The Fauci Files, The WuFlu and the War to Come – Tom Luongo

Author: Tom Luongo

Isn’t is amazing how quickly things seem to change when it’s in the interest of those that think they run the world? For years we’ve been trying to get access to Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails as Secretary of State but to no avail. However, at the most opportune time in the collapsing COVID story, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails are uncovered and broadcast to the world.

The same mechanism, FOIA, that Hillary has stonewalled us on for six years uncovers Fauci’s emails in six weeks?

Doesn’t that strike you as just the slightest bit odd?

Fauci was the hero bureaucrat facing down the evil and ignorant President Trump over COVID-19. He became a national celebrity playing down treatments like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, flip-flopped on wearing masks and running cover for a corrupt WHO/CDC while whitewashing his own involvement in COVID’s origin.

For all intents and purposes this lying, evil, Janus-faced troll set policy for the entire country.

And from the moment anyone broke a story about the origins of COVID-19, the damage control began behind the scenes and the public shaming and deplatforming began.

And democrats of all stripes cheered him on, simply because he came with the right credentials and an antipathy to Trump.

As the face of the the scientific establishment, he terrorized millions into submission of Americans using fear over a virus not much more deadly than the annual flu. His constant changing the goalposts on ending lockdowns and spread prevention guidelines while needing to remain in front of the narrative kept people crazy with imaginary death statistics, fraudulent models and overwrought case counts while elevating the prevention principle beloved by state-worshipping Boomers and their younger ‘adjacents’ to its most ludicrous extreme.

Because of him we became a nation even more divided than before the Coronapocalypse, which is clear he was an integral part of the operation. Thanks to Fauci the mask became a symbol of virtue for shitlibs and your unadorned face their symbol of evil.

I predicted this would happen in the early months of COVID. I demanded that #FireFauci be the ‘Rallying Cry for a Generation.”

For more than a year we had to suffer this man who:

… never seems to approve or green light treatments that do that {advocate for stronger immune systems}. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking cancer, AIDS, or COVID-19, the man is a walking death sentence. He’s the very essence of regulatory capture and prima facia evidence that power and corruption go together like peanut butter and jelly.

If you squint hard enough he really does look like Gollum.

If there is one thing that this pandemic has exposed, along with the concomitant economic dislocation it is that ‘experts’ better run for cover.

For more than a year we’ve had to suffer insufferable shitlibs (but I repeat myself) telling us to ‘respect the science.’ Well, their high priest of scientism just got caught saying one thing in private and telling them the exact opposite in public, validating everything those dirty spreader Republicans, anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers told them.

Moveover, from the beginning this thing was an operation designed to do exactly what it has done — leave people in love with their mask which makes them sick, genuflecting to Big Brother and doubling down on their paranoia simply because they are too ashamed to admit to themselves (no less those evil MAGA folks) that they were duped by yet another bad script from the House that Klaus Built.

Because Fauci, like all the other so-called experts paraded in front of us for the past year are nothing more than political operatives told to just keep the narrative alive for as long as possible. He’s now being sacrificed alongside Bill Gates and the other hired help like Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer while also securing a multi-million dollar book deal as his gold watch for a job well done.

The question I have now for all those terrorized and radicalized into frothing brain-eating zombies will some of them finally wake up from the real virus they succumbed to, the mind virus of government propaganda, and have the kind of memetic collapse which brings them back from the brink of literal insanity?

Or will they simply pivot to the latest deflection of blame from Fauci’s Davos masters and fall for the simple version of the story, that it was China alone that set COVID-19 on us as a bioterror weapon. Because without this controlling idea and the constant threat of the fake bogeyman of the Omnipotent Russian Secret Agent, who is now being blamed for the JBS cyberattack, how else will they continue doomscrolling through their Twitter feed simping for Rachel Maddow’s quivering Adam’s apple and still be able to scream into their cameras on TikTok?

This is the real problem I see in front of us. That narrative is here now, building on years of propaganda to gin up a war with China. Now, don’t take what I’m about to say as any kind of apologia for China’s involvement in the COVID-19 scam. There is plenty of blame to lay at their feat.

But don’t you think it’s a little convenient to all of a sudden flip the script about COVID on its head overnight in order to spoon feed the Left the new bogeyman, China? Trump did a fine job of this while in office, blaming China for everything and whipping his base into an anti-China frenzy.

However, when Trump was in power and he called it the China Virus, Maddow’s Army was all aTwitter with opprobrium for him and his racism and blamed him for deaths literally caused by Fauci, Gates, Whitmer and Cuomo.

“China was a victim too.” “Trump listen to the SCIENCE!” Blah blah blah.

But the science was wrong and we now know it was all just politics.

Now within the last couple of weeks we have a coherent narrative form around both Bill Gates and Dr. Death that it was, most likely, a man-made virus funded by U.S. taxpayers and visited upon us by the evil CCP while we all huddled in our homes hoping the Angel of Death would pass over us.

This new narrative along with putting all the blame on Fauci and Gates creates the perfect deflection away from Davos who were the ones capitalizing on this, if not behind the whole thing. If you think I’m running out of tin foil spinning out this tale stop and think for just one second and ask the only question that ever matters in matters like these… Cui bono?

