TLB Special – The True Story Of “The Matrix”: A Blue Pill Overdose

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So you think you know the true story of The Matrix … NOPE!

So you think you know the authors of the story line … NOPE!

So you think you know the concept it is based on … NOPE!

But we at TLB do … and very soon, so will you!

Just like the movies, the reality you are aware of is fiction at its best … errr maybe in this scenario, its worst.

Misrepresentation, Religion, Power, Criminal intent, Plagiarism, Agenda, Skulduggery … These are all a part of the story we are about to unfold for you. What you will come to see is … The Matrix within a Matrix.

Please listen to this great (recorded) discussion and read the fact filled accompanying article for a trip so far down the rabbit hole, we will have to pump daylight to you …

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In an alternate history you would know this man’s name by heart, but in this reality he remains largely unknown as the original author of the script that became The Matrix and the films that became its Trilogy. His place usurped by two failing writers, Andy and Lana, formerly Larry, Wachowski with the orchestrated help of film giant Warner Brothers who spent untold amounts of money to spin the lie.

Graphic 2 Tom and Becca in Cap

You read it right, Tom Althouse’s screenplay The Immortals was stolen and used to make the blockbuster movie The Matrix. And prior to the world being forever changed by it, and vast fortunes made, it was completed by a down and out writer and submitted through an attorney certified mail in 1993. Althouse was not only hoping to bring change and warn what was happening in our world at the time, but also to change the way we look at films. Upon the request and direction of Warner Brother exec Lorenzo di Bonaventura who was known for discovering new talent and scripts, the script was sent directly to WB’s story department in June of 1993, six months before the Wachowskis Brothers originally made claim of conception and a year before movie mongrel Joel Silver claims to have submitted it to the Warner Brothers story department himself.

Graphic 3 lorenzo-joelsilver

How is this possible and how can the Wachowskis and Warner Brothers get away with it? Well it helps if you are part of the biggest film conglomerate in the world, and are able to have attorneys and judges in your pocket. It helps if you have control over the media as all news sources are basically run by six corporations now worldwide. A sobering consideration that without the free press you would not even be reading this now.

This should have been a simple open and closed case as copyright infringement law rests on two major details. The first being access. Did the accused party have sufficient access to the works in question and secondly, are there any similarities.  Therefore when you have absolute access, with the work submitted directly to the studio’s Story Department, as well as over 190 matching similarities you should see either a settlement or your day in court. But if your personal information is inserted directly in the films by the one’s stealing the work, it becomes not only a first in film history, but something you would think the media would cease upon. But not if it is owned and controlled by the defendants.

One of the most alarming discoveries was the insertion of Tom Althouse’s personal information hidden right inside the films. The Matrix displays multiple listings for a second upside down, a first in film history, of Althouse’s name, father’s name, high school, birth date, marital status, age, all on one document inserted in the interrogation scene agent Smith opens before us.

Graphic 4 Matrix info inserted

And more alarming is that the Clearance Department at Warner Brothers studios cleared the entries by tweaking each slightly, their job to insure entries will not be contested by copyright law, but allowed the Wachowskis to place them in the film. And then should we be surprised that just four years later in Anamatrix we see “Tom Althouse” clearly spelled out in the film itself without the Clearance Department, apparently bypassed by the Wachowskis and their team which they refer to as their posse.

Graphic 5 Animatrix Tom Althouse inserted

Here we find a shot with Althouse’s exact birth date and age frozen on a watch face filling the screen. 7/2/59 age 44 at the time the film was released in 2003, just as in The Matrix they have TA/40/99 where Tom Althouse was 40 in 1999, the year that film was made.

Graphic 6 Clock face and 9940TA entry
Why would the Wachowskis do this? Well one answer may reside in their posse’s claim to the Wachowskis’ penchant for inserting jokes and hidden meanings throughout the film. Plus it helps if you have required your entire team to sign non disclosure agreements while you’re shooting it. It could also help to somehow feel more clever than the writer you are stealing from, when their own work, Assassins, prior had failed so badly that the studio had to bring another writer in to finish it, and it still got panned by the critics. Or it may be one way to strike back at the original writer whose work is being lauded as “cool” but that “no one understands” it, but whose work you can never quite duplicate as well, or explain yourselves.

Graphic 7 of the Wachowskis

But then again, why would the Wachowski’s stick in Althouse’s age amid all his other personal information into the films? Well if one considers that when Althouse was invited to pitch the films in 1993, he shared that he never gave his age out because directors had advised him since he looked so young at the time, it could affect his getting work, so best to leave it open. One gets the sense then of how they could see it as an extra slap in Althouse’s face.

Graphic 8 Tom at time of writing of the Screenplay

This also gives a chilling sense of the fact that the Wachowskis or someone at Warner Brothers had to be doing some research on the original author’s background and keeping tabs on him, to insert even his school and birthdates into the films. Althouse had been all over the news in 1993 for taking on Pat Robertson and his organization, and so already was a public figure of sorts. And indeed as far as keeping tabs on Althouse, Warner Brothers had entries of Althouse’s website presented as hard copies before him by Warner Brothers attorneys when those entries had been taken down before filing any complaint. But then again it was Althouse’s own attorney, who he was informed had been bought out by Warner Brothers attorneys, that had demanded he take them down in the first place, as Warner Brothers did not want any facts or evidence seen or acknowledged by the public or the courts.

The most important piece of the puzzle was the hardest to see because it was such an emotional invested ride, and that was that Althouse’s first attorney, Anthony Ranken, was working solely for the best interests of Warner Brothers and the Wachowski’s. Unfortunately far too much damage had been done before the realization came that Ranken was bought out. A fact that was gut wrenchingly revealed by personnel working in the LA court building who had shared with Tom personally that they had overheard the WB attorneys bragging how they had Ranken “in their pocket”.

