It’s rare that the White House responds to petitions, even with the requisite number of signatures, if they go against the establishment agenda. And this one certainly did.

A few weeks ago, a petition was started to officially label Black Lives Matter as a domestic terrorist group. It only took a few days to gain more than the 100,000 signatures necessary to trigger a White House response (it wound up garnering 141,444 signatures). Considering there have been many petitions that have received the required number of signatures to receive an official response but have gone unanswered anyway, and considering that President Obama has met with Black Lives Matter leaders repeatedly, most people thought this petition would go unanswered too.

Instead, the White House did respond. And the answer was “no”.

The petition response began with:

In the wake of the tragic recent events in Dallas, Falcon Heights, and Baton Rouge, the President brought together law enforcement officials, civil rights leaders, activists, faith leaders, academics, and state and local elected officials this week to encourage frank conversations about the steps we can take together to build trust and ensure justice for all Americans. As part of these conversations, the President directly addressed the concern that the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, social media movement, and the associated protests are somehow inherently anti-police:

“I know that there are some who have criticized even the phrase ‘black lives matter,’ as if the notion is, is that other lives don’t matter. And so you get ‘all lives matter’ or ‘blue lives matter.’ I understand the point they’re trying to make. I think it’s important for us to also understand that the phrase ‘black lives matter’ simply refers to the notion that there’s a specific vulnerability for African Americans that needs to be addressed. It’s not meant to suggest that other lives don’t matter. It’s to suggest that other folks aren’t experiencing this particular vulnerability.

“And so we shouldn’t get too caught up in this notion that somehow people who are asking for fair treatment are somehow, automatically, anti-police, are trying to only look out for black lives as opposed to others. I think we have to be careful about playing that game, just because that’s not obviously what is intended.”

Then after quoting Obama’s Dallas memorial speech at length, the one he gave where he was seen laughing it up with George W. Bush during the service, the response closed with:

The White House plays no role in designating domestic terror organizations. The U.S. government does not generate a list of domestic terror organizations, and therefore we are not able to address the formal request of your petition. We encourage you to engage with your community in the ongoing discussion of how we can better build trust and safety in our communities.

Thank you for your participation in the We the People platform. We’ll be back in touch soon.

— The We the People Team

The fact that such a petition was not only created but received as many signatures as it did goes to show how upset and on edge people are in the current climate of civil unrest being whipped up all across the country.

It should be noted that the “We the People Team” took a much different stand on a similar petition from 2015 about labeling the KKK a domestic terror group, and went to some length to describe how, “Indeed, although simply believing in white supremacy or belonging to a white supremacist group—while abhorrent—is not a crime, the federal government has successfully charged white supremacists over the years using many federal statutes… The federal government also works closely with local and state law enforcement and community-based organizations to identify, investigate, and prosecute hate-fueled violence.”

When the hate-fueled violence goes in the other direction, as everyone knows it did in Dallas, apparently it is fine, however?

How about NO hate-fueled violence? How about We the People stop falling for the obvious race baiting divide and conquer tactics being employed here from the top down? How about people start looking around and actually questioning why now are we seemingly more divided than ever?

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