The Orlando Massacre: The Lies, The Exploitation And Unasked Questions

This article was written for the Unz Review:

The “Islamic homophobe” thesis bites the dust in less than 24 hours

Right from the start, the Orlando shooting made no sense to me and I said so pretty clearly in an article I posted the same day. You can read the full article here, so I will only mention my main conclusion: that this event had nothing to do with homosexuality, Islam or guns and that:

If this is not about homosexuality, Islam or guns, what is it about?
It is about making us believe that is is about homosexuality, Islam and guns, of course!

Less than 24 hours later, two of the key aspects of the official narrative (really, “spin”) are now already falling apart.


The MSM was full of articles denouncing the alleged “homophobia” of the shooter. Even the so-called “alternative” or “independent” echoed this nonsense (see here and here). And now we find out that the shooter himself was a homosexual and that he used “gay dating apps”. So unless we now re-brand Omar Mateen as a “self-hating homosexual” it will be hard to spin this one as a “homophobic hate crime”.


It gets better. While most of us have now heard that Omar Mateen was a Muslim and that he had pledged allegiance to Daesh. It now turns out that he did pledged allegiance to both ISIS andHezbollah! It might be useful to repeat here that while nominally both ISIS and Hezbollah are “Muslim”, the ISIS Takfiris consider Shia as kufars, as apostates, who betrayed true Islam and turned to idolatry. They also consider them “Iranian agents”. As for Hezbollah, they are The Number One (all in caps) enemy of Daesh/ISIS gang and they refer to these Takfiri maniacs as “devils” (shaitan). What this means is simple and leaves only a few options:

  1. Either Omar Mateen knew nothing about Islam
  2. Or Omar Mateen was coerced into making this statement and he deliberately made it absurd
  3. Or Omar Mateen never said any such thing

Pick your favorite hypothesis, but what is darn certain is that the contents of his alleged statement leave the “Islamic theory” shattered into pieces. There is simply absolutely no way any real Muslim would simultaneously pledged allegiance to ISIS and Hezbollah at the same time.

(Oh sure, visceral Islam-haters will still claim that Islam is to blame, just as Putin-haters will blame Putin, Jew haters will blame Jews, etc. but the factual basis of the “Islamic theory” is now gone).

Which leaves only one MSM endorsed explanation for what happened: guns.

I have already written about the utter inanity of the phobia of guns and I will not repeat it all here other than to notice that in this case the massacre clearly cannot be blamed on “lax gun laws” simply because US Federal and Florida gun laws were massively and deliberately violated by Omar Mateen.

The “Lax gun laws” canard

The putatively “lax gun laws” of the USA are quite clear: you cannot purchase a firearm if you:

  1. have a history of substance abuse
  2. have a history of violence (including domestic violence)
  3. mental issues

Take a look at the ATF form 4473 which every person has to fill before purchasing a firearm:


Notice that point e, f, h and possibly i all would disqualify Omar Mateen about whom we now know that:

  1. He had substance abuse problem (steroids, a schedule III controlled substance)
  2. He had a history of domestic violence
  3. He was bi-polar

So, under US Federal Law Omar Mateen could not have legally bought his guns. And since clearly he did not care about US lawys anyway, he could have purchased them off the street rather easily anyway.

This is hardly something specific to firearms laws, by the way. It turns out that Omar Mateen has been employed as a security guard at a courthouse, an armed security officer for the company G4S and as a state prison guard. Each of these jobs would have required a security investigation and, apparently, not a single one of them found out that Omar Mateen was clearly a nutcase and a ticking timebomb. So the problem is not “lax gun laws” but the fact that the costs of a meaningful security investigation are way too high to be requested by most agencies or companies. As a rule these background checks and security investigation simply do not work.

How about a completely different track now?

I want to offer another theory here. Not one I particularly believe in, but one which is at least as credible as the other three and which is never, ever, mentioned by the doubleplusgoodthinking corporate (and even independent) media: what if the roots of Omar Mateen’s violent insanity came from his homosexuality? (how is that for a major crimethink?!)

Does anybody still remember the case of Vester Lee Flanagan II aka “Bryce Williams”, the Black homosexual who shot two of his journalist colleagues while they were recording an interview live on air? For some reason, that crime was not presented as a racist “hate crime” or, even less so, as a case of violent “heterophobia”. Could it be that there is something in the mental condition of homosexuals which could bring them to have themselves (“homosexual safe-hating homophobia”) or the others (“heterophobia”)? We know that Flanagan II-Williams wrote a 23 page long manifesto explaining his actions, but that was never published. Am I the only one to wonder why? Could it have something to do with the fact that he worked as a “male escort”?

We now have two of the most high-visibility and heinous crimes in recent US history committed by homosexuals, one of them Black on White, and yet nobody wonders if they might have something to do with race or homosexuality (well, almost nobody; Ron Unz has written an absolutely superb analysis of the race and crime issue in the USA).

We know that homosexuals have a higher rate of substance abuse, a higher rate of suicide and even a higher rate of domestic violence than heterosexuals. So why doesn’t thedoubleplusgoodthinking doxa begin looking into a possible “epidemic of gay violence” (that is how they would word something like that)?