But then the rabbit hole goes much deeper with over 190 similarities and match ups far more outstanding than even the plug ins to the back of the necks. From the architect that created the program, the little girl at the train station whose family is trying to get her onto the train for a better life, the liquid mirrors that were security devices, the pods holding the humans, the exact same squidees, diggers and other machines, battle of the doubles as they face off at the crater and even the exact same ending with the little girl pointing to the sun. It is mind boggling to comprehend all the layers that line up and once you start to not only see the images that were lifted by the Wachowski Brothers, but also the depth of the concepts that are taken. It becomes surreal to find the Bush appointed judge granting the summary judgment claiming there is not a single similarity, and even changing testimony in the process. This begins to give an idea how far the corruption goes. But the details of why it was written, and why the powers felt compelled to steal it, may leave you in horror.

One has to wonder if things have fallen in place this way in our current history, as if for some bigger plan so that the movement for change can be fueled by the atrocity of this situation that has been shaped and fueled by so many world directing corporations and industries whose agendas are about controlling the masses for their own profit and power.

In The Immortals itself, a main character warns that there is still some time because we still have the free press. How prophetic these very words have turned out to be in our reality today. We are saddled with the urgency we face to get truths out now and to unbury what could not possibly be buried. But for all encompassing mega corporations like Warner Brothers the truth is a liability, and must be countered and concealed at all costs. And when a major film studio has no evidence, and there is such glaring evidence against them, do you not turn to a law firm that boasts of being able to find ways when there seems to be none? Who brags that solutions usually appear right when it seems the darkest. Such as buying off an attorney, having him clear his office and providing him his own new staff from LA and then destroying evidence as well in every step of his case, while blocking due process of law.

But if so, then where does the original Matrix story come from? All though the Wachowskis themselves refer to Tom Althouse as a no nothing “hack…famous for nothing” through Warner Brothers’ own news source TMZ, he is in fact an award winning playwright, actor and author, husband and father of four, which has driven him to seek justice and to make a difference in our world, and is why the story that became the Matrix was written in the first place.

In this interview Althouse also opens up about his real life experiences he lived through in the late 80’s which inspired his screenplay The Immortals. Experiences that reveal some of the biggest names in the Religious Right aka the Religious Reich movement, whose leaders have had major influence on the United States government and its judiciary. And that former President Bush gave large amounts of money under the Faiths Initiatives to Pat Robertson, immediately upon entering the Presidency and just before leaving it, as an apparent thank you for all his support through The Christian Coalition. The same president that appointed Judge Gary Klausner who would be overseeing Althouse’s case with Warner Brothers and would toss it out just before trial claiming there was no evidence whatsoever or that the work had any access to the studios.

Althouse now here gives us a window into what has been happening inside their secret kingdom by sharing for the first time details they were so fearful he had learned about the inner workings of the Religious Reich. Whereas when he was part of the organization and questioned after being made privy to Pat Robertson’s chilling plans for this country and our world, that Althouse was ordered to a meeting to share everything he knew. Then Robertson and his cronies immediately discontinued Althouse’s graduate studies, his jobs there and launched by Robertson’s personal demand, an endless and systematic destruction of Althouse’s reputation, livelihood, which included CBN security personnel, attorneys, instructors and even students and associates approaching businesses, associates and friends of Althouse telling them he was not to be used or associated with. Robertson even writes a letter to Althouse’s wife at the time claiming to warn her for the sake of her children that Althouse is crazy with a gun to justify his attacks and defamation against Althouse.

Graphic 9 of Pat Robertson

Then came the threats on Althouse’s life, loss of jobs, being barred from others, loss of friends and associates, which continues to the present day.

This reality is painfully plain as media and corporate conglomerates have gone to extreme lengths to make sure their best interests have stayed secure in their hands by making sure year after year that Althouse’s and his family’s are taken from theirs through a systematic process of incorporating these anonymous’s to insure he is isolated from business and friends, just as recently done by Warner Brothers’ owned TMZ which effectively cost him his jobs and chances of new ones. In the article from July 2013, no single writer is listed as the author of the article decrying Althouse a “just a hack” and “famous for nothing”, but rather the staff of the Warner Brothers’ owned news source is cited as authoring it.

So then we begin to have answered the glaring question, why did it take so long for Althouse to recognize his work was stolen and to come forward? With all that happened to him and his family with The Religious Reich and continues to, Tom has been diagnosed with PTSD, and has the accompanying double whammy of Dercum’s disease, which PTSD often is connected with it. He cannot sit through violent films, and is easily distressed, a fact exploited by the bought off attorney throughout the three years he took to destroy his case, including ranting at Althouse and his wife, calling him crazy and delusional and refusing to compel the other side to do any disclosures or honor any depositions. At the same time refusing to let the couple fire him, and demanding they do not go before the judge to reveal what he had done, after being revealed by court personnel that the other firm had been bragging openly that he was in their pocket.

Now the original attorney is being brought before the courts, while the media remains deadly silent, and it remains to be seen if the corporation that bought him off can get him off. Help is needed in spreading the word as they own the mainstream mechanism that feeds us what to think and what to believe.  But thanks to news sources such as this, there is still the chance for change and awareness, and a chance for all writers out there, for the real stories to be our reality and shared history, toward setting the precedent for truth, transparency and fairness. As Althouse and his family go through the legal system once again to seek redress, they are seeking interest for the production of the documentary of this 20 year journey for the world to see as well as the release of the original script The Immortals in the hopes that writers everywhere will be able to be protected to create free of the fear of organized corporate thievery attached with long reaching political agendas. And then maybe we will finally be able to hear and share what The Matrix actually means as well as why it was written from the actual author who penned it.

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