Watch: No Recoil, No Blood, No Body Movement: Slow Motion Footage Of Paris Officer Being Shot

**Disturbing Images**

By Mac Slavo

Just hours after a police officer was reportedly executed on the streets of Paris by Islamic terrorists, edited video footage of the incident has emerged.

In the original video, played at normal speed, it appears that the officer pleading for his life was executed at point blank range.

Original amateur video:

Via Liveleak

One Youtube publisher has slowed down the video and the new footage has raised some eyebrows. As depicted in the slow-motion version, it appears that the weapon being fired at the officer has no recoil. Moreover, the officer’s body does not seem to respond like it should when being shot at point blank with a 7.62×39 AK47 round and no blood is shown after the firearm is discharged at him.

Slow-Motion Video:

Via Liveleak

Some have suggested that the original video has been faked, though this is unlikely as other witness videos show that the incident did, in fact, happen. Moreover, at least 11 people have been confirmed dead in Paris.

Another possibility is that the attacker missed his shot and the unarmed officer played dead after the fact. Paris police have not confirmed his death as of this writing, so this theory is unconfirmed.

Alternately, it has been suggested that while it was originally thought the officer was shot in the head, it could have been a fatal body shot :

That is NOT a Head Shot!

Bullet has gone through the Ballistic vest at upper shoulder, to exit in the front. Dust is from the STEEL CORE ammunition hitting sidewalk. Blood splatter contained by front vest. At 2600 ft. per sec. 126 gr. if it hit his head at that range his head would have exploded like a melon. His chest/internals are mush. Shock wave.

At this point it is not clear exactly what has transpired and the public is awaiting news from Paris police on this matter.


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