The Lessons of History: In 1966 President De Gaulle Said No to US-NATO

De Gaulle's Vision of Europe and the Problems of the Contemporary Balkans

March 10, 1966: After 31 assassination attempts against his life, Charles De Gaulle ordered France’s withdrawal from NATO’s military integrated command. This decision was formally reversed almost half a century later under Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency.  De Gaulle adopted a foreign policy independent of the Anglo-american axis.

His March 10 1966, not only pertained France’s decision to withdraw from NATO’s integrated military command, but also to remove NATO’s headquarters from French territory, thereby leading the establishment of the Alliance’s headquarters in Brussels.

In today’s World, the leaders of the EU and the Western military alliance, above all the elites of France, Germany, Italy are scared, terrorized of a potential US backlash, a reaction like the “reaction” that produced 31 assassinations attempts against the French leader.

This reaction would no doubt be forthcoming if they decided to defend the national interest of their countries, e.g by opposing the the destabilization of Ukraine and the financial looting of the EU by Wall Street and the city of London.

But this is the historical moment, in which these countries are gambling their future existence as sovereign states, and US political intimidation can be fought back. But these European leaders are corrupt and coopted by Washington.

De Gaulle gave an example and because he challenged openly the forces that tried to kill him — and, above all, kill France as and independent and sovereign country – he won. He was able to send the occupation forces of NATO packing. He won a second Resistance after that against Nazism.

Aldo Moro and Enrico Mattei

Also Aldo Moro, the Italian statesman was probably concerned for his personal security when he decided to go ahead with his project of a strong “non-destabilization” government which was able to avoid what had happened in Chile with the coup against President Salvador Allende in 1973.

But Moro proceeded and there was no Chile-style coup in Italy. He paid with his life, however, in 1978 when a super sophisticated military team presenting itself as Red Brigades kidnapped him, kept him prisoner in the middle of Rome and then murdered him.

And most likely Enrico Mattei was concerned for his life when he defended Italy’s right to economic development and cheap and abundant energy against the so-called Seven Sisters – the international oil company. He was killed in a plane crash in 1962. Today has been ascertained that the plane was sabotaged. Mattei concluded oil and gas deal with the countries of North Africa and Russia independently and against the “advises” of the Seven Sisters cartel.

Alfred Herrhausen

And what about Alfred Herrhausen the paradoxical non-monetarist banker who preached and practiced a debt cancellation for the unpayable debts of several countries? Alfred Herrhausen, the successful and brilliant German banker and economist who knew that one cannot make money from money, but one needs a real economy.

Alfred Herrausen, who prepared a Grand Plan for the development of the real economy of Eastern Europe and Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Alfred Herrhausen, who conducted a war against the monetarist speculators on two fronts, in Germany within his own Deutsche Bank and outside with the IMF, World Bank, Wall Street.

An non-existent “third generation” RAF (Baader Meinhof gang) terrorist team killed him on Nov 30 1989, in a military operation  of a complexity without precedent…

The Deutsche Bank was pushed in the hands of the speculators from the city of London typified by the Merrill Lynch’s Anshu Jain who was allowed to conquer the leadership of the bank, transforming Deutsche Bank into a corrupt swamp that openly sabotaged Germany real economy.

The political leadership of Germany while aware of these tendencies, largely caved into accepting these financial shifts imposed by the Anglo-american banking axis.  This also explains their support of the US sponsored regime in Kiev. The power of these “financial gangsters” over Germany is the real reason why Germany is paralyzed, unable to defend its basic interests and, apparently, pushed into a confrontation with its main economic partner, Russia.

De Gaulle, Herrhausen, Mattei, Moro — these leaders saved whatever is left of Europe today. This foregone European project did not include the Anglo-american financial oligarchy. As De Gaulle made clear, the Europe of independent and sovereign nations he envisioned did not include Britain, which he rightly considered as part of the Anglo-American financial cartel whose main thrust was to weaken and destabilize Europe, while undermining the so-called Franco-German alliance, which broadly prevailed until the onset of the Iraq war in March 2003.

The legacy of these leaders must now be taken up by Europe.

 How De Gaulle did it his way

The author using the pen name of William Torbitt describes how De Gaulle decided to do what looked (and to many European leaders looks, still today) impossible: the immediate expulsion of foreign namely US military forces from French soil. This was a clear example for the leaders of France, Germany, Italy on how a real leader (not a Hollywoodian caricature of a leader) acts in a moment of deep crisis for his country.

Today, Washington and London – and behind them Wall Street and the City of London – are threatening retribution against those political leaders who dare uphold the national interest of their respective countries, while also refusing to accept a confrontation with Russia and China.

These leaders are instructed by Washington to be accomplices in the process of destruction and destabilization of the European project.

From ‘The Assassination Attempt on De Gaulle’ by William Torbitt:

General De Gaulle was furious at the assassination plots and attempted assassination upon himself. He called in his most trusted officers with the French Intelligence Agency and they advised him that they were already working on the investigation to ferret out who was behind DeGaulle’s attempted assassination.

The French Intelligence Agency in a very short while completely traced the assassination attempt through Permindex, the Swiss corporation, to the Solidarists, the Fascist White Russian emigre intelligence organization and Division Five, the espionage section of the FBI, into the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels, Belgium.

French intelligence thus determined that the attempts on General De Gaulle’s life were being directed from NATO in Brussels through its various intelligence organizations and specifically, Permindex in Switzerland, basically a NATO intelligence front using the remnants of Adolph Hitler’s intelligence units in West Germany and also, the intelligence unit of the Solidarists headquartered in Munich, Germany. The overall command of the De Gaulle assassination unit was directed by Division Five of the FBI.

Upon learning that the intelligence groups controlled by the Division Five of the FBI in the headquarters of the NATO organization had planned all of the attempts of his life, DeGaulle was inflamed and ordered all NATO units off of French soils. Under the contract between France and NATO, General De Gaulle could not force them to move for a period of time somewhat exceeding one year; yet, he told NATO to get off the soil of France and put the machinery in operation to remove them within the treaty agreements with the organization.

The Defense Intelligence Agency, the intelligence arm of all armed forces in the United States and Division Five, the counter-espionage agency for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were both found to have been the controlling agencies in NATO directing the assassination attempts on De Gaulle’s life. DIA and Division Five of the FBI were working hand in glove with the White Russian emigre intelligence arm, the Solidarists, and many of the Western European intelligence agencies were not aware of the assassination plan worked directly through NATO headquarters.

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