The fall of Rome – what awaits the United States

By Zine Larbaoui

History is a teacher nobody listens to.” — Otto von Habsburg






Pictured above is a lead-filled Roman coin, the symbol of the Roman breakdown to which the United States is heading to. Here’s how Rome collapsed, and how the United States will collapse.

The Roman Empire was of course a hegemonic power, it dictated its law throughout the known world, or say a large part of it. It had to not only fight outside its borders, but also had to face civil wars within. The costs of its armies on its territory and outside simply bankrupted the empire.

Towards the end, they continued to finance the empire in the same way that the United States does currently, they created money. Of course, Rome did not use paper money. So they used cheaper metals than gold, silver and copper to dilute the value of their coins. The silver denarius was the basis of the Roman monetary system. It was a silver coin, weighting 3 to 4 grams and was particularly used to pay the legions.

And so they began to devalue the denarius by adding a bit of lead, which helped produce more coins and therefore pay more soldiers. Gradually, they added more and more lead. The denarius thus became vulgar lead coins without any intrinsic value. From there, the empire had a big inflation problem due to the excessive production of denarius.

It `s exactly what the United States is doing with their quantitative easing. The Fed creates enormous amounts of money. Despite tapering, money creation is huge. It is therefore very difficult to predict a happy ending for the United States.
To create as much money, the Fed created bubbles in the equity and bond markets. The country has a huge debt that requires Interest Rates to be at almost 0 % to be funded. In other words, the debt must be paid by the debt, which is done via monetization, thus the ` increase in the money supply.

You see, as was the Roman emperor, the US government is faced with the fact that it cannot maintain its security and infrastructure costs which explains the recent budget cuts in the military and VA programs. Faced with growing domestic discontent, the US regime desperately resorts to militarizing federal and local enforcement agencies and to rule by decrees. However, how long can they expect the loyalties of traitorous Americans with a currency that keeps depreciating?

Rome was faced with the threat of Barbarians at the gate who probably had enough of the abject exploitation the empire forced on them. Can you blame the rest of the world to feel the same way towards the US?

Throughout history, the abuse of money was and still is the main culprit in the collapse of Empires; however, the real culprits behind theses financial repressions have never been subjected to judicial scrutiny; indeed, once they helped bankrupt an empire, like a virus, they hop in to the next emerging nation that will assume the world dominant political role with a brand new monetary racket while the little people will blame their misery on disposable ruling managers.

And why are they always getting away with this perpetual crime, you’ll ask? Simple! They are capitalizing on the most resourceful and lucrative commodity there is on earth: human stupidity

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