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I thank this President for clearly demonstrating to America the intent and agenda held dear by radical progressives.
One hundred years from now, history books may proclaim that the year 2014 is the year when Americans rose up to defeat the creeping liberalism of many decades to restore the vision of the Founding Fathers; the year that the Silent Majority finally got involved after seeing their beloved America destroyed by Progressive policies, by seeing leftist radicals of the 60’s leading our nation in the office of the President and in his radical appointees.  It was about time!


obama cartoonWe all know that the generation which came together in America to endure the Great Depression and then went on to defeat the worldwide takeover of Nazism and Adolph Hitler has been rightfully dubbed by Tom Brokaw as the Greatest Generation. This apparently didn’t make Michelle Obama proud.

As those heroes, both military and families of military, are leaving us through old age and death, perhaps we can leave those remaining with the solace of watching a new generation of Americans stepping away from their apathy and comfort to save the world once again.  It would make them proud.
We have now witnessed a President who truly believes that when Congress does not give him what he wants, he has the authority to just write the laws himself via his many Executive Orders and Regulations.  We have witnessed this President’s silence when hateful, untrue, divisive and inciting descriptions of Republicans and the Tea Party are spoken.  This is not surprising since this President is the leader of efforts to pit one American against another, one group against others.  He once declared that Democrats and Hispanics must “punish their enemies and reward their friends”, speaking not of the world stage but of those in America who don’t agree with his agenda.
Now we Americans have the opportunity to end the ongoing efforts to rewrite not only duly passed laws, but the defacto rewriting of our very Constitution.  We have the opportunity to turn back the heavy hand of government, the favoritism shown by this Administration to his donors and to unions, and Democrats’ plans to punish further the successes of those who create businesses and provide jobs. It is a tall order.
Edward Everett Hale, son of Nathan Hale, wrote in the 1800’s the quote which now most inspires me:  “I am only one, but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”  Obama’s time in office has forced all of us to focus on what matters most, and to try to do something to promote it. It is why I write, both here and for local newspapers, as well as why I wrote a self published book: I’m Proud to be an American – what I want my grandchildren to know. 
We can all thank President Obama for clarifying for us just what needed to be done.  If each one of us commits to doing just one thing, we can change our country! 

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