Now, let me be honest here and admit that I don’t really believe that homosexuals are more likely to commit violent crime than heterosexuals. I don’t believe that simply because I have no reason to believe it. But I would be open to the idea. My real point in bringing this up here is to show that we are all brainwashed, at least to some degree, to accept and reject certain arguments or theses regardless of the the empirical evidence supporting it. We are also conditioned to accept what I call the “non-commutative property” of the “ideological blocks” of the politically acceptable discourse. The reality of something called “homophobia” is accepted as dogma. The possibility of something called “heterophobia” is rejected prima facie as heresy. Likewise, anti-Semitism is a universally accepted notion, but goy-hatred is not. These are just two amongst many other such “one-way mental blocks”. Add several hundred more of such “one-way mental blocks” and you end up with a society in which the vast majority of people automatically accepted the notion that an “Islamic homophobe” single handedly shot over 100 people and that if only the gun laws in Florida or the USA were more restrictive none of that would have happened.

Friends, this is not a coincidence. This is a *system* designed to make us all stupid and gullible.

What we already have is a mentally disturbed, illegal substance abusing homosexual pseudo-Muslim who violated both US and State laws on firearms and who managed to amazing feat of single-handedly confront about 320 adults, shooting over 100 people in the course of a several hours long massacre without ever being challenged, using only two guns (incapable of firing in full-auto mode!). Then we are told that the shooter locked himself with hostages in the bathroom and that he was very calm when talking to the cops. Does any of that make sense to you?

Then let’s do the math. 1 gunman, 320 people, 49 dead, 53 wounded. And yet we are also told that the US SWAT teams are the best on the planet. Remember when Wahabi Chechen terrorists took over 900 people hostage in the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow? Yes, that is nine hundred hostages. Held hostage by forty (40) terrorists. When the Russian special forces stormed the theater, not a single hostage died even though many of the terrorists had real suicide belts on and a huge bomb in the center of the building. That is 40 gunman, 900 hostages, zero dead, zero wounded. True, after the assault something between 140 and 174 people died due to the gas used by the special forces to put everybody – terrorists and hostages – into instantaneous sleep: the local EMT did not have enough personnel and equipment to “reverse” so many people drugged by an unknown gas (many died on the way to the hospital). But even if we blame the 174 dead on the security forces, that still leaves 726 people saved out of 900. And that is how the supposedly “poorly trained” Russian special forces performed. So how do the best SWAT teams on the planet get a score of 50+ people killed by a single (unexperienced) hostage taker? Either they are not nearly as good as most people think, or they are lying about what really happened.

Waco anybody?

But, again, these questions are not asked.

Instead we have Hillary, the likely next President of the USA (God help us all) spewing the usual nonsense speaking of a madman “consumed by rage against LGBT Americans” who “pledged allegiance to ISIS”, adding:

The attack in Orlando makes it even more clear, we cannot contain this threat. We must defeat it. And the good news is that the coalition effort in Syria and Iraq has made recent gains in the last months. So we should keep the pressure on ramping up the air campaign, accelerating support for our friends fighting to take and hold ground and pushing our partners in the region to do even more.

Perfect! From Orlando to ramping up the air campaign in the Middle-East to support “our friends” (who are, of course, Daesh, ISIS, al-Qaeda & Co!). And then, true to herself and her dogmatic view of the world, she claimed that “assault weapons” were used and that

I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets and we may have our disagreements about gun safety regulations, but we should all be able to agree on a few essential things. If the FBI is watching you for a suspected terrorist link, you shouldn’t be able to just go buy a gun with no questions asked. And you shouldn’t be able to exploit loopholes and evade criminal background checks by buying online or at a gun show. And yes, if you’re too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America. Now, I know some will say that assault weapons and background checks are totally separate issues having nothing to do with terrorism. Well, in Orlando and San Bernardino terrorists used assault weapons, the AR-15. And they used it to kill Americans. That was the same assault weapon used to kill those little children in Sandy Hook.

The truth is that neither one of the guns used (not an AR-15 but a Sig Sauer MCX rifle and a Glock 17 pistol) are “assault weapons” and most definitely not “weapons of war”. If by “assault weapon” (an apparent translation of the German Sturmgewehr) you refer to a weapon used in a military assault, it has to be a weapon capable of full-auto fire (as indicated by the Russian term avtomat). In Orlando only the cops had real weapons of war, full auto capable “assault weapons, not Mateen, and yet it did not seem to help them very much. As for the so-called “loopholes” of buying online or a gunshows, not onlyare those a myth, but neither of these apply to the case of Mateen who legally purchased his guns in a store, with background check and all.

But that’s just Hillary treating us all like ignorant idiots (and so does the White House).

The scary part is that Hillary is now proposing a totally arbitrary system of denying 2nd Amendment rights to Americans based on the notorious “no fly” list. If that is not yet another frontal assault on our basic civil rights, I don’t know what is!


As I mentioned it yesterday – terrorism is really an illusion. For one thing, I am unaware of any form of real terrorism which is not sponsored by at least one, or several, government(s). Furthermore, the actual atrocity, no matter how horrible, is just a trigger for the much more important assault on our minds. You could say that the point of terrorism is not to kill people, it is to make us all stupid. As soon as you understand that you will immediately realize that from the point of view of this logic, the 50 people murdered in Orlando were really only “collateral damage” but that we all are the real targets of this assault. But it is up to us to accept to be the victims of this attack on our minds, or to reject it and refuse to think about it along the narrow confines placed upon us by the “one-way mental blocks” our 1% rulers are trying to place on us. In fact, the only meaningful way to defeat terrorism is to refuse to think in the manner terrorist events are designed to make us think.

The people murdered in Orlando had no choice as to be the victims of this latest “mass shooting”. We do. And I think that rather than hold hands, sob and engage in all the rest of the idiotic behavior so many people engage in after such an event, the best thing we can do to honor the memory of those murdered is to refuse to buy into all the nonsense and lies surrounding this atrocity.

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