The Fall of Western Liberal Utopia

by Ljubiša Malenica for the Saker Blog

The abrupt dissolution of the USSR and the emergence of the United States as the sole superpower in the last decade of the twentieth century influenced both the political ordering of the world and the ideological foundation upon which said ordering relied. Where previously existed two conflicting worldviews, with their own specific characteristics, the end of the Soviet Union signaled the fall of communism as ideology.

The United States, as the new hegemon, wasted no time in promoting its own system of values based on individual rights, liberal democracy, tolerance, multiculturalism, private property, diversity, political correctness, moral and cultural relativism, scientific materialism, and free-market capitalism. The American system, tightly bound to the perceived victor of the Cold War, by its very nature, strived to fulfill the void created by the disappearance of communism.

The ideology of the United States and, in greater part, the collective West, seemed an inexhaustible source of proven ideas whose value was beyond question while their wisdom was universal and globally applicable. Moreover, in the rapture of Cold War victory, American political scientist and Stanford professor, Francis Fukuyama, wrote his most famous work “The End of History and the Last Man”.[1] With the fall of the Berlin Wall and USSR, Fukuyama claimed, Mankind concluded its long search for the most suitable ideological system. Of course, for the author, the most suitable ideological order was the western system based on capitalism and liberal democracy.[2]

Taking into account current events, we can claim without a doubt that history did not end in manner Mr. Fukuyama predicted, or for that matter, end at all. With time, Fukuyama himself recognized his mistake and adapted to the contemporary political reality[3] which does not seem to be fully favorable towards capitalism as economic system or liberal democracy as a method of societal structuring.

The migrant crisis from 2015, which caused significant changes in the European political scene due to the increasing growth of influence by the national and right-leaning parties across the EU, served as a catalyst for two simultaneous events. On the one hand, the sudden arrival of migrants in large numbers quickly lead to an open clash between migrant cultural norms and those of the societies they arrived in. Violent behavior, increase in crime,[4][5][6] unwillingness to accept the basic level of assimilation,[7][8][9] ghettoization[10][11][12], and the sudden surge in sexual violence,[13][14][15][16][17] mostly directed towards the female population of the host states, unpleasantly shook the established foundations of the western worldview. At the same time, anger of the native population was further exacerbated by the discovery that official state structures where attempting to remove these trends and events from the mainstream information flows, by hiding the relevant statistical data[18][19][20] or through relativization of culprits by invoking social conditions or difference in cultures.

The case best known to Serbian public, from 2016, involving the rape of a Serbian boy by an Iraqi migrant in Austria is a good example of diminishing contact with reality and collapse of moral norms in the countries of the West. While visiting one of the Vienna public pools, a migrant known to media as Amir A. physically forced, at that time a ten-year-old Goran, into a toilet cabin where the boy was sexually abused.[21] Unperturbed, the rapist does not leave but continues to enjoy his time at the pool where he is apprehended by the police.

Amir claimed, as a part of his defense, it was a case of “sexual necessity”[22] given the fact he did not engage in an intercourse for previous four months. Another element of the defense was, an obviously false, allegation of the accused how he was not able to understand the boy’s clear opposition of what was done to him, expressed vocally. Given that so-called “sexual necessity” and the alleged inability to understand the victim’s verbal resistance are such weak and irrelevant arguments in the context of events, any serious person would expect them to be rejected by the court. Thanks to the decades of moral relativism spreading through the Western societies and complete distortion in understanding and application of human rights, the court decided to fully accept the second argument of defense which resulted in the rejection of the original sentence to six years in prison.[23][24] It is noteworthy to point out that the court arrived at this decision despite Amir admitting his crime.[25]

A year later, in 2017 the Senate of the Supreme Court of Justice in Austria decided to reduce the sentence for the rapist to four years in prison.[26] The Chairman of the Senate, Thomas Philip, justified this decision with the claim that four years in prison seemed an appropriate punishment in this case. The Supreme Court of Austria, in a decision which could be interpreted either as an intentional insult to the victim or a display of diminished faculties, concluded that 5.000 euros represented adequate compensation to the abused boy for the humiliation and psychological trauma.[27]

It is of special note that the most severe sentence of the Austrian court, for raping a child, was six years in prison

The only high-ranking politician who voiced his opinion on the situation was Russian President Vladimir Putin. During one of his speeches before the end of 2016, Putin commented that the decision of the Austrian court leads to “dilution of national values”, emphasizing how “a society that cannot defend its children has no future”.[28]

The case from Austria, and the reaction of social and state institutions, reflect the deep-seated distortion of the system in a significant number of Western countries, where it has already become obvious that the broad masses of citizens live in a completely different reality from that of their elites. The highest strata of western societies, especially those from the United States and Great Britain, are the most active advocates of liberal values[29][30] ​​as foundations for a complete societal reorganization[31], while at the same times being the least affected from the social upheavals that such reorganization entails.

