With big banks going under, CBDC’s can’t be far behind—and if we don’t STOP them, “lockdown” will be total, and eternal, for us all

Guest Post by Mark Crispin Miller

Once the economy has melted down, CBDC’s will be proffered as the ONLY way we can get “back to normal”—a “cure” that will turn out to be as catastrophic, in their way, as those “vaccines”

With two major US banks going under this past week, it’s more than likely that the Next Big Thing, deployed to change the subject (from the ever-growing toll of “vaccination,” the truth about “January 6,” and other inconvenient measures of reality), is going to be that economic crash which has been hurtling toward us ever since the last one 15 years ago—a catastrophic prospect that “our free press” often has discussed, and with all due solemnity.


And it’s just as likely that that global crisis will, eventually or soon, be used to push, as its “solution,” and, therefore, our salvation, central bank digital currencies, a/k/a CBDC’s—a “cure” that will be just as deadly, in its way, as those “vaccines” that were (and still are!) pitched as our only hope; for such currency will not be yours to spend as you see fit, but only on those things “your” government allows, and only if the state has not declared you a “domestic terrorist” or spreader of “hate speech” and/or “misinformation.” Thus CBDC’s will be used to shut down all and any dissidence, as Trudeau did to the truckers in Canada, and as is increasingly the case in China.

Since “COVID” started some three years ago, “our free press” has obediently laughed off the idea that such a currency was in the works, along with other looming aspects of the Great Reset (which “our free press” has also laughed off time and time again, as did—astoundingly—Justin Trudeau, who called it a “conspiracy theory,” in public). It may be somewhat harder for the media to keep that up, now that “Joe Biden” has (quietly) signed Executive Order 14067 (which “our free press” did not report):

Here’s a good discussion of the threat posed by CBDC’s, by financial analyst Mike Maloney and Daniela Cambone:

And here, from last month, is Catherine Austin Fitts’ discussion of the danger with Tucker Carlson:

James Corbett’s take:


For those interested in the collapse of SVB in particular, and its disastrous consequences for the tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, here’s an illuminating video:

And here’s a list of the top ten depositors at SVB (that we know of):

Let me end by noting that this grim development, with its dire implications for all (real) dissidents worldwide, appears to be a matter of complete indifference to “the left”—which, these days, comes as no surprise, since every stand by this Bizarro “left” is harmful to the people, and beneficial to the globalist elite. (I will elaborate on that statement in a future post.)

What, for example, have Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and Michael Moore each had to say about CBDC’s? According to their websites, not one word; nor has Amy Goodman, or anybody else, ever talked about it on “Democracy Now!” MoveOn hasn’t mentioned it, nor has Jacobin, or TruthOut, while WSWS (World Socialist Website) ran one short piece, on Britain’s planned CBDC, in April, 2021; and Counterpunch has run two pieces critical of the idea, by my friend Ellen Brown, in 2016 and last year.

Considering the blunt hostility of that corrupted “left” toward the truckers’ protest in Canada, this silence on CBDC’s—and the Great Reset overall—is (again) not a surprise. Meanwhile, the rest of us—that is, those of us who really care about the welfare of the people, the rights and freedoms of us all, and the survival (or realization) of democracy—must join together to resist this devilish innovation, which would be the ultimate in digital enslavement.

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