Violent Rapists Set Free as the State Makes Room in Prisons for “Evil” Drug Users

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Jerome Arps, 58, began his sickening obsession with forcing himself on women as a teenager when he participated in the gang raping of a 14-year-old girl. Decades later, in 2006, after multiple other rapes, this monster’s addiction to forced sex was so compelling that he grabbed a woman in front of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and publicly raped her on the church’s steps.

One would think that in today’s society, such a vile serial rapist like Arps would never see the light of day after being apprehended. However, one would be wrong.

Because of the overcrowding of prisons in America, states like New York have revamped their rules. Sickos like Arps, cannot be held unless they are shown to have a mental disability, more serious than just apersonality disorder — that causes him to repeatedly rape women.

The Court of Appeals for New York ruled in 2014 that the state has to prove that predators like Arps won’t be able to control themselves once they are released back into society.

“Mr. Arp’s psychiatric condition makes him strongly predisposed to commit future sex offenses,” said state psychiatrist Dr. Frances Charder in court papers. “Mr. Arp’s ASPD along with his very high level of psychopathy have combined to produce a predisposition to gratify sexual urges in an illegal and deviant manner, without regard for the rights of others,” she said.

However, thanks to the ridiculous nature of the Court of Appeals ruling, Arps, whose been raping women for decades, will likely be released this year. According to the Post, this ruling affects about 300 violent offenders in the state of New York alone.

Meet John Knock, Paul Free, Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda, Antonio Bascaro, Kenny Kubinski, Larry Duke, Billy Dekle, Craig Cesal, Jeff Mizanskey, and Fred Cundiff.

What do all these people have in common? They have all been sentenced to life in prison. Were they publicly raping women on the steps of a downtown cathedral? No. Instead, they were caught in possession of a plant the state has deemed as illegal.

All of these men have served far more time in jail than Arps ever will, and their “crimes” have no victim.

Thanks to the state’s insane and immoral war on drugs, prisons are full of non-violent drug offenders. Thanks to sentencing laws, like the three strikes rule, anyone caught with drugs three times has to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for at least 25 years.

According to the California Department of Corrections, there were 5,887 persons serving “Three Strikes” sentences at the end of 2010, in California alone. More than 19% of them had been sentenced for drug crimes, including 32 people sentenced to life for marijuana violations. All of this is in a state where medical marijuana is legal.

As tens of thousands of non-violent drug offenders rot in jail cells from coast to coast, monsters like Jerome Arps benefit from the drug war by being let out to make room for druggies.

Kidnapping and locking people in cages for their personal choice to possess a substance is immoral. However, releasing violent criminals to make room for the non-violent drug offenders is downright preposterous and evil.

When will Americans wake up to the war on drugs?

As police apologists are spreading the myth that there is a war on cops, they are missing the entire point. If they really cared about Blue lives, then they would call for an end to the drug war. Most police-to-citizen interactions are due to the war on drugs. Most criminals are created due to the war on drugs. Most gang violence is due to the war on drugs.

The system knows that making substances illegal creates a black market monopoly and allows these elite criminal gang units to flourish as they control the supply. They also know that they will get constant funding and loads of new military toys for perpetuating this war, so they refuse to end it.

When the criminals and the state agree that drugs should be illegal, the line between who the actual criminals are becomes blurred.

Is the criminal the 19-year-old kid who tries to sell a little pot to make some extra cash or the cop who would deprive a young man of his future by kidnapping, caging or killing him over a plant?

As the fingers in D.C. continue to point across the aisle to lay blame for an increase in violent crime and overcrowded prisons, the misinformed taxpayer funded circus can’t see the giant pink elephant in their ranks.

As long as politicians and their enforcers continue down this hellish path of prohibition, we can expect things to get much worse.

It is well past the time that we end the war on drugs.

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