Completely detached from their own nations, imbued with a global liberal ideology and driven by the desire to accumulate wealth regardless of the consequences, Western elites have become antagonistic to their own citizens whose physical existence and spiritual heritage is unreservedly sacrificed for narrow economic interests and ideological views. The reaction of the other side is expectedly negative, but slow, given that social engineering within Western countries has been conducted since the end of World War II.

Among the best indicators of the growing divide between the nation’s masses and elites are the growing popularity of previously excommunicated right-wing parties, in a simplistic black and white manner of Hollywood immediately identified with Nazi groups by leftists, and the loss of trust in democratic institutions by the average voter, who more and more turn towards more authoritative forms of social organization.

This process is noticeable throughout Europe and within most members of the European Union. Besides support for the right-wing parties, there has been a marked increase in the attractiveness of strong leaders, unfettered by restrictions imposed through political correctness, who act primarily for the benefit of their own nation and state.

The most obvious example is the support enjoyed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, both inside and outside the Russian Federation. In the past two decades, even at the moment when his popularity was at its lowest level, the President of Russia enjoyed 62% of domestic support.[32] For the purpose of comparison, Putin’s popularity between 2008 and 2015 generally ranged between 78% and 88%. In early 2015, measurements of public support showed that with 86% of domestic support, Vladimir Putin was the most popular politician at the global level. [33] At the same time, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, respectively, had 46% and 64% support in their countries.[34]

In addition to domestic support, the President of Russia enjoys support in several other countries. According to a 2017 Gallup survey, the average support enjoyed by Vladimir Putin within the 55 selected countries was 43%, enough to rank him among the top four most popular politicians in the world. The lowest support for Putin, outside the borders of Russia, was recorded in Poland, 9%, while the Russian president gained the most popularity in Vietnam, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Serbia.[35][36]

Political observers, interested in statesman’s path of Vladimir Putin, attributed his popularity to a significant improvement in the living standards of average citizens, [37][38][39][40] restoration of Russian military power, reacquirement of the great power status and international prestige, [41] and a resolute struggle against Russia’s internal disintegration.[42][43]

The Russian president is just the most obvious example of a return to the fashion of strong leaders. Viktor Orban in Hungary, Mateo Salvini in Italy, Donald Trump in the United States, Jaroslav Kazinski, leader of the currently dominant political party in Poland, Roberto Fico in Slovakia, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Rodrigo Duaterte in the Philippines and several others have in most cases appeared on the political scene, relatively speaking, recently, [44] and more importantly, with significant public support.

The eastern members of the European Union, especially those in the Visegrad Group, had a very clear and negative attitude regarding the accommodation of migrants. After the terrorist attacks in France and Germany, coupled with other types of crime accompanying the arrival of Middle Eastern and African migrants, people in the eastern part of the Union could perceive the correctness of their governments’ decisions to reject population quotas and prevent unimpeded entry across their borders.

One interesting consequence of this development is that people of Western European countries, those most affected by social unrest in recent years, have begun to see the benefits of an authoritarian regime and a strong leader. This, relatively speaking, sudden political turn also enabled the rise of right-wing[45][46] parties in countries where ten years ago something like that was considered nigh impossible. The success of authoritarian regimes is likewise noticeable outside the socio-political sphere, especially in the case of China, which some already consider, in terms of economy, equal to the United States. The fact that in the period from 2008 to 2018, Beijing managed to build a domestic network of high-speed railways more than 30,000 km[47][48] long and that in 2020 it successfully test a prototype maglev train[49] (a train that moves using the principles of magnetic levitation) whose speed exceeds 600 kmph did not go unnoticed, both among Western elites and citizens. On the other hand, the high-speed rail project promised to the inhabitants of California during 2009 is still waiting to be completed, even though the track is not even 200 kilometers long.[50]

Politicians loyal to left-wing parties, their interests, and values, such as German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, gloomily observe the rise of right-wing parties and without any deeper contemplation brand the process with phrases such as “the old spirit” and “evil spirits of the past”, “showing themselves in a new form.”[51][52][53]

Representatives of the left are increasingly moving away from their own electorate and persistently refusing to see what seems obvious to others. Contemporary populations of Western Europe look to the future with much less enthusiasm and live within societies where fear has become an integral part of everyday life, fear of terrorist attacks, fear of persecution by social networks mobs, fear of losing ones life achievements or fear of losing a job if one makes an erroneous remark about “vulnerable and minority groups” whether they are women, homosexuals or Muslims.

