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by The Zman

There is an old expression in politics that roughly says the most successful politicians are blessed with the right enemies. William Weld, a long time Massachusetts politician, was enormously gifted, until alcoholism got the better of him. He could have reshaped state politics and become a national figure, but he ran into the far wilier Billy Bulger at the local level and the more powerful duo of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy at the national level, so he never lived up to his promise.

We seem to be seeing the opposite with Donald Trump, who has better political instincts than most seasoned professionals, even though his only political experience was at the very top of the game eight years ago. Imagine a fighter stepping into the ring for the first time and the opponent is the reigning world champion. Then imagine that guy winning, and you see the enormity of 2016. Since then, the system has thrown everything at the man, and he is still going.


The main reason Trump continues to move toward the Republican nomination and a general election rematch is he is blessed with the best enemies. The two Federal court cases are now stalled indefinitely. In both cases, the reason for the delay is the chief inquisitor appointed by the Biden administration is proving to be an incompetent fanatic who cannot stop lying to the court. In the most recent example, he was forced to admit the FBI tampered with evidence and lied about it.

A smarter, more sober minded prosecutor would have used the process to tangle Trump up in a myriad of potential scandals that both drained his resources and created a black cloud over his campaign. Instead, the deranged Jack Smith thought he could get into a street fight with a guy who prefers street fights. In the fullness of time, Jack Smith will be remembered as one of Trump’s dumbest adversaries. The guy has managed to turn the power of the Federal government into a liability.

Then we have the locals who seem to have been drawn from central casting if central casting is located at the diversity department of a mental asylum. In Georgia, Fani Willis turned herself into a living argument against affirmative action. In New York, Alvin Bragg has managed to make a sham trial into a daily platform for Trump to do what he does best, which is walking around New York City, sweet talking the locals, who line up every day to see The Man fight the man.

The question is where will all of this lead. It is a mortal lock that Trump is convicted of whatever it is they claim he did wrong. It is also a guarantee that the third world judge sentences Trump to jail time. He has threatened Trump with jail over Trump talking publicly about the court case. This judge is stupid and insane, so we are most likely going to see a situation in which the Secret Service faces off with the State of New York about how to jail a former president.

It remains to be seen how this plays with the public, but no one in power actually cares about public opinion. They just use it as a fig leaf. It is safe to assume that the people running the Republican Party would love to dump Trump, so this might be their chance to remove him from the ballot. The trouble is, that means the end of the party and even the dullards of Conservative Inc should be able to see it. Then again, “conservative” is just the long spelling of “retarded.”

This is where Trump’s luck may come into play. The guy thrives on chaos and what will happen this summer with regards to the nomination is chaos. In other words, his opponents are creating for him the conditions in which he does best. By doing nothing more than existing, he will put party leadership in a vice. One jaw is defending him against rogue state courts and the other jaw is the people who call the shots in Washington, demanding the party remove him from the ballot.

It gets better, or at least more amusing. Joe Biden is clearly a mess physically and mentally, which will not get better with time. The other day he was leaving the White House, and it appears he soiled his diaper. Even former NFL players are laughing about Biden’s physical and mental health problems. Biden’s growing incoherence will not be helped by black sports stars making diaper jokes about him. The precious black vote follows the lead of their black stars.

The solution to the Biden problem is to remove him from the ballot at the convention and swap in someone new. Biden is told to stand aside at the convention, maybe have him deliver one last speech in which he “graciously” steps aside for someone new, who then picks a running mate that is not the butt of jokes. In other words, the solution to the Biden problem might be the chaos option. Upend the whole race at the last-minute hoping that something good arises from the chaos.

None of this should lead anyone to think Trump will win the general election or be allowed to assume office. The people in charge have other more effective ways to block Trump if these efforts fail. The way to bet right now is that the Republican Party removes Trump from the ballot at the convention, as he will be sitting in a jail somewhere in New York or maybe under house arrest. Even so, that will be just one log on the bonfire of chaos that is coming.

In the end, Trump is lucky in that he is getting exactly what he needs to thrive politically, but what he is, and always has been, is a wrecking ball. His role in the late empire political process is to fulfill another old expression, those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason. Trump makes the managerial class insane, which results in chaos, the thing on which Trump feeds. That cycle of chaotic madness is now heading to a climax this summer.


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