The U.S.’s Secret Silver Confiscation

By Jeff Nielson

The U.S. government confiscated its citizens gold in 1933. It confiscated its citizens silver in 1934. The first event is splashed all over our so-called “history books”. The second event has been nearly completely erased. Why?

No obvious answer presented itself to that question, until my recent series of commentaries entitled The Secret Silver Stockpile. Why try to erase the fact that the U.S. government stole a huge hoard of silver from its own citizens? In order to allow it to conceal funneling all of that hoard to a select group of privileged Oligarchs.

Readers of that previous series know these oligarchs as “the Silver Users”, via the work of Charles Savoie. They are represented today by an ultra-powerful/well-connected entity known as The Silver Users Association, established (in its modern form) in 1947. A glance at their website is revealing in several respects.

First, on the homepage we note this entity’s self-description:

The Silver Users Association is a non-profit organization that was established in 1947 to represent the interests of companies that make, sell and distribute products and services in which silver is an essential component.

When we move to the “members” page, we are further enlightened when we see who is on the list, and what the tactics are of this organization:

Become a member of the Silver Users Association and join a network of industry leaders that are interested in maintaining an orderly silver market and shaping public policy. [emphasis mine]

“Maintaining an orderly…market” are words which should strike an immediate note of déjà vu with all sophisticated readers, as they are the words which we hear all the time out of the mouths of the bankers – when they talk about their “role” in the gold market. It is nothing less than obvious banker-code for “manipulation”.

This becomes completely clear when we look at the fundamental role which gold (and silver) play in our economies as monetary metals. Knowledgeable readers know that these metals are “barometers” of our economies, specifically the rate of inflation. Because gold and silver are immutable metals, and can never change; when they suddenly/significantly rise in value it can only be a reflection of the fact that our (paper) currencies are rapidly losing their value.

As barometers; there can/could be no possible justification for either the bankers or the Silver Users to seek to “maintain orderly markets” with these metals. If the reading on a real barometer behaves erratically, we don’t accuse the barometer of being “disorderly” – you don’t “shoot the Messenger”. Rather, it is an indication that the weather which the barometer measures has become so erratic.

Similarly, if/when the price of gold and silver rises in (supposedly) free markets; it’s not a signal that these market-thugs need to step in and “regulate” (i.e. suppress) those prices. Rather; it’s an indication that our irresponsible (and now a href=”” target=”_blank”>simply criminal) governments and banks need to “regulate” their own erratic behavior and economic policies.

Obviously, the Silver Users Association is nothing but a silver-manipulation entity, much like the Bank for International Settlements and our central banks (who seek to “maintain an orderly gold market”) are nothing more than gold-manipulation entities – to go along with their role as the (excessive) creators of all these paper currencies.

Who is involved with this organized campaign by the industrial users of silver to suppress the price of silver? Along with expected names of industrial giants/oligarchs like DuPont, Dow Chemical, and Tiffany and Company; we see the names ScotiaMocatta and GFMS Limited.

ScotiaMocatta is infamous as being the world’s most criminal/nefarious silver-short – second only to JPMorgan itself. GFMS Limited is the “consultant” mouthpiece (now owned by Thompson Reuters) responsible for supplying most of the quasi-official, doctored “statistics” for both the gold and silver markets.

In reality, it is the bankers’ propaganda tentacle in bullion markets, but officially it is supposed to be a mere reporter of market data. Why would a (supposed) mere reporter of data feel a need to be involved in “maintaining an orderly market” and “shaping public policy”?

Obviously, if GFMS Limited (and thus Reuters, itself) was what it claimed to be, it could have no possible legitimate interest or motive in being involved in market-manipulation and “shaping public policy”. GFMS’ membership in this group is equally proof of its own illegitimacy, and further proof of the illegitimacy of the Silver Users Association itself.

Why is the name “JPMorgan” missing from this Hall of Shame? Don’t worry. It’s there…somewhere. One of the obscure names on this list of Members will be nothing more than some dummy, front-company – a corporate shell behind which lurks JPMorgan (much like JPMorgan itself is a mere tentacle of the One Bank). Indeed, what is less-peculiar than the absence of JPMorgan’s name is the presence of ScotiaMocatta’s.

Why openly include the name of the world’s second-largest silver-short as a member in an entity which is nothing but a (very) thinly-veiled front for silver manipulation? Sheer arrogance would seem to be the only answer. The One Bank simply no longer cares if the small minority of non-comatose minds see it, its minions, and its crime-markets for what they really are.

Such arrogance would seem to be well-founded when we go past the question of why the U.S. government (and the One Bank) have erased the confiscation of U.S. silver from our (so-called) “history books”, and consider how this was done. What level of omnipotence is implied when a single entity (the One Bank) now essentially writes our “history books”?

Those sensing hyperbole in this assertion need to delve into Savoie’s The Silver Stealers – in order to find more history which has been erased/altered. Notable in his chronicles is exposing the farcical “history” of The Great Depression.

Officially, we’re told that a global depression was caused by the simple crash of one stock market, in a nation representing a mere 5% of the global population, and well before the U.S. had achieved its current level of global, economic dominance. It is nonsensical gibberish. Here is what really happened.

Following World War I; the One Bank (and the Silver Users behind it) simply looted all of the silver from India’s population. All of the Indian soldiers conscripted into the British army in World War I would only accept silver as their payment. By the end of that War; these payments alone had caused much of the global stockpile of silver to flow into India.

This was intolerable to the bankers/Silver Users. So, not only did they simply steal most of India’s silver; they then dumped much of that silver on global markets to crash the price of silver – which had soared (due to scarcity) over the course of World War I.

At that time; China’s economy was officially on a “silver standard”. So when the One Bank simultaneously stole much of the wealth out of India, and destroyed China’s monetary system; it created a crippling depression in the world’s two largest populations/nations – which clearly predates the U.S. “Crash of ‘29”, and thus is the real cause of the Great Depression.

These are only examples of “history” being erased/re-written of which we are aware, and then only thanks to the diligence of Charles Savoie. How much of our pseudo-history has been fictionalized by the Revisionists of the One Bank? How much has simply been erased?

We have no way of answering such questions. We only know that in examining history which has been erased/re-written, “secret confiscations”, and “secret stockpiles” that we are dealing with a Crime Syndicate of unparalleled size/might.

The bigger they are; the harder they fall.

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