This fear is only exacerbated by a number of situations where state institutions are clearly biased against the interests of the average citizen. Efforts of the German and Swedish authorities to hide the migrant origin of the sexual assault perpetrators[54] is a clear example indicating unwillingness of the state leadership to face the reality. This behavior, for decades accompanied by restricting the rights of the majority for the sake of the minority’s comfort, has transformed fear into distrust of the already established social norms and institutions on which the states of the collective West rest upon.

A study conducted in early 2017 by Ipsos confirmed a high degree of civil distrust in domestic governments and international institutions within five major European countries.[55] A survey conducted in Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, and France found that most respondents, with the exception of those from Germany, felt their country was growing weaker.[56] The majority of French (61%), Italians (60%) and Spaniards (56%) believed that their lives were worse than the lives of their parents. In Germany (44%) and Britain (43%) a high percentage of respondents agree with this view, although the majority do not share this opinion.

Confidence in national governments was extremely weak. The highest levels of distrust in domestic authorities were in Spain (89%) and Italy (80%). Respondents from France (77%) and Germany (70%) showed a similar degree of distrust. Even in the UK, where the level of trust was highest, as many as 66% of respondents said they did not believe in the elected political representatives.[57]

The most interesting find of the research, which confirms the previously stated views, is reflected in the fact that most respondents, excluding Germans, stressed the need for a strong leader who will “put things in their place” and “change the rules of the game by usurping the status quo.” In Spain, 72% of respondents believed in the need for a strong leader, in France 70%. 67% of Italians and Britons agreed with this attitude. Even in the case of Germany, 34% of respondents see a strong leader as the key to national recovery.

The Ipsos survey is not the only document confirming the political insecurities and change in the political orientation of nations, with a special emphasis on Western European ones. During 2019, the Freedom in the World project published a report illustratively called “Democracy in retreat”.[58] Namely, as pointed out in the document itself, 2019 was the thirteenth consecutive year of weakening democracy in a global context. Democracy, the decline of which the project explored, is of the American type, accompanied by all the elements of liberal and globalist ideology characteristic of that system.

The interactive geographical presentation of the countries and their status in terms of freedom and democracy[59] shows the political and ideological background of the project, given that all of Washington’s major opponents are classified as “unfree” or “partially free.” Nevertheless, the part of the report dealing with regional trends is of particular importance. In this part of the document authors of the research note, in their own view, worrying processes even in those Western countries that are marked as free. In terms of Europe, particularly prominent are Hungary and Viktor Orban, Poland and the Law and Justice Party, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia, together with most of the Balkan countries. [60]

On the other hand, the political forces of the left, in general, are trying to preserve the current order of things by persistently using demagoguery to constantly warn about the perils and the evil nature of populism and nationalism.[61][62]

Mentioned research illustrates the fact that inhabitants, even of the western democracies, refuse to accept the provided warnings and entrust their lives to the ideology that pushed them towards the current state of insecurity and stagnation. Liberal categories such as human rights, citizens of the world, free-market capitalism, multiethnicity and tolerance, among others, do not provide answers to the personal and common problems faced by the peoples of France, Germany and other Western countries. Moreover, some of these categories are actually at the root of the problems troubling the West.

The principle of tolerance, within one society, cannot coexist with the reality of completely different cultures which in some respects are even hostile to one another. Multiculturalism is used as an excuse to reject integration, but without integration and partial assimilation, the wholeness of one society and state cannot be preserved. The best examples of such cases are the so-called “no go” zones existing in most Western European countries, with a special emphasis on Sweden[63][64][65][66] Events in Kosovo and Metohija, from recent Serbian history, clearly indicate the ultimate outcome of tolerance and multiculturalism, which, in Yugoslav experience, was from the very beginning marked by indifference to the behavior of the Albanian minority and non-prosecution of Albanian crimes against the Serb population.

An example of a more recent date, whose terrible nature undoubtedly illustrates the perversion of modern liberal ideology and all of its foundational principles, comes from Great Britain.

