exists. Libertarian candidates show how low taxes, low government spending and much less government authority make life better for Americans.

In 2012, over 15 million votes were cast for Libertarian candidates by voters who liked what they heard and said “Yes” to liberty.

7. The Libertarian Party is the best-leveraged liberty investment in America.
In addition to providing all the above benefits at a bargain price, the Libertarian Party is the most efficient and effective alternative party to the Democrat and Republicans. Ballot access is the key to legitimacy in elections and to challenging the Big Government status quo. For decades, the Libertarian Party has jumped through hoops to place more candidates on the ballot in more states and at the lowest average cost of any political party in America. Highly cost-effective activism for liberty

thCAN4KOOFAttached you will find links to two The Liberty Beacon “We The People” radio shows. The first being a discussion with Wendy Adams who is the Executive Director of the Libertarian party of Louisiana, and the second with Henry Herford candidate for US House Of Representatives, 5th district (special election), also from Louisiana. Henry is running in the only current congressional election underway in America at this point in time and this takes place October 19th. Please listen and you should come to the realization that we have before us a serious alternative to the … downfall of America!

TLB Radio shows. Click on the link to listen.

Show #1 with Wendy Adams

Show #2 with Wendy Adams and Henry Herford


Please visit the Libertarian Party website at:
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