Further Evidence of the Ineffectiveness of the Flu Vaccine


By Chris Carrington


Health Officials in the UK have admitted that the flu strain that is sweeping the planet this year, H3N2, is barely affected by the vaccination that is meant to prevent it. Only 3 out of every 100 vaccinated people are prevented from getting full-blown influenza, a situation that has led to a large rise in the elderly winter death rate in the UK.

This shows the uselessness of the World Health Organization system of deciding a year ahead which flu strains will be circulating the following winter. One of those strains, the one that happens to be causing most illness this year, has mutated so significantly that the vaccine is ineffective against it.

The strain, H3N2, causes major respiratory issues in the elderly and those with medical problems. It also happens to be the strain that is dominant in Canada and the USA this year.

The CDC is recommending prompt treatment with anti-viral drugs for anyone at risk of complications from the flu…regardless if they have been vaccinated or not. Their website states that the virus has mutated and that the vaccine is therefore far less effective than it should be.

This means the vaccine’s ability to protect against those viruses may be reduced, although vaccinated people may have a milder illness if they do become infected. (source)

While on the subject of vaccinations, California is attempting to make opting out of having children vaccinated for personal or religious reasons illegal.

From RT:

New legislation proposed in the California Senate would outlaw waivers that allow parents to exempt their children from receiving basic vaccinations for religious or personal reasons.

The bill is a response to the latest measles outbreak in the state.The bill, announced Wednesday, would require all children to receive vaccinations prior to attending public school in the state. The proposal allows for exemptions only in cases where a pre-existing medical condition would prevent a vaccination. Schools, meanwhile, would have to make their vaccination rates public.

Make their vaccination rates public…lets hope they make public the number of children sickened, disabled or killed by vaccines as well.


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