Namely, during 2018, the attention of the British public was attracted by the political activist Tommy Robinson.[67] Despite the interdiction, Robinson, located in front of the court building, decided to stream in real-time the trial of the so-called “Huddersfield gang”.[68][69] Composed mainly of Pakistani Muslims,[70] the group was convicted of raping, physical and psychological torturing of a large number of girls, most of whom were white and of English descent, on multiple occasions.[71]

Abuse was usually accompanied by humiliation and victims were forcibly coerced to consume alcohol and narcotics.[72] Frequent coercion to consumption of alcohol and narcotics made it easier for rapists to control victims who, once addicted, became dependent on the rapists who had the intoxicating substances at their disposal. During the trial of the group from Huddersfield, it was established that pedophiles did not view the raped girls as human beings, but as objects that they exchanged with each other.[73] By calling their victims, among other things, “easy meat”[74] and “white trash”[75][76], pedophile groups generally expressed a high degree of racist contempt and hatred towards the victims. In addition to the present racism, pedophiles often used the terms “kafir” (infidel) and “non-Muslim” for girls, which implies, among other things, the existence of the religious impetus for the crime. [77]

According to a 2017 report, more than 80% of pedophile group members are Muslims, mostly from Pakistan, the Middle East and Central Asia.[78][79][80][81]

Tommy Robinson, in reality, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, disturbed the status quo with his act and brought before the wider public the issue of the Muslim pedophile groups which, judging by the information presented during the trial of the Huddersfield group, began their activities in the mid-1990s.[82] It soon became apparent that the Huddersfield pedophiles were not the only such group in the UK. Similar pedophile gangs were soon discovered in almost all major cities of England. London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Oxford, and Manchester are on a list of almost thirty cities.[83]

Just between 2018 and 2019, it was estimated that almost 19,000 children in England became victims of sexual abuse.[84] The youngest known victims were between eleven and thirteen years old at the time of their first rape.[85][86] Different estimates regarding the total number of victims of rape and other forms of violence committed by perpetrators who are overwhelmingly Muslims and migrants range from 60,000 to one million[87] abused children in the previous three decades.[88][89][90][91][92]

Within Great Britain, all previous cases related to the activities of these pedophile groups were concentrated in the territory of England, but at the beginning of 2020, an article in the British newspaper “Sun” revealed the existence of the first such group in Scotland.[93] All pedophiles in the group were Muslim migrants from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kurdistan. Formerly categorized as “refugees from Syria”, every one of them sought asylum in Scotland. Over a period of several years, this group, composed of 55 migrants, raped 44 girls who came from poorer Scottish families or were protégés of the care home system.[94]

After the truth about the existence of these groups became generally known, the victims[95] of hitherto unknown pedophile groups began to acquaint the public with their experiences, revealing the wide prevalence of such events. Soon, it became apparent that these rapes and abuses were not unknown to the local authorities and police structures. Moreover, for a long time, local authorities and police refused to face the problem, justifying their behavior with “political correctness”[96] and fear that they would “face accusations of racist behavior”[97][98] if they investigated and acted against rapists who were mostly Muslims from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

In some areas, social workers viewed victims of repeated rapes as nothing more than prostitutes, [99] despite the girls being minors and the obviously wrong nature of the situation in which these children found themselves. According to one of the reports, the Manchester police was aware of the fact that a pedophile group, whose members were Muslims from Central Asia and the Middle East, operated in the city area. Despite this finding, police investigations were directed at perpetrators from other ethnic and religious groups.[100] Judging by the report in question, pedophile groups from Manchester have been active since 2003.

In addition to the inhuman nature of the crime itself, clearly marked by racist hatred and pathological satisfaction stemming from the abuse of the most vulnerable members of a society, the lack of will for preventive action on the part of social institutions and political structures familiar with the events is far more worrying.

Members of local elites, in one way or another, were associated[101] with cases of pedophilia and organized child abuse, which undoubtedly indicates the existence of entrenched corruption in certain layers of police, political and social structures, but the dominant reasons that prevented authorities from acting fall within the framework of liberal ideology. Given that the pedophiles were mostly Muslims, it was politically incorrect to inform public about their crimes and to act in order to protect the victims was, somehow, racist. At least, that was the conclusion of the administrative structures of British society, which even in 2020 do not have the exact number of pedophile groups active in Great Britain.[102]

Thousands of English children were sacrificed to the dogmas of multiculturalism and tolerance, dogmas which left the victims unprotected because they belonged to the domicile population while making their rapists untouchable due to their Muslim faith and migrant origins.

