The globalists’ war on nations has entered its final stages: Many are ready to fall like dominoes

by Leo Hohmann, The Common Sense Show:

Tensions are escalating around the world, more rapidly it seems with each passing week.

As we pointed out back on May 26, the globalists have entered the “kill phase” of their plan for a Great Reset. But the killing is not limited to individuals in an effort to meet depopulation goals, which they are doing quite efficiently through famine, war, abortion and toxic, sterilizing injections.

The “kill phase” also targets nations.


Because God created humans (not transhumans) in His image and at the Tower of Babel He divided them into nations. Satan has been working to kill people, especially babies and children, and set up a one-world government ever since. If he can’t kill them physically in an abortion he attempts to kill their souls through perverted adults like drag queens and pedophiles.

Free-thinking human beings and independent sovereign nations are the two biggest enemies of the one-world system that Satan and his minions are trying to implement.

Things are moving more quickly now, because the globalist predator class has triggered its final, end-game play for total power, using the puppet politicians they’ve installed in every nation of the formerly free world to do their bidding.

The globalists are pushing all the right buttons to stoke the chaos, reopening every national wound from the past, pouring salt in existing wounds. The ruling elites would only be doing this if their goal was to destabilize the nations and bring them down.

Not just a few nations. Not a single region. But worldwide, from Sri Lanka to Poland to the Netherlands, Italy, France, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and U.S. – it’s all coming apart at the seams at the same time.

I believe the abject failures of these puppet regimes, which is starting to cause much human pain, are part of a deliberate plan.

Think about it.

They are told to go full bore on their climate agenda, driving up the cost of fuel and food to the point of making it unaffordable. Then they stoke the war in Ukraine, which exacerbates the very shortages they had already set in motion through their Covid bioweapon and supply-chain disruptions.

Without food and fuel, nations die.

But they don’t die easily.

They will put up a fight.

Blood will get spilled.

A cop in the Netherlands this weekend shot at a 16-year-old boy on a tractor.

This inflames already highly charged hatred for authorities.

At some point the “have nots” will storm the fortresses of the haves and steal their stuff. More blood gets spilled in the process.

This sets the stage for a global dictatorship that will come in to restore order and promise peace and prosperity, maybe even denouncing of the whole climate change agenda that is at the heart of so much pain right now.

Before you can “build back better,” according to the slogan of the World Economic Forum, you must burn everything down.

And that’s where we’re at right now.

Expect the fires to intensify. Many of us sense in our spirits that things are coming to a head, one way or another. The forces of good and evil are on a collision course, with all of the spiritual legions lining up behind their corresponding human agents here on Earth.

The angels of darkness have been exposed. We know who they are now. And the angels of light are receiving their assignments, filing into place to defend what is God’s from the vicious onslaughts of the Satan.

The dark angels, better known as demons, have been able to work their evil under the radar for decades while hardly being noticed. That’s coming to an end. As their masks come off and they are revealed for what they are, that will lead to more people’s eyes being opened and more people inviting Jesus into their lives as their Lord and Savior. Others will choose to side with the evil ones and just become more hardened against Jesus.

The great push back is about to begin but we must pray for wisdom so as not to fall into the booby traps and land mines laid by the enemy.

In late May, speaking at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Klaus Schwab told his fellow globalists that “We must prepare for an angrier world.”

Isn’t it interesting how the world has gotten decidedly more angry since Schwab made that statement?

That anger is now boiling over. We saw it this weekend in Sri Lanka when the president was forced to flee the country and protesters burned down the prime minister’s residence. We see it in the Netherlands, where farmers are blocking major roadways, now joined by farmer uprisings in Italy, Poland and Spain. It seems the United States is the calmest right now but the globalist Biden administration has tried its hardest to stoke anger and division. Americans are just still too comfortable compared to those in these other nations but that’s about to change.

The wealthier the country, the more time it will take to plunder and light the fuse of rebellion.

But eventually it gets lit, because owning nothing and having no privacy does not make people happy. It makes them angry.

Why is the plundering of the middle class populations being taken to such brazen levels? Because the globalists returned home from that WEF meeting in the last week of May with their orders to double down on their already outrageous climate policies, which they say are needed in order to “save the earth” from the existential threat of global warming. This involves phasing out fossil fuels, driving up inflationary pressures, putting the screws to the farmers by withholding fertilizer and diesel fuel, and also disarming the citizens worldwide.

That’s why the Dutch government is forcing farmers to reduce the nitrogen in the soil by 50 to 90 percent, not only stealing their means of making a living but also drastically reducing the amount of food they can grow per acre. A manufactured food crisis is well underway and we will have food rationing in many, if not all, of the wealthier Western nations by next spring.

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    • It is Persian. Stay in 1 room with doors closed …use each others body heat. Set up refuge community soup kitchens deliver buckets of tea and soup to homes…water is supplied via bottles. Warm Community refuges build morale

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