World Politics is Influenced by Evil Energy Structures


By Zine Larbaoui


In general, Freemasonry presents itself to the general public as a charitable organization without political goals, which plans to promote noble ideals. This image is in a stark contrast to the numerous murders, financial and political scandals and government overthrows involving prominent members of this “benevolent society”.

For centuries, Freemasonry has been one of the most secret societies. It keeps its teachings secret and each member swears on his life to keep it that way. However, according to some shocking statements from Freemasonry personalities, one can take a glimpse at the real goals of this secret society. The following quotes are from the Masonic book “The History of Freemasonry ” – vol. 3 Radu Comănescu, Dobrescu Publishing, Bucharest, 1995

– “The Freemasons are insiders who built modern history and build the contemporary history of the planet. (…) The main historical events of the world, the revolutions of any kind and any color are the result of Freemasonry’s actions.”
– “Communism – the biggest social experience on a global scale – is still a Masonic thought” ;

– “It is important to note that with the exception of JF Kennedy, all US presidents were Freemasons.”
– “Masonry has frequently been accused of Satanism, and not without merit.”.

– “The occult power of Freemasonry is practiced at more than 2,500 international non-governmental organizations and a special place is occupied by UN and its affiliates.”

The purpose of Freemasonry is to establish world power: indeed the real purpose of Freemasonry – kept secret for centuries – was revealed by the discovery of several Freemasonry’s internal documents and by the testimony of former Masons who had left the organization or before dying. It is to monopolize, through any means, economic and political power of any member state of the world and create a single global state, controlled by the secret Freemasonry leaders, a project known as the “New world order.”

As we will demonstrate in this article, the USA – unanimously considered as the first state in history to appear as the result of  Freemasonry’s actions – was intended from the beginning of its creation to be the main instrument of World domination and conquest. In the organization’s spirit, even in the heart of Washington DC – the capital of the USA – resonating occult structures were built, more or less hidden to the general public, which reveals the true intentions of the leaders of Freemasonry. These magical structures are hidden in the map of the planning of the Washington DC’s Governmental Center, made in 1791 by the French architect Charles L’ Child, a member of a Masonic secret society. They actually constitute a unitary whole of magical symbols that congregates in the area of ​​evil energies which constantly influence people.

This information was revealed by Doc Marquee, a former satanic magician and a member of the secret lodge “Illuminati”, who renounced his practice to become a Christian. He reported that in the context of practices realized by the Illuminati, it was revealed to him the hidden nature of the urban plan of the Governmental Center, whose influence would help them in their effort to control the political, economic and military power of the country.

Occultists everywhere know and use the power generated by the magical symbols (images that contain a hidden meaning to the uninitiated). They believe that the power of symbols is greater, as few insiders know that they exist, along with their meanings.

Anyone who has a map of Washington DC can observe the formation of a reversed pentagram; at the end of each four branches, the first markets in the capital are located (Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, Washington Circle and Mt Vernon Square); at the end of the fifth is the White House – the residence of the U.S. president. The inverted pentagram is the symbol of the devil.

The pentagram is often represented on various national flags, logos and buildings. Even the Pentagon – the U.S. War Department – has a form based on this symbol. The five points of the star symbolize the occultist’s vision of the basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

The most encountered location and considered beneficial, is where one of the branches of the star is facing up or to the north but the ones associated with the reversed representation has a meaning found in Satanism – this trend does not use specific symbols, but uses reversed versions of beneficial aspects: the cross, the trident and the pentagram, thereby symbolizing the opposition and rebellion against God.

This reversed site of the pentagram is also known by the name of “head of the beast” because it can be likened to the outlined representation of a horned head, a classic way to represent Satan or Lucifer.

The White House is built right on the evil foyer of the pentagram. From the southernmost location vantage point of the White House in the pentagram, which in Satanism means the spirit of Satan, those who have designed all of ​​this have considered that, from an occult point of view, this building (as well as those which are inside) is constantly influenced and controlled by the energy of the evil entity. The three markets in the northern part of the pentagram (Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle) are crossed or constitute the starting point of six main arteries of the city. This constitutes a typical occult codification of 666.

In the accompanying figure, which represents a magical diagram depicting the Devil, used by followers of Satanism, it can be observed in the upper part of the pentagram in the center, something like a torch that represents the source of energy that ” lit up” worshipers. Now looking back on the map, we can see that in the position corresponding to the candle in the center of the pentagram, the street “16″ which runs through Scott Circle. We can also observe that Dupont Circle and Logan Circle are crossed by the street “P.” The letter P is the 16th letter of the alphabet. On the northbound street 16 (16 is a number that also has multiple Masonic meanings ) at the intersection with the street “R” (R is the 18th letter of the alphabet – 18 = 6 +6 +6) is the House of the Temple – the headquarters of the North American Freemasonry, located at a distance of 13 buildings from the White House building.

The well-known figure “13” symbolizes, in the Masonic sense, rebellion against divine authority. The hidden meaning of all this is clear: the White House and U.S. presidents are under the control of occult energies that emanate from the House of the Temple (pictured), which corresponds to the “illuminating” source of the torch, also known as “the flame of freedom.”

A powerful testimony to this effect is offered by Ralph Epperson’s book – “The New World Order.” Epperson cites the testimony of General Gordon Granger on March 1867 before a judicial commission, citing that President Andrew Johnson, who was part of Freemasonry, considered himself the subject of Albert Pike – a renowned franc mason Grand Master and proud Satanist. During the initiation ritual into the third degree of the Blue Lodge, the aspirant swears he will submit to the demands of his Master. Masons Presidents are thus obliged to take orders from their Freemasons superior.

The crossed compass and square in Masonic symbolism, another Masonic symbol, can be seen in the eastern part of Washington DC’s map. It includes both the White House and the Capitol – Headquarters of the U.S. Congress. The Capitol is the head of the compass, and Pennsylvania and Maryland Avenues arteries form its two branches. The bracket is formed from two other streets whose extensions form a perfect 90 degree angle: Louisiana Avenue, starting from Union Square and Washington Avenue.

Boulevards that surround the Capitol form a figure, which observed from the westbound East vantage point, looks like the same horned head that “watches” over the U.S. legislature.

Freemasons Buildings: exactly on the southern direction, from the center of the House of the Temple – the seat of the American Freemasonry – and at the same time, in the direction from the center of the Capitol, is an obelisk built to commemorate the first U.S. president. Some figures show that this building has also Masonic origin:

– It contains 36,000 granite blocks ( 36 is also a Masonic number , 36 = 6×6 ).
– The stone from the top of the obelisk weighs 3300 pounds ( 33 is the highest degree of Freemasonry ).

– It contains 188 commemorative stones, donated by various organizations, corporations, and special people. 35 of these Masonic lodge donations were placed 330 feet in height.
– The total cost was reported as being $1,300,000 (we have already mentioned the figure 13).
– The building has 8 windows whose total area is 39 square feet ( 39 = 13×3 ) .
These symbols which are constantly generating evil energies remain hidden from the view of millions of passersby, tourists, politicians who are found with them, without the slightest suspicion that they are subjected to negative influences. These constitute obvious evidences brought to light of a long-term diabolical plan, designed by the secret occult organizations that use black magic and Satanism.
This plan is known as the New World Order and advocates the Luciferian control over the American executive and legislative institutions, over the American political, economic, social and military life and then worldwide, as the result of the influence that the USA projects in international organizations, where the US is regarded as the only great power in the world.

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