Although this behavior of social structures, especially the police and local authorities, seem illogical and, to say the least, devoid of humanity and reason, it is necessary to understand that liberal indoctrination in Great Britain has reached a very high level. Only in such conditions it is possible for police officers to conduct official investigations based on the content Twitter messages.[103][104][105][106] The culmination of banality was the case of Mark Meechan, known as Count Dankula, who was threatened with a high fine and imprisonment for teaching his girlfriend’s dog a Nazi salute.[107][108][109]

Thanks to the liberal principles of multiculturalism, tolerance and political correctness, British MP Naseem Shah, herself of Pakistani descent, can publicly, without fear or remorse, demand that “those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity“. [110][111][112][113] Diversity, another vaguely defined term close to liberal ideologues, seems to be reason enough to ignore the abuse of thousands of children.

The reaction of the Muslim community in Great Britain was lukewarm or non-existent, [114] with the exception of a few public figures and politicians. Feminist organizations, otherwise always noisy in demand for the alleged protection of women and their rights, have remained mute regarding this issue.[115] Nothing here which would interest them, I guess.

Given a cursory police investigation and years of neglect, there is no doubt that there are groups of rapists in the UK that have not yet been discovered. Superficially, these cases of pedophilia seem as catastrophic failures of the police system and social services, but a closer examination of these crimes, and other behaviors manifesting in Western countries, suggests that the societies in question are in actuality sick.

The reaction of the UK population, at the moment when the extent and nature of child abuse became generally known, gives reason for hope. Despite a decades-long process of liberal indoctrination and numbing of personal and social sensibilities for what might be described as traditional moral norms, a significant portion of the citizenry rightly demanded severe punishments for perpetrators and their removal from society.

The incessant attacks of liberal demagogues, directed towards the traditional family, classical moral principles derived from Christian teaching, natural inclinations of women and men and the life decisions that result from them, eventually led to the situation where children, in their thousands, fall victim to sadists while the remaining society, with special emphasis on state structures, either denies reality or refuses to face problems resolutely. The case of abused children in Britain is just the most obvious example of distorted behaviors that are becoming a new pattern of reality within communities deeply affected by liberal ideology. Inevitably, the society in which liberal order acquires the status of dogma, ceasing to be subject of consideration and contemplation, will be betrayed, leading to the tyranny of the minority over the majority.

The ideological emphasis on individuality and rights of the individual, to the detriment of the responsibility towards the community and its right, corrodes the networks of mutual support characterized by their collective nature, bringing the individual into a state of isolation that is defined and promoted as desirable. Only a cursory insight into the nature of human interaction is sufficient to reveal a high degree, necessary by nature, of sociability. Man, by his nature, is not an isolated island.

The relationship between men and women, under the carcinogenic influence of feminism, degenerated from a state of complementarity into a conflict characterized by an attack on masculinity and the nature of men, accompanied by constant demagoguery about the need to “emancipate” women, which essentially encouraged the promotion of harmful behavioral patterns among women, especially younger women.

A frivolous and banal approach to issues of abortion and sexual intercourse negatively influences the understanding of the value in human life, while presenting the intimate physical relationship as an act completely separated from emotions, reduced to a level of mechanical motion, although such approach, to say the least, is problematic from both the perspective of science and social experience.

Constant criticism of traditional and national values ​​in combination with pressures upon the classical family have led to the collapse of relationships and hierarchies family rests upon, which has produced a series of retrograde phenomena such as the increase in the number of single mothers, the obvious bias of courts in favor of women when it comes to the issues of divorce and custody of children, belittling the role of men in family life, and increased pressure on women to achieve the impossible, that is, to fill the roles of both mother and father.

Western societies today are going through a crisis that encompasses the entire social system. Countries of the European West, since they have been exposed to liberal ideology for a longer period, can now serve as an example of the consequences regarding the uncritical application of liberal principles within the legal system and social institutions, and a source of critical reflection on the scope and content of liberal values which are to be introduced.

Serbia, together with other Balkan countries, has spent the last few decades copying the legal and social norms of Western countries, without critical review and reflection on the possible consequences of such behavior. Regardless of the fact that both the Balkan and East European countries are essentially part of Europe, the demand for adjustment was one-directional and moved from the West to the East. East European countries are expected to uncritically accept Western legal patterns that are supposed to replace domestic legal norms created within specific national circumstances, thus changing the respective societies in accordance with the currently ruling ideology of the West. It could be observed, from the text above, where the blind acceptance of the ideology in question leads. Without changing the approach to these issues, Serbian society, and those around it, will face the same crisis at the end of the road “which has no alternative.”



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