Who benefits?

Because if there is one thing that could unite Americans at this point it would be turning on China for having ‘done this to us!’

MAGAtards and Shitlibs, marching down the streets of Atlanta singing the Battle Hymn of the Dying Republic, holding hands (well, okay, bumping elbows) and ratcheting up the belligerence until something dumb happens, like re-electing Trump in 2024.

Who benefits from China and the U.S. at each other’s throats? Who benefits from a collapse of the global economy as trade embargoes proliferate? Who benefits from conflicts in the South China Sea? Taiwan? Hong Kong? Los Angeles? Ukraine? Belarus? Israel? Who benefits from the cyberattacks on our infrastructure, the closing of our pipelines? The Freezing of Texas? Who? Really? China?

No. China loves selling us their stuff. Who actually created the policies which hollowed out our manufacturing, domestic production, turned us into fake-money addicted YouPorners and gender fluid deracinated children? It wasn’t China.

I’ll tell you who benefits. The European Union and Davos.

Why else do you think The Davos Crowd worked so hard to get Biden installed as president? Control of the U.S. military is the main reason. This is why Biden is pulling back from the Middle East. It’s why he’s leaving Israel out to hang while renegotiating the JCPOA. If you want to set yourself up as the next great power how else are you going to do that without fomenting a war between those bigger than you?

Who do you really think controls our courts? Who bought all all of those insane Attorneys General and Secretaries of State? Who actually is actually fighting the election fraud cases? China? Really? If you believe that then I suggest therapy.

And the saddest part is that most people won’t see this coming and we’ll stumble blindly into it as we take our political revenge for Davos’ and China’s dirty deeds in the 2020 election and beyond. At this point there’s no scenario I see that doesn’t have the Republicans return to power in 2022, controlling both the Senate and the House, especially if Democratic opposition to these election audits crumbles.

That’ll happen later this year after the German elections, and just in time for the beginning of the mid-term primary season to begin.

The 2022 mid-terms are shaping up now to be a referendum on the events since the world broke in March 2020. By then the vandals in the White House will have done enough damage that the stage will be set for the final act of this pathetic psychodrama.

The next shift is for the U.S. to redeploy assets away from Central Asia, cede that area to the inevitability of the Russia/China/Iran alliance and the final nail in the coffin of Halford Mackinder inspired Heartland geopolitics. Those assets will be needed for what comes next.

Europe can’t stop the flow of oil globally but it can certainly cripple the U.S. with multiple assaults by foreign powers to weaken it from within. Pipelines shut down, ‘cyberattacks’ on our food and energy production, election integrity destroyed, courts fully politicized, tech corporations turned into behavioral thought police and people fleeing the insanity of cities intentionally allowed to turn into dystopian nightmares that play like a pastiche of a Philip K. Dick novel and a John Carpenter movie.

Let’s call it “Escape of the Electric Sheep from New York”

The Steve Bannonites still want to call him China Joe, but Joe isn’t owned by China, he’s owned by Davos. That conclusion fits the data better.

Because China would never throw Fauci under the bus like this, it doesn’t serve their purpose. China’s MO has always been to suppress criticism of it. They are very predictable that way. Gates didn’t work for China, he worked for Davos. Davos is cleaning out “The Help” and there’s no one for China to negotiate with the U.S. to stop this nonsense.

This is why there’s been such overt diplomatic incompetence since Biden took office. Do you think these provocations of China over Taiwan or the Uyghurs, as amateurish as the are hypocritical, were just gaffes? Really?

Is that air you think you’re breathing?

No, the point here is to cut off any possibility of rapprochement, to permanently sour relations between China (and Russia) and the West. Joe’s going to go to Geneva in two weeks to try and neutralize Putin and buy him off with gas into Europe while turning his focus away from Russia to China. Hopefully it won’t work. Hopefully Putin is too savvy to see what’s happening.

Just wait until Biden and Obama no longer serve their purpose. They’ll be served up like chum to the justified anger of the conservatives who will seek someone to blame. All the while both sides of the political aisle will be united for the first time in trying to ‘get our country back.’

So while I’ve described the benefits to Europe and Davos for this. I haven’t given you the reason why Davos is throwing China under the same bus it’s throwing Gates and Fauci. Simple. It goes back to this year’s virtual Davos summit where Xi gave lip service to the Green New Deal and the Great Reset and Putin told Schwab, politely but firmly to go fuck himself.

So now China has to be neutralized in the longer term by hopefully getting into a war with the U.S. neither wins but cripples both. How else are you going to attract global capital to the economic wasteland that is modern Europe?

I’m not saying this truly insane and megalomaniacal plan will work, I’m just calling it out the way I see it.

I’m happy to hear some other version of these events, but this story makes sense because it truly encapsulates the mindset of those who are they are willing to burn the world to the ground rather than lose their status. That’s the real war we’re fighting, not some Great Powers game of the last century which is the last war, the ones politicians and generals are fantastic at preparing us to fight.

And we all know how well